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  1. The Criterion Collection dvd is, as always, excellent. Leo McCarey, the film's director, won the Oscar that year for THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937). He told everyone that they gave it to him for the wrong picture.
  2. Does anyone recognize the black actress (who comes off as a real lady) saying goodbye to her pullman porter boyfriend, only to greet her lover getting off the back of the train?
  3. In the original Broadway production of the musical Bells Are Ringing (Nov 29, 1956, for 925 performances), Eddie Lawrence played a book-maker named Sandor, who affected a Hungarian accent. He sang a couple of songs, including a duet with Jean Stapleton (later Edith Bunker on TV?s All in the Family, 1971-79). In the 1960 movie version, his role was played by Eddie Foy, Jr. (who had been featured in both the 1954 Broadway and 1957 movie versions of The Pajama Game).
  4. Rich ? Thanks so much for the captures page. What a great shot of the Broadway/7th Ave area that I adored throughout the 1940s and ?50s. The Globe was at Bway & 46th St and showed the junkiest movies. For a blonde femme fatale, Irene Kane has a much more forbidding look than Lauren Bacall or her Hal Wallis/Paramount knock-off, Lizabeth Scott. They were mysterious, all right, but they were softies, less dangerous and less exciting compared to Kane, don?t you think? Perhaps the really great blonde femme fatale was the Welsh-born Peggy Cummins. At least in Gun Crazy (aka Deadly I
  5. Fred, thanks for the trailer?s youtube URL. There?s also a lengthy montage of the fight scene interlaced and superimposed with scenes of ballet dancing by Kubrick?s lovely second wife, Ruth Sobotka, who died aged 41 in 1967. Clive
  6. Thanks, scsu1975, I assume you meant to post a picture for me, but all that appears on my Mac is the logo for www.zonadvd.com, a hispanic web site. If her picture is up there, I can?t find it. When I type in her name, it notes that she is in a Spanish-named Killer?s Kiss: El Beso del Asesino.
  7. Fred -- There are no personal messages either under Clive or clivsoph, the envelope logos are open and my site says 0 messages. Please try my actual e-mail: clivsoph@gte.net I hope the message wasn't not to call you Dobbsy. I don't know how I'll ever get accustomed to calling you Fred.
  8. That's odd. How come my reply printed as from my email name instead of my real name? Or how come my original question was from my real name, rather than my email one? And should I have replied to CineMaven and FredCDobbs directly or, as I did, to the thread? Does it matter? What's going on? Or is TCM just trying to drive me crazy like Dobbsy? Let?s see how this posts ? from the real me or my email me.
  9. Wow, thanks a lot, CineMaven! For years I had been asking friends who would know such a thing, and they would ask me. In Oct. ?07 I wrote to TCM and ten days later got a reply that said nobody there could identify the montage scenes. They suggested I go on the message board. Ten months later I've finally joined. And in only the time it took me to have a nap you came up with the answer! No wonder somebody dubbed you CineMaven. Oh, yeah ? that somebody would be you. I haven?t seen Killer?s Kiss in 40 years. But I?ve always touted Kubrick?s B&W movies over his color ones. Because
  10. In the late night TCM montage movie intro, after Robert Walker boards the bus in the clip from Strangers on a Train and after the exterior shot of the diner, there are a couple of seconds of a blonde showgirl in the last moment of removing a headscarf and about to remove her left earring in front of a dressing room mirror. Can anyone identify the actress and the movie? She?s been driving me nuts for a dozen years!
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