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  1. Ella Raines and Robin Olds ? Ella co-starred with Burt in Brute Force, with George Sanders in The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry and Laughton in The Suspect. She also co-starred in Impact with Brian Dunlevy and Ella was one of the brave gals in Cry Havoc. Ella Raines was only 67 when she passed. Among the many medals Robin Olds was awarded were the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal from the UK. He fought in WW2 and Vietnam ????????
  2. Sweet Sue, It's You - cadets serenade Ginger Rogers in The Major and The Minor Debbis Reynolds sings in a movie ( besides Tammy)
  3. Shutoo, your answer was correct. This thread was on page 3, Please either post a question or open the thread Thanks
  4. Lori, I read in the other thread you like Doris Day. If you haven't seen Hitchcock's remake of his The Man Who Knew Too Much with Doris and James Stewart highly recommend watching that one. TCM does show it every so often. Great film. btw, I love Vertigo, I'm sure if you rewatch it you'll understand the ending. Rear Window is also my favorite Hitchcock, I'd be hard pressed to think of one I didn't like, although cannot watch Psycho. First saw it in a theater, unfortunately I was under 10 when I saw it and that probably has a lot to do with why I can't watch that film.
  5. All correct Miles, Joanne Dru was married to Dick Hyames for 8 years, they had 3 children together. Dru and Haymes divorced., 2 months after the divorce from Haymes she married John Ireland. Joanne Dru and John Ireland were also married for 8 years before divorcing. Good work Miles, your thread
  6. Layla - Derek and the Dominoes - Goodfellas ( impossible not to love Layla and Goodfellas and Eric Clapton and Derek and the Dominoes) another classic rock song used in a movie
  7. Shutoo, this was the last one on page 2,next stop page 3 oblivion. It's your turn to post or pass, Thanks
  8. Thanks, Princess next one This is a two'fer. She was an actress usually typecast in westerns. she was married 4 times, twice to actors. Her first husband was a singer/actor who also was married many times. Besides this actress, he married 3 other actresses and 2 other woman who were not actresses. One of her husbands,was an Oscar nominated actor in an Oscar winning film. Actress and the 2 actors she married ??? ( extra for naming films for each of the 3)
  9. Sounds to me like it's beautiful Tuesday Weld, nominated for Looking For Mr. Goodbar, of course we all remember Thalia, Dobie's love on Dobie Gillis. The great Pinchas Zuckerman and his violin and he calls it "his fiddle" ????
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