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  1. Definately NOT sung dialogue! In "Reveille for Beverly" She is a DJ on a station the troops listen to. The plot is rather lame & frankly, just an excuse to showcase some good music. The clips are really like something you might have seen on MTV if it was around in the 1940's. None of the characters in the movie appear in the clips. They completely stand alone. She puts the record on the player. The camera shows the record spinning & the scene changes to the performer. It is completely unrelated to the plot, except she might pick a sad song if she is sad. "Jam Sessio
  2. Buck Privates has a WONDERFUL swing dance scene! So does "A Day at the Races" from the Marx Brothers.
  3. Like "Reveille with Beverly" (1943) with Ann Miller. In this one, she is a DJ. She puts a record on & the scene cuts to Duke Ellington or someother performer of that day. (These must be what inspired MTV.) Anyway, I want to know what other movies there are like this. Most other movies have the music interupted by the stars dialog. I hate that! Anyone have a good list of movies with misic 'videos' of the performers of the time? Thanks
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