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  1. Everybody Loves My Baby, But My BabyDon't Love Nobody But Me - Doris Day - Love Me or Leave Me Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
  2. Hey There - John Raitt - The Pajama Game "Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes" Bobby Vinton song he sings that is used in a movie
  3. 3. Burgess Meredith as The Penguin 4. Cesar Romero as The Joker 8.. Anne Baxter, she played a couple of roles, Zelda the Great and Olga Queen of the Cossacks, if I remember correctly that's Anne as Olga 15. Art Carney - The Archer 16, Van Johnson played The Minstrel 18. Walter Slezak played The Clock King
  4. Saturday Night Fever- Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever Dusty Springfield song she sang that was used in a movie
  5. That's the couple, Ethel and Ernest. Your thread Chaya
  6. From all accounts they are happily married. I'm sure they have a great life together and why not, all that money, fame and meaningful work. Marlo is 84 years old and looks like she's in her 40's. Only the best plastic surgeons in the world at her disposal. I don't have a problem with their privileged life. If I could afford to have fresh flowers delivered everyday, I would LOL. the butler I believe had nastier things to say about her though.
  7. Yes, her butler or a man who worked for her wrote a tell all type book a few years ago. He wrote that Marlo was a b--ch. I think she was thought of as being nice before that book came out. He said she demanded fresh flowers be ordered and delivered everyday to her! and some other things that made her sound like a pampered, spoiled woman. who knows ? Her work with St. Jude's is so admirable, it's confusing. She is probably a complicated woman with a few sides to her.
  8. Yes, and The Bishop's Wife is a favorite of mine too. Loretta's performance was excellent in it and understated. I always watch it during the holiday season and look forward to seeing it.
  9. I love her pre-codes too. I thought she was great though later on in The Farmer's Daughter.
  10. It's interesting that Marlo Thomas for TCM did a tribute promo for Loretta and it's been shown on TCM over the years. Loretta was her Godmother and she talks about how wonderful Loretta was. We've all heard how Loretta was far from wonderful. Co-stars called her "Attila the Nun". Telling Judy Lewis she was her "moartal sin" was about the cruelist thing a mother could say to her child. On the flip side, I've also always admired Loretta as an actress. A great beauty, one of the most beautiful ever on the screen and a wonderful actress. Most times, when one of her films is shown, I watch an
  11. That's why I was disappointed that Eddie picked Cause For Alarm and I wrote that last week and the fact that it's been shown many times over the years on TCM. I still would have rather he got his hands on Loretta's noir The Accused instead.
  12. Thanks next She was a Broadway star, a singer, starred in some films, a few films that she starred in were based on the musicals she did on Broadway. She was married many times, none were long lasting. He was an Oscar winning actor and tv star. He was married many times too. He did have 1 long lasting marriage but it was not to the wife the question was about. Couple, some of her very famous Broadway shows and the films , his Oscar winning film role and his tv show ??????
  13. I'm not upset. What you do selfishly is your business.As long as I'm nowhere near you and my kids are nowhere near you. You are part of the problem. not part of the solution to this pandemic.
  14. Your post says a lot about you. Who you trying to convince, sounds like you are trying to justify not getting vaccinated to yourself. After reading your posts and your list of reasons that you think those of us who have been vaccinated want others to be vaccinated makes me not care what you do. Don't get vaccinated then, but stop posting your misinformation. BTW, you talk about risks and data, how do you know that those who do get covid down the line won't suffer damage to their heart and lungs.What you do is no concern of mine., I've been vaccinated, everyone I love has been vaccinated and a
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