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  1. i was just informed by a brit pal of mine that what they show on TCM in Britain is not the same as here - this is news to me. i had been getting excited over a nice bunch of Kay Francis movies to be shown on Tuesday the 13th of January when he informed me that TCM over there doesn't get the same schedule of movies, in fact, they don't hardly get much of the same, and our TCM stateside has a much better selection and variety of films. like i say, this is all brand new news to me, i just assumed that what gets played stateside was the same as across the pond. does anyone know why this is? i love love love TCM but this sounds like our brit pals are getting the short end of the stick.
  2. yeah, this is a sad one...i found the news out at 4am cst when i was signing the ole pc off and decided to check out a news site first. a truly talented actor - i know i'll miss him.
  3. Penny plays a character in the second Thin Man movie - After the Thin Man - and boy is she fantastic! Her character's name is Polly Byrnes, and she has some great lines. she was also her natural brunette self in this flick, i believe she said she had to dye her hair for the 'Blondie' movies. a fond farewell to you Penny!
  4. you know what i miss terribly? i have a TCM cameraman t-shirt that has seen better days and would love to replace it. however, it seems that they no longer offer, shall we say, TCM wear. such a shame, if i had known they were going to discontinue the shirts and such, i would have bought in bulk. that t-shirt got me more conversation and looks than anything else in my closet. anybody else feel they should bring the shirts and sweatshirts back?
  5. after reading the original post, the only thing i can say is this...if you don't like it, don't watch it. wasn't that a simple solution? i recommend that 'guest' practices this solution as often as possible.
  6. i totally agree...i would love to see 'the story of temple drake' since i've only since the bits from the doc 'complicated women' - it looks fabulous!
  7. such a shame, another talented person has passed away... i had heard that his health had not been the best of late, so it's not the most surprising news, but considering what kind of a year we've had with actors and actresses, as well as other celebrities passing away, it's still a sad note. bless you donald....
  8. a shame really... i thought i had heard that a special edition of gwtw was possibly coming out next year, including the tcm/tnt production of 'the making of gwtw'...
  9. okay, i thought long and hard about this one... 1) Robert Mitchum a manly man...a manly manly man...the manliest of men 2) John Gilbert always overlooked, except by us 3) Victor Mature a god among mere mortal men 4) Tyrone Power simply delicious 5) Vincent Price not the usual...but gothicly gorgeous in Dragonwyck a few runners up - Ramon Navarro, George Brent, Richard Widmark, John Payne, John Hodiak, and Fredric March and they can all act! just icing on the cake baby!
  10. frankly, the only thing i would call jennifer lopez is a cab...to get her as far away from me as possible. okay, that was mean. honestly, there is only one rita and there is only one jennifer. i'm not a jlo fan but i do think she's got it within her to actually act, 'out of sight' was proof of that. but to compare her to rita? i don't think so. maybe the only way we will be able to bear this out is make the comparison 20 or so years from now and see if the jlo has lasted.
  11. boy oh boy, i love this movie as well! i think my favorite husband was robert mitchum. ahhh...another to add to my increasing 'i wish this was on dvd' list....
  12. I've enjoyed the Bollywood movies. One of my girlfriends at work is Indian and has lately been plying me with dvds and videos now that i've gotten my feet wet. The one movie i would encourage everyone to watch is Devdas (2002). Excellent film, well told story, fantastic music and costumes, i can't praise it high enough. Totally gorgeous.
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