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  1. The Mating Season is the film. Miriam Hopkins plays Gene Tierney's snooty mother. Cute film good cast and always great to watch Thelma in a film. Hope you finish the film and enjoy it. Good work, your thread Princess.
  2. Sorry Pincess, not the 2 brothers I'm asking about. 1 of the brothers did co write a nominated song for a Disney film. I also wrote that they wrote with other collaborators not with each other. Especially one of the writing teams was probably among the most famous songwriters in the time period with lots and lots of hit songs.
  3. The mother keeps up the pretense of the hired cook. Her son invites his mother to move in.
  4. Both brothers also co wrote songs for films (with other collaborators) Many Oscar nominations for both and one won an Oscar for Best original Song he wrote the lyrics for and his collaborator also won for Best original Score for the film. .
  5. (The) Windmills of Your Mind , Noel Harrison ( Rex's son ) 1960's Thomas Crowne Affair Song in a Civil War themed movie
  6. Thanks Miles Next A mother visits her newly married son and daughter-in-law shes never met. She arrives before the maid the wife has hired to help with a party she's giving and mistakes the mother for the hired help.
  7. Thanks. 2 brothers composed many hit songs,one wrote the theme songs for some hit tv shows In the classic time period (50's - 70's) the other had many hit songs in the same classic time period that are still considered classics. Both collaborated with other songwriters for these. Who are these 2 Brothers, name a few tv theme songs one wrote and some of the popular hit songs the other wrote ????????
  8. 7. Margarita Sierra, the tv show was Surf Side Six, she sang in Spainish sometimes, Troy Donohue was the leading man film star for a few years ???
  9. 7. Margarita Sierra, Surfside Six, Troy Donohue was a leading man in films for a few years. Sierra sometimes sang in Spainish???
  10. 2. Georgine Darcy - Rear Window - Harrigan and Son the TV show starring Pat O'Brien?
  11. Whistle While You Work. - Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Another Disney song from the last century
  12. 11. Joi Lansing played a model on Love That Bob and a wife on The Beverly Hillbillies ??? 10. Maybe Sue Ann Langdon ?
  13. The Girl From Ipanema - Astrud Gilberto - Get Yourself A College Girl ( GREAT song, Awful movie ) LOL Another song in a movie you like but don't like the movie
  14. I'm with you MCO, Rio Bravo for me is a fun movie. Love the scene of Dean and Ricky singing My phony my rifle and me. I thought Wayne.Martin,Brennan and Ricky worked really well together. Good western.
  15. The Night They Invented Champagne, Hermione Gingold, Leslie Caron and Louis Jourdan - GIGi Dean Martin ( besides Ain't That a Kick in the Head ) sings in a film
  16. Deleting post, post put in wrong thread, sorry
  17. 1. Christine White, Ichabod and Me ? 5. Mary Tyler Moore. , she played the unseen telephone gal in Richard Diamond and of course Dick Van Dyke Show as Laura and her own show 6. Connie Steven's, she played Cricket on Hawiian Eye 8. Tuesday Weld, she played Thalia on Dobbie Gillis 10. Shelley Fabres, Donna Reed Show ????? Mary of course was a fav. But Tuesday and Shelley and Connie were great.
  18. Thanks. Didn't know he went by another name only knew him as Joey Vieira.
  19. Absolutely we were lucky I went to Evander. Lol we probably shopped at Alexander's at the same time and saw a movie at the Lowes Paradise RKO Fordham and the Valentine Theaters. I read you mentioned Yonkers. We use to shop at Cross County all the time
  20. Wasn't Porky Joey Vieira, Jeff's best friend?
  21. Yes, With Six You Get Eggroll. TCM hasn't shown this Doris movie in a long time wish they would. This one sort of makes the audience wonder did they or didn't they when Brian Keith goes back into the house with Doris before they get married. It was her last film. I like Yours, Mine and Ours better, but still enjoy this film. Good work Miles, your thread.
  22. 3. Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet , Mary Jane Croft 4. Leave IT To Beaver, Richard Deacon 5. Private Secretary, Ann Tyrell 12. Our Miss Brooks, Richard Crenna 14. Hazel, Bobby Buntrock
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