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  1. They don't appear to be losing any money.
  2. Quite right. Powell was breathtaking with Kay (and Loy yesterday), wonderful alone (Astor a non-entity for him), but Rosalind drags him into mediocrity. Of course I'm sure the writing and directing had more than a little to do with my stinko rating on Rendezvous. WHOA, didn't someone here recommend Rendezvous? Oh well. P.U.
  3. Wow. You named one. Excellent. Name some more anti-rap-ist press, james, please.
  4. Until the hidden documentation came out? All of them, accusing the women of being liars.
  5. If only. He can't be prosecuted, the press will still rally for him, and the American public, sadly, will forget that he is a rap-ist and he will be back selling concert tickets before you know it. Happily, Judd Apatow, director most wonderful, is like a dog with a bone on this. Bless his heart.
  6. No prob, Eddie M. still outshines RO by light years. He'd make a great co-host with Ben M.
  7. What do Clinton's criminal activities have to do with Cosby's rapes?
  8. Based on the spots by Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart, hilarious both, I doubt the folks who make Pudding Pops are thrilled right now, either. Make an effort to see them, they are truthful, hilarious, and scathing. Larry Wilmore especially pulls no punches.
  9. Well, the morning was a good one. The P.M. stinks. Typical TCM.
  10. An amazing effort by TCM. Not sure what prompted it - new management, influx of money - but I hope they realize that some people who watch TCM adore classically classic films and a new face at the intros.
  11. You're right there, TB. Not sure why, but I can't watch it more than the once. But The Ghost and Mrs. Muir kills me every time, and I have to watch it when it is on.
  12. I completely agree. But I wouldn't take a poll on this board if I were you.
  13. Next week is the last SOD weekend, Eddie? Sorry to hear that, it's been swell. I would have liked Impact, but that's okay. You did a wonderful job, thanks to you and TCM for screening some wonderful films. It's been like the old days, when TCM was good. Need work, Eddie? You'd be a great co-host with Ben, if RO could be convinced to leave. At any rate, thanks again Eddie.
  14. Outstanding movie. Too bad Ben M. and Eddie M. weren't there to intro and outro it. They coulda stuck Impact in instead of a few stinkers today, though. Push up bra lady can't act her way out of a paper bag.
  15. Joan Dixon walking off to nowhere in the Los Angeles riverbed? Um, um, miss, the police would like to talk to you. Ummmm, miss? And McGraw would have known there were too few exits from the riverbed. I know, right? As would the stupid crime boss have known to plan better. P.U. But hey, they can't all be winners.
  16. Whoof. Russell is a dog and so is Macao. Even the lovely Mitchum can't save this stinker. Now Kansas City Confidential - good from beginning to end. Split Second might be good. Then it's the new co-host of TCM with Ben M., Eddie M., and the movies tonight. Good day. Good summer, TCM. You finally did what your station should have been doing for dog knows how many years.
  17. Wow. Poor Lisabeth. And on top of you only wanting to date her given the alternate choice of Quasimodo, she was ignored by TCM to be interviewed. And now she's dead.
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