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  1. Thank you for the info. And the good news about M.
  2. I'm wondering why I see movies like Sunrise and M being sold in England, using the PAL system in Blu-Ray, yet they are not available here in the same format. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I remember back not long ago, TCM was showing the old movie serials. I would like to see the return of them, but put them on a regular schedule, like Silent Sunday Night. Every Saturday morning at 10 or something show a couple of episodes, but do it every week in order, so people know when to return to see what happened to the hero in the cliffhanger.
  4. I am surprised that a Jean Harlow box set has not been released. Hoping that someone will see the wisdom in doing it.
  5. Hi I watched Bardelys The Magnificent last night and thought it was great. Today, I found out that apparently a young John Wayne was in the movie as a guard. Does anyone have a still that shows him or can they point out where in the film so I can take a look? Thanks PS It also says Lou Costello from Abbott and Costello, so if anyone can confirm that also Thanks again
  6. I see in Nashville they are showing Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail and it seems from a restored print. I would hope they would release it on DVD like they did The Lodger.
  7. Gil1957

    The Wind

    I see they are showing "The Wind" at the SF Silent Film Festival. Any idea when it will be released on DVD? Hopefully with both endings. Thanks
  8. Hi again I tried to post something, but everything in the middle disappeared. My question was is this DVD a clone of the Harold Lloyd boxset which I already have or are there different movies from the box set. Thanks
  9. Hi Thats what I was suggesting, but my message disappeared. Thanks
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone had this set and if the films are watchable or just some ripoff that isn't worth the money. I already own the Harold Lloyd comedy collection dvd set and wonder if this is a copy of the same or something to compliment the other. Thanks
  11. Hi I noticed that TCM is showing a Zorro movie serial. I really enjoy the old cliffhanger serials and wonder why there isn't a forum on here for those. I would also like to see TCM do more with a regular time slot so people know when they are on. Thanks
  12. Since I heard about this documentary, I have been hoping it would be released on DVD. Has anyone heard if it going to be released and if so when? Thanks
  13. On Amazon, I found a version put out by Reel Classic Films with a release date of 10-14-07. I was wondering if this was a restored version and how was the quality. Thanks
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