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  1. Oh and they're just lovely darling!
  2. Oh ArmandDuval you have done something here! I love your thread!
  3. Hedy Lamarr being a card shark with Bob Hope and with William Powell Message was edited by: Nikkymo
  4. I've read the Autobiographies of Ginger Rogers, Ava Gardner and I'm more than half-way finished with Maureen O'Hara's. I was already a huge fan of all of these ladies and appreciate them even more so since reading their hand-penned life stories. I'd recommend all three. My next one is Lana Turner's. I didn't finish Bring on the Empty Horses but what I did read was very entertaining. If David Niven hadn't succeeded in acting and I was his career guidance counselor, I'd have suggested writing full time.
  5. I thought I'd revive this thread since Judy is one of my new faves! I saw her in the original Born Yesterday and loved her!! I had seen the remake first years ago and loved it so I was worried I wouldn't like the original. If I see an original or a remake I usually tend to like the one I saw first the most. But I love them both! I love the pitch of Judy's voice, very unexpected! I just recently saw her in Bells are Ringing and I so enjoyed her in it! She was truly under-rated!
  6. > {quote:title=ArmandDuval wrote:}{quote} > 1. Hedy Lamarr > > Two big-ole thumbs up for your #1 pic!!
  7. Oh you're very welcome GingerRogersFan! My Grandma did have really great taste in movies and so did Great-Grandma! They are without a doubt the reason I love the classics! My Mom is has excellent taste and still recommends some to me but she says I'm passing her now because I watch so many! Ginger is one of the my few fave stars that if she's in a movie you can put money on it I'm going to, love it in most cases, or at the very least like it, a lot! Yes and you must see Monkey Business!
  8. Welcome GingerRogersFan! I'm a huge GR fan and have been since my Grandma recommended that I check her out! I love her in any and everything she does! Pure Magic! Bachelor Mother is one of my recent faves, love her speaking her version of Swedish! I saw Vivacious Lady for the first time earlier this year and have watched it countless times! I love the girlfight scene on the patio!
  9. *Hands down 1. Hedy Lamarr!!* 2. Elizabeth Taylor 3. Ginger Rogers Message was edited by: Nikkymo
  10. I use a lot from Calamity Jane w/ Doris Day, Feel it but don't try it, Just in case anymore actresses roll in from Chicagee and She ain't so good lookin, that ain't all she ain't! A lot of Bob Hope, lean to left aim to the right from The Paleface. This one my whole family knows.... I saw something nasty in the woodshed. Someone always replies... Yeah, but did it see you, Baby!! The Un-Classic film it's from is Cold Comfort Farm! Most people regarded it as a sleeper when it first came out but me and my gang love it!
  11. I just went back to the first page of this thread and saw some photos of Ann Miller. Now I've always thought she was very pretty but to me she never looked better than in those first few photos. A little further down from her is a picture of John Gavin, one of the most handsome men to ever draw breath! Love the pics ForeverGarland!!
  12. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=Nikkymo wrote:}{quote} > > MissG : this is one of my all-time favorite Hedy pics! I love the blue background and brown touches, it really makes it pop! > > I thought it was so lovely, I like how soft she looks in it. Radiant. I so totally agree, you nailed it! She does look soft! Hedy is uber feminine and the embodiment of glamour!
  13. MissG : this is one of my all-time favorite Hedy pics! I love the blue background and brown touches, it really makes it pop!
  14. One of my all-time favorite Ginger movies is going to be on this month, if you haven't seen it yet it's a must!! It's called Vivacious Lady and it will be on @ 2pm on Friday the 12th right after Carefree @ 12:30!!
  15. Hiya MissG, As much as I love Clark Gable, to me it was definitely Ava's picture! I was totally rooting for her throughout. Grace is lovely but I admit I always root for the Brunette's, could be I'm a bit biased!! Come to think of it the majority of my fave beauties have dark hair...Hedy, Ava, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Jane.....
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