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  1. Looking forward to cocktails this evening inspired me to think to two... Ray Milland -- The Lost Weekend Jack Lemmon -- Days of Wine and Roses Cheers!!
  2. Looking forward to discussing *Friday*; however, I won't be able to comment until Sunday. I am moving two of my kids to two different colleges this week! If you move on to the next set of films by then, I'll just jump into those. This class is so much fun and I can't wait to continue on!!
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first time to have the "guts" to jump into the class, so please bear with me! First off, Baby's fatal flaw. Well, for me, I find all of the characters very endearing for their zaniness. I just love all them and can identify with each one, maybe because I have a few "nuts" of my own! Having said that, I believe the Mr. Hawks was too hard on himself. I love both Baby and Friday equally for one main reason...the dialogue. The witty, fast-paced banter is what has me hooked on both of these wonderful fims and why I never tire of them. I do like the dialo
  4. Thanks, so much, for the info. Read through last year's class and it sure seemed like y'all had a really good time! COUNT ME IN FOR THIS YEAR! Not sure how much I can contribute...but I am going to give it my best shot. I can't wait!!! What a great opportunity...yahoo!!
  5. Moffat, Miss Lily -- Bette Davis, The Corn is Green
  6. Summer School sounds very interesting to me; however, I don't know anything about it. Could you please give me more info or tell me where I can look to get more info on how it works? I know I'm not in the same league as most of the people on the boards...but, heck, I have to start somewhere LOL! Having you as my teacher would sure be the perfect beginning!!! Thanks so much!
  7. I am still checking everything out, but, I think the member pages should have the names in alphabetical order. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but, it takes forever to find someone.
  8. West Side Story -- love it! Love Affair or An Affair to Remember?
  9. I guess I better clean out my ears lol!
  10. Claude Rains was in ROPE OF SAND, 1949, with Burt Lancaster Burt Lancaster was in ROCKET GIBRALTAR, 1988, with Kevin Spacey new: Rosalind Russell and Meryl Streep
  11. Durbin, Deanna (do I get extra points for 2 D's? LOL)
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