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  1. That's true! Or as Estelle intoned, an amuuuuuuuusement park. Good show. RO paid others to do it. His face looks like The Wind Tunnel.
  2. Lizabeth? Seriously? Yeah, right. Now if you mean Charles Laughton, with a face like a dump truck backed over him and then ran over him again just to make sure, I'd agree with you.
  3. Yeah, and RO is an amusement park in a suit. Where have you seen Eddie in person? Hey TCM, show RO the door and hire Eddie in his place. Eddie and Ben M. would make a crackerjack team.
  4. 1950 Plymouth. I didn't like it. It bored me. But tonight looks good, especially if Eddie is doing the in and outs. But TCM, you couldn't squeeze Impact into the mix?
  5. Both shows were very good, and his were mature, welcome performances. I told someone he had died. Who he? The guy who got shot in the eye in Godfather. Ah, that guy!
  6. Eddie Muller, are you very adept at introducing film noirs too? Would you make a good co-host for Ben M.? Do you make RO look like last week's milk? By all means, we'll take anyone with a name even close to Eddie Mueller, since RO is a dinosaur and Eddie is a breath of fresh air. Let me know where I can send my testimonial on your behalf.
  7. I liked him best in Teddy Z. Did you see him in Episodes and Magic City? He was always excellent, a true professional. 79 is way too young to die. Read on Wikipedia how he came by the name Rocco. Seems he was cooler than cool. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Rocco
  8. I think Eddie is wonderful. I think TCM should fire RO and hire Eddie, who would be an excellent co-host with Ben.
  9. Great, glad to read it. Nice to know I can come here for a pun and a cup of java. Stretch them out, I need something to look forward to here. Speaking of java, and because I don't know enough about the movies to talk at the SOD threads, I want to Mitchum and Ryan and Scott (who COULD have been on TCM while she was still alive) on right now in The Racket. When men were men and women were dames and loved the men who were men. Hmmmm..........did you put a 'u' in 'humour'? Eh, wot? Oh, and btw, Eddie Muller is a standout. Yup, send RO to pasture and hire EM, TCM. EM and Ben, a matc
  10. Did he? As with Ali, I came late to appreciating Cosell, after seeing him on The Odd Couple. He really didn't have a clue, did he? Or...........did he. I know Cassius knew exactly what he was doing.
  11. Hey Hedda, how's your wee one, Billy Grasshopper? Still gainfully employed, thanks to the pictures you have of stars in flagrante? Please tell me there are 98 more of these? Did you know grasshoppers clique their legs together to make those sounds?
  12. I agree, Kay. With the plethora of good movies made by George, it's almost criminal that he is ignored.
  13. Wow. Those are the films NOT being shown? And the poor man died at 73? Did he have any kind of retirement at all?
  14. Quite true. But then, North by Northwest wouldn't be coming on tomorrow night.......................KIDDING!
  15. Blech. Yes, both Shirley Temple and this movie: blech.
  16. I love Stairway to Heaven, I wonder if someone thought it was ghoulish?
  17. So no George Sanders. I was looking forward to him as SOTM.
  18. james: I try, with MoviesTV and GetTV, but can't do it. Too gosh darned many commercials. Janet: smart. I don't watch DVDs much at all anymore since I got Netflix, and cable (with the sometime exception of TCM) is a joke. I have to admit, though, I finally bought Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Waiting like Pavlov's dog for it to come on was wearing thin. Even though it was nice to see Ben introduce it.
  19. Well, it IS funny when they throw all the chickens at him at the end.
  20. So there I sat, watching NBNW for the gazillionth time, and Mr. Primos comes in and zeroes in on the cars, natch. That's a '58 this, and that's a '56 that, et cetera. What's this movie, he asks. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT? You've never SEEN North By Northwest? How funny is that?
  21. I remember when I first saw one of her movies (AMC perhaps) back when I wasn't so jaded. She was, imo, very natural and refreshing. Of course, you had to like skating, but it was just a pleasant movie.
  22. True. I'd love to see a month of George.
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