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  1. Perfect answer! Thanks. Sadly, it's another teevee gets a rest day. One that could have been devoted to George Sanders.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I understand. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  3. Nelson and Jeanette can't act. Some thought they could sing - hence the TCM reviews, no doubt - but I thought they stunk. BTW, you can't trust TCM reviews, they are usually rapturous about everything.
  4. Wonderful information ...... and pictures. You've put a lot of work into this topic, TB. [..]
  5. Agree. In addition, there were so many stinko actors, an outstanding one like George could have easily been substituted.
  6. Ooopsie, almost off the page, TB. Gotta keep at it, I-N-C and all that jazz. I respect your opinion, TB. Are George Brent and Walter Pidgeon good actors? I know the other actors I hate - Wayne and O'Brien, e.g. - are very, very, very bad actors, but people seem to like Brent and Pidgeon. Do you? I had to turn off three perfectly good Virginia Bruce movies today, all in a row, because these skin-crawling hacks were front and center. I guess they made MGM gobs of money because the audiences in those days weren't any too sophisticated. If you say they are good, could you opine, br
  7. Thanks, TB. Today is going to be one of those 'I can't move until the PR break' schedules! Like the good old days. Few and far between. Excellent actor, Bruce was. I bet she didn't get the respect she deserved. Just another head in the herd. and not another platform to discuss what they're airing. Well......................
  8. No. But my teevee is getting a rest since TCM isn't classically classic all the time anymore. Tierney was lovely, Mitchum (sorry, you lovely man) was ignorable in his Westerns, Fairbanks Jr. was fun, and Mae Clarke was okay in some. All the rest, for the most part, make my teeth itch. And some whom I expected to like were disappointing, i.e., Ralph hitting Clarke, Dietrich, always a bore, ruining Stage Fright for me. I'm looking forward to Virigina Bruce. Too bad the lovely Warren William wasn't included (heck, if they can disgust me with John Wayne), and of COURSE, why couldn't a
  9. Absolutely! Try to catch more Kay Fwancis, she is delightful.
  10. A ball of fire? He was a fire put out, stomped on, and blown away. The man made oatmeal left out and gone bad look good.
  11. Speaking of left it, I find it fascinating how boring sisters Joan and Olivia sometimes are. No spark, no oomph, no nothing. Contrast them to Irene Dunne and Carole Lombard and Kay Fwancis. They leapt off the screen. TCM could at least have shown The Heiress, where Livie gave it good to Monty, but did they? No.
  12. Boy is that true. She's a good actor, but in a horse facey-kind of way.
  13. Did you? I left it, didn't find it interesting at all. Loved Criss Cross, hadn't ever seen the beginning. Mr. primos couldn't believe that was Lili Munster. Drat, missed Desperate and The Asphalt Jungle. Burt is pretty but Sterling is drop dead gorgeous. Good movies this P.M. - on a Saturday??? What gives? And with the even prettier than Sterling Gene Tierney. No doubt TCM will soon return to the garbage made after 1960.
  14. Don't know if it was the best or not, since I never noticed, since I don't like her, but Jennifer Garner got boo-koo press for her job.
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