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  1. I looked through Penn State's library and on amazon.com, but didn't find any bios on Ince, although Kevin Brownlow has written about him in The Parade's Gone By (an excellent history of American silent film). Look him up online, there has GOT to be a site somewhere that salutes this great film pioneer.
  2. I've been away a while after starting this thread. WOW! I feel like I've started a love riot! Oh, and...Anna May Wong!!!!!!!
  3. Goldensilents, Checked out your website. It's excellent! Everybody should take a look at goldensilents.com.
  4. Coop was certainly a pretty man, (and don't take that in any particular way!) but I prefer older Coop, when he had lines on his face, and real character.
  5. Gagman, This collection is truly remarkable! More if you please!!
  6. A lot of great stuff is coming out now, but I'm a man for the classics. One of my favorites is The Andromeda Strain, as well as Westword! I've written articles on both of them; I got to talk to Robert Wise in the late 90s, and WW producer Paul Lazarus. Anybody else remember 70s SF?
  7. Wow! Great pix! How could I have forgotten Clara Bow? All of these ladies; beauty like this should be immortal.
  8. Nice list! Here's a bit of some of my crushes. They each had their own elegance and beauty; Joan Crawford, Anna May Wong, Janet Gaynor, impish Nancy Carroll, stunning Anita Page, Louise Brooks (of course!), Mae Marsh, and pick a Talmadge sister!
  9. We all have lived a little Somewhere In Time? Who's your Silent movie crush? Betty Bronson was just a cute little pixie! And could you ever take your eyes off Lillian Gish?
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