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  1. Thanks Dargo for reminding me. I I watched The Fugitive every week. I had a big crush on David Janssen.
  2. Yes, and in Romance On the High Seas, she lights up but doesn't really smoke the cig much just a drag and that's it. When she converted and became a Christian Scientist she gave up drinking too and she was a vegetarian. eventually she stopped being a Christian Scientist. She was very careful with her food and exercise. Hey, worked for Doris she lived to be 97
  3. Route 66 Perry Mason The Saint The Avengers Burke's Law Ben Casey Dr. Kildare The Defenders East Side, West Side That Girl Mary Tyler Moore Lunch With Soupy Sales The French Chef Monty Python's Flying Circus The Tonight Show with Johnny I could name at least a dozen more, ( Donna Reed, 77 Sunset Strip, The Untouchables, naked City.) Loved watching I Love Lucy, My Little Margie, Love That Bob, Our Muss Brooks, Abbott and Costello in re-runs and forgot never missed always watched Dick Van Dyke Show , Adventures In Paradise and for later in the '70's loved Family, always watched 60 Minutes but if I get into the '70's that will be another bunch . Oh, I forgot It Takes a Thief and Mission Impossible , I Spy and on and on. St.Elsewhere for the '80's', LA Law and Knots Landing for the '90's, I could go on but I won't LOL edited by me
  4. dargo, give a new poster a break. She's just answering the topic. You might not admit it but you probably watched a ton of tv in the '60's and '70's. Keep it up and you'll frighten new posters away. Eventually a newbie will see your ribbing isn't meant to be mean but until then, give her a break, please
  5. I was waiting to see if someone would jump in, wish there was more participation in this thread. Jane Fonda and Jason Robards, Jr, Dean Jones in Any Wednesday
  6. 1. I think she looks like a thin Margaret Dumont 3. Looks like Larry Fine ( calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine ) LOL 5. WC Fields 7. Looks like Don Rickles
  7. How Little We Know- Lauren Bacall sings this Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer song in To Have and Have Not movie song with the word Love in the title
  8. I'll do more if no other answers 2. Buster Keaton 3. Lee Marvin' 6. Tom Selleck 8. Humphrey Bogart
  9. Chaya and CJ, I grew up in the Bronx and lived in Queens later on and worked in Manhattan. My neighborhood was a mix of Jewish, Italian and Irish. people. I never heard the expression "mook" either before hearing it in movies and tv but I can think of some other not so flattering Italian expressions LOL. Good explanation for mook, cigarjoe.
  10. I'm taking a guess with this one but I think they fit your hints. Herman's Hermits hit song I'm Into Something Good. Carole King and Gerry Geffin wrote the song. Carole of course became a hit rock star. Herman's Hermits were from Manchester. ????
  11. Terrence, you beat me to it. I'm also thinking about Barbara Stanwyck as The Miracle Woman. Although in Ladies They Talk About, a Stanwyck film there's the shooting in the back office at the end, I think it's either one of those.
  12. Aline MacMahon Rudy's Girl - Peebs is correct, We already have this thread. It is Guess Who and it's on page 2. No need to duplicate a thread.
  13. Paper Doll - sung by Lena Horne - Two Girls and A Sailor Jose Iturbi performs in a movie (always loved him)
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