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  1. Finally, a classically classic day on TCM. Mae Clarke day, good ones starting at 11:00am. BTW, did you know TCM is on Facebook and Twitter?
  2. Noooooooooo. But at 40+, are you two kids old enough to RECITE the Who's on First routine? Yes, I am. Including all three endings, the one on film, radio, and the X-rated one, which I saw in print, I imagine. How sad for your co-worker. But guess what? He/she doesn't care.
  3. You're correct, filmlover. But Fox Film Channel isn't as consistent as TCM. But yes, they do have some good ones now and again. After all, they did show The Ghost And Mrs. Muir all the time, before TCM figured out it was a top notch wonderfully lovely film. VCR library? Good for you! Yes, Teresa was a nice complement to the lovely Joseph Cotten. Love his enunciation and his curly hair. He was one of my Mom's faves, and he can eat crackers ...................... well, you know.
  4. Fred. Fred, Fred, Fred. Today's youts are lucky if they know about Vietnam, let alone WWII, let alone WWI. Do you THINK they're going to pay attention to the entertainment industry that goes before the year 2000? IF they can't text it on their iPhones, they don't care about it.
  5. It's tantamount to the column in the Journal American or whatever it is now, out of Westchester. Think TMZ, and you have entertainment writing in Newsday and Westchester's newspapers. No more than one page, a la USA Today, so the morons don't have to turn the page.
  6. Thank you, film lover. And think of what a precipitous situation WE are in - we have ONE station left to us in the c*** that is on cable television, pay or otherwise. ONE, that caters to the intelligent crowd that adores classically classic films. And we are hanging on by our teeth, since TCM, bless their monetary hearts, still has to cater to the morons out there. They have to bring in the young moronic viewers with the post 1960 c***. To their credit, they outdid themselves with something they haven't done in 20 years with this year's Summer of Darkness, and don't tell me they ever d
  7. Yes, but I found it too dumb to discuss and the author too moronic to even acknowledge. Sad thing is, there are those in American movie theaters who agree with this moron.
  8. The uber-stars of today will eventually get the same treatment the classic stars get now. I hope so. They deserve it, the classically classic actors do not. The uber idiots are idiots. Too much to copy and paste. All in bold is spot on. Absolutely correct, MovieMadness.
  9. Nah. Even if some dame had fallen for the very ugly Paul Drake, they would have had the mother in law from h***. She would have somehow managed to blackmail you for the rest of your life with her filthy underhanded ways, just as she did every studio exec in Hollyweird. No other way that talentless she-bum would have been allowed to soil the movies she did.
  10. And who wrote that line? A man. I rest my case. There is no woman as stupid as the stupidest man. Oh yeah? Yeah.
  11. Worse.............mega stars...........uber stars. An annoying word if there ever was one, uber, it's now eponymous with an idiotic car service that promises nothing except cheap. Yeah, today's moron celebrities out of Hollyweird are super............no, they're not..................mega..............no, they're not...............uber................no, they're not. They're not even actors, they're overpaid hacks.
  12. loved it and without color! no, I'm sorry. there IS something wrong here. You're missing the point. You're a niche audience. So are all those who enjoy the good films (not the garbage) on TCM. Hollyweird doesn't MAKE movies for you, they make movies for morons. and I know what it is. todays studio execs are clueless bleep-ups! Again, no they are not. The execs follow the money trail. All the way to the bank. And they laugh at people like you and me and all the people who like the good films (not the garbage) on TCM. We are the dinosaurs. The morons who lap up the crap from Hol
  13. "we really emphasized the differences (between Ben and Robert), We asked him to have goatee'. Because we didn't know the difference between a nice looking young guy and an old sandblasted one? "People grew to accept him and trust us that we weren't changing the channel or getting rid of Robert'. I think the objection was in the beginning. Even I didn't like him, he came across as smarmy. He's downright pleasant and welcome now. Too bad TCM doesn't get rid of RO and bring in Eddie M. with him.
  14. Absolutely! Try to catch more Kay Fwancis, she is delightful.
  15. There is no woman as stupid as the stupidest guy.
  16. Why, is Lupone sacrosanct? She looks old. She is old. At least she isn't as horrific looking as Swanson in tonight's movie - ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.
  17. A ball of fire? He was a fire put out, stomped on, and blown away. The man made oatmeal left out and gone bad look good.
  18. Speaking of left it, I find it fascinating how boring sisters Joan and Olivia sometimes are. No spark, no oomph, no nothing. Contrast them to Irene Dunne and Carole Lombard and Kay Fwancis. They leapt off the screen. TCM could at least have shown The Heiress, where Livie gave it good to Monty, but did they? No.
  19. Is THAT who that is? Wow, she got old. She looked terrific in Evita. Is that in the code too?
  20. ME? It's three posts below the one you posted with the old lady in the gold lame dress. So you've changed your mind about what you said? Oh, the humanity!
  21. Wowweeeeeeeeeee, zoweeeeeeeeeee, an entire post that's boldable. That's a first. Not sure why this grey haired post was bumped up, but touche, Swithin. Oh, and here's to you Ben. Now that Eddie's gone, you're the only thing left that's worthwhile.
  22. You left out Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is not a household name? She must live in a household of troglodytes.
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