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  1. I really hope TCM will show this movie one day! The story is really great, based on what was at the time a very well-known comic play (You can read the [Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Garrick_(play)] about it ) I have read the play and loved it so much that I even took the trouble of getting a copy of the novel based off it (no easy task -- there's only one version still in print, and it wasn't even available at that point, I had to order a 1st edition floating around someplace in Australia. The print version is here: http://www.amazon.com/David-Garrick-Thomas-William-Roberts
  2. > {quote:title=gagman66 wrote:}{quote} > I'm quite sure that Kevin Brownlow, and Patrick Stansbury were given free access to the entire collection of Chaney films at Eastman House, and what ever other locations they use by Warner's in 1999 or 2000, when He produced his documentary on the man for TCM "LON CHANEY: A THOUSAND FACES". > > Now, It seems highly unlikely, if a mis-named print were laying around someplace, that Brownlow, and his entire Photo-play Productions staff would have just glanced over it??? I mean, this is one of the first titles, if not the very first, the
  3. > {quote:title=VilmaBanky wrote:}{quote} > I went and asked for London After Midnight to be shown on TCM. I've only seen stills but they look great. I'd love to see this film. Isn't it great that so many of these silents are being found? I mean Beyond the Rocks, an uncut Metropolis found and now this! > > > WOW fantastic! At this point, that would just have them showing their "recreation" again (It's about 45 minutes of still photos.) The guy's announcement of having found the film is mostly just a hue and cry so someone will recheck for the film he had seen, sinc
  4. > {quote:title=johnbabe wrote:}{quote} > I totally agree with you doesnot TCM stand for Turner CLASSIC Movies, not B pics from the 60's and later, ok, there are great films after the 40's but the people we like to see on TCM were more or less older by then, or retired, or in some cased deceased....I love my silents, and the golden age and I was not even born yet, in those times, but give me Camille any day, it is so classic! Admittedly a lot of 60s and 70s B-movies have reached classic status of their own, and I'd actually be happy to watch them (I've been dying to see The Creeping
  5. Has anyone here seen this particular film? Even I've never seen it, and I'm just about the only person who ever read the play or the novelization. Judging by them, the story would be extremely well-suited to film -- it's a hilarious piece and I'm rather shocked it's been forgotten so. Somewhere around WW2 the play fell out of fashion, I guess because storylines about arranged marriages were also going out of favor everywhere this side of Bollywood. Before that time it was a very popular piece. I actually first found out about the TCM website while googling for some of the Garrick films (it
  6. Godgifu

    New here

    I just thought I should mention Vilma's one of my favorite silent actresses as well. The only time I ever had a haircut in a salon, I brought in a photo of Vilma Banky from Son of the Shiek and said "Make my hair look like that!" Valentino was one of the reasons I became interested in silent cinema, along with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (I think Caligari was what initially convinced me, around age 13, that silent films were okay.) I have to say Valentino's not the greatest of actors -- even for silents he seems overdramatic at times (see Blood and Sand, in particular the scene where he f
  7. I wasn't necessarily saying London After Midnight is bad (who would know?) I was saying all silent movies, not just famous ones, should be saved. And also implying a bit that even if it's a false lead and this Hypnotist movie is something else completely, it should still be copied and preserved.
  8. I joined these forums basically to make sure the word was out! If it's true, it would be amazing (I'm always happy when old movies get copied -- even obscure ones that were bad.) Here's hoping it gets copied before it rots.
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