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  1. Faron Young I believe sings the version you are looking for.
  2. It did, this guy was so talented, best make-up also. I got tons of compliments. I've always had long hair, still do but it was fun and so different for me to have that cut. Of course, hard not to look great when you're in your 20's LOL
  3. He was great in What About Bob? Love that movie anyway, it's hilarious.
  4. I agree, thought Klute was excellent. Only once did I have much shorter hair and that was when a friend got me an appointment with a photographer/make-up artist in NY who had done Cosmo covers. He cut my hair in a shag and it looked great. Problem was I couldn't afford to go to him again and no one could cut it that way so I let it grow out. However, for those few months I had that cut I loved it.
  5. LOL, nah, wouldn't want that. We already had that pleasure years ago Dargo. ( just teasing, you're welcome over there any old time) If it becomes a trend we'll have that many more threads pushing down discussions of films. Keep the threads seperate.
  6. Hope not. Once in awhile if someone wants to post a question it's one thing, hope it's not a trend.
  7. You Are My Lucky Star - Debbie and Gene - Singin In The Rain Bob Fosse alone or in a duet singing in a movie
  8. Yes and about time! LOL. King of The Underworld, Humphrey Bogart and Kay Francis. It's a remake of Dr. Socrates. Kay Francis is a favorite of mine, love her plus we get a young Bogey to boot. At any rate, thanks Miles, good work and you're up next
  9. Yes, I did know that. It's interesting trivia. I'll leave the Thread Open. I did the one before this one, Thanks
  10. I also read the book before the movie came out in theaters. I was a single 20 something, living on my own in my own apartment and dating in NYC. The book scared the beegeebies out of me. I didn't see the film until I was happily married! A very frightening story.
  11. Paulette Goddard was married 4 times. To answer your question though, husband 3 was Burgess Meredith. They made 3 films together. Diary of A Chambermaid was directed by Jean Renoir, On Our Merry Way and Second Chorus were the other 2 films they were in together. For me, one of the most frightening of all the Twilight Zones was Burgess Meredith sitting on the steps of the library with his broken glasses ( makes me shudder). Husband 4 was Erich Maria Remarques, he wrote All Quiet On The Western Front. Paulette was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for All Proudly We Hail. Paulette's 2nd
  12. I absolutely LOVE Once Around. It's a great film. Too bad it isn't shown that much. The whole cast, Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello, Gena Rowlands and Laura San Giacomo, etc are all great in this very underated terrific film. Highly recommend this one.
  13. Last clue. Late 1939 movie. don't want to do a spoiler, since no one is recognizing this film and I recommend you all see this one.I'll give the answer tomw if no one puts the clues together and guesses
  14. The gangster kidnaps the man who was walking on the road, when the guy tells the gangster he's a writer and has written a book about Napoleon. The gangster admires Napoleon and wants him to ghostwrite his ( the gangster's) autobiography. This film stars an iconic Oscar winning actor, he's probably the most recognizable actor ever in films. The film is shown on TCM
  15. Great post Tiki, couldn't agree more. I love Richard Dreyfuss and I especially love The Goodbye Girl. It's another favorite that I've watched many times and always enjoy.
  16. You need to wait for a confirmation from the poster who posted the question. What if your answer was incorrect? Please don't do that, have patience and wait for a yes or no from the poster who posted the last question. Thanks
  17. Yes, Oskar Homolka and Joan Tetzel are the couple. He was Oscar nominated for his role as Uncle Chris in I Remember Mama. His Hitchcock role was in Sabotage as Verloc. He appeared in 3 Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes. He was also one of the professors in Ball of Fire. Joan Tetzel was in Duel In the Sun with Gregory Peck. Her next film again starring Gregory Peck was in Hitchcock's Paradine Case. She was also in The File On Thelma Jordon starring Barbara Stanwyk and had a role in Hell Below Zero with Alan Ladd. She appeared in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Your thread,
  18. I hope these 3 aren't forgotten. I've been humming and singing them to myself lately, loved them when they were released and still do. Grazing In the Grass - the High Masakela version and the Friends of Distinction version with lyrics and Classical Gas -Mason Williams. Great songs.
  19. Loved Zacherley and Chiller Theater, I watched it on Channel 11 in NYC
  20. While watching Heartbreakers last night, I thought about films I've seen at least 5 times that were filmed from the 1980's to 2000's 1. Patriot Games 2. Heartbreakers 3.. Forrest Gump 4. Tootsie 5. Steel Magnolias 6. Mean Girls 7. Clueless 8. Home Alone 1 &2 9. Working Girl 10. After Hours 11. Dirty Dancing
  21. Rose's Turn- Rosalind Russell - Gypsy a duet sung by 2 actresses playing mother and daughter in a movie
  22. SorryPrincess. Not Hume and Jessica. I wrote in my clue that she was born in NY. Jessica was born in England.
  23. The head of the gang and his men are driving, the car gets a flat tire. the head gangster thinks a man who's been walking to town shot at them rendering the tire flat, but it's discovered that the car ran over a nail giving the car the flat tire.
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