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  1. the very last two minutes of "Leave Her To Heaven" bought a tear to my eye when Cornell Wilde got out of the canoe, and ther was lovely Jeanne Crane waiting for him ...the beautiful musical score made it perfect...lovely ending.
  2. Yes...phony looking ice, no wind at all and no frost on the breath in fact they all seemed to be sweating....
  3. de Havilland's finest performance...perfect casting...Boyer should have got a nod for this... Paulette Goddard's tramp was right on the money...I kept wishing she wouldn't tell her but Olivia showed what a great actress she was by not tearing the scenery...she sort of withdrew into herself and said her lines so beautifully she touched your heart...
  4. ''As beautiful as Loretta Young in "Ramona"" was a saying for a standard of beauty while I was growing up...but I fail to see this Technicolor classic in the line-up for January -What night is it on?
  5. I much prefer the original film "Sentimental Journey" with Maureen O'Hara in the role of Julie Beck The little girl Hittie was played by Connie Marshall
  6. A sign of the times...After Miss Bacall falls down the stairs and is rushed to the Doctor's office He tells her she just had a heart attack and would have to take it easy then she proceeds to LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE , and the Doctor doesn't tell her to put it out the time this picture was made Doctor's waiting rooms all had ash trays on the tables
  7. Van Der Zee, Heinrich played by James Mason PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN 1952
  8. Tyree, Tammy played by Debbie Reynolds in TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR - 1956
  9. Emory, Beatrix played by LANA TURNER Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde "1941"
  10. Upson, Mrs. played by LEE PATRICK in "Auntie Mame"
  11. Holly, Mrs. played by Mercedes McCambrige in SUDDENLY , LAST SUMMER 1959 .
  12. Smith, Rose played by Lucille Bremmer in "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS' 1942 .
  13. Saperstein, Abraham - played by Ralph Bellamy in Rosemary's Baby (1966)
  14. Uxley, Mr. played by Charles Colburn in Monkey Business
  15. Maybe now that Miss Holm is gone someone will put back all her deleted scenes from "The Snake Pit" I understand she was brilliant...
  16. when your ill-mannered you are downright - - - - opposite of on is February 14th Saint + opposite of yes is =
  17. Thanx - willbefree...for mentioning my own favorite Joan Davis....I have all 99 episodes of I Married Joan recorded on videotape and she is my fave commediene...
  18. How right you are ....the Harry Potter films and the Twilight series look as if they were photographed through a green lens...
  19. I, for one, was astounded by the feminist message spouted by the grandmother considering this was filmed in 1946...as for Miss Crain she was only 21 years old so I think she looked fine as a high school girl...I have this film on tape and on my tape the bedroom scenes are not as dark as shown ...
  20. I am madly in love with Robert Pattinson and wish he was named sexiest man alive...oh well
  21. Don't you know most men don't care if a woman is shallow...as long as she is sufficiently beautiful that's all that counts...Fanny was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in New York.... most men don't care about "Inner Beauty" just as long as she has a gorgeous face and figure the rest doesn't count....
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