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  1. 3. Gretchen Corbett - Rockford Files 5. Richard Denning- Hawaii 5-0, Mr and Mrs. North, An Affair To Remember 9. Julie Somers - Matlock
  2. I Love Louisa ( More Beer) Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, Oscar Levant - The Bandwagon movie song with DANCE in the title
  3. I think Linda Lovelace starred in that one LOL
  4. Charlie Ruggles plays Bette's cousin Freddie in A Stolen Life. He the's one who sides with the good twin Katie and also realizes that it is really Katie not Pat who survives. Of course Bette plays twins but that clue would be too obvious. You're up Star 😊
  5. He wan;t bad? I think Jack Lemmon was a great actor. He could do comedy and drama. His range was tremendous. To do Some Like It Hot and Days of Wine and Roses. Quite a difference in characters. No one could have done better in The Apartment.I loved his performances in all the films you also mentioned.
  6. So glad The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was listed. Loved that show and LOVED Ricky and love this song
  7. No, my post was so good it deserved a duplicate post lol Yes, a computer glitch, just saw it and deleted it
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