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  1. Why? He is copying Soupy and White Fang and Black Tooth as an homage to them. Give the guy a break.
  2. Yes, here's hoping about George. Ghost and Mrs. Muir was on again yesterday, and boy did he do weasel well!
  3. Nice list. Two stars we won't see more of, thanks to the delicate sensibilities of the time, and I miss them: Warner Oland Sidney Toler
  4. Wow. I finally made it to the end. I've never watched Wagner in anything, did he always stink this much?
  5. I haven't watched either in a long time. Do they still show the Monster throwing the kid into the water to see if she floats? Also, do they show Kong squishing the native into the ground with his foot? Powerful stuff, seen for the first time. I'd hate to think these scenes were scrubbed so the namby pamby wouldn't get upset.
  6. The German villains renege on their promises and execute a group of hostages, including the heroine's brave father. Really. How about that. It was still a magnificent movie.
  7. There you go. Due to my bias against westerns, except of course Laramie and only because I had a crush on Robert Fuller, and Bonanza, only because I had a crush on Pernell Roberts (yeah, yeah, I know, I even liked him without hair in Trapper John), I never saw Boris.
  8. He...and Tor, of course...moves like a Swiss watch. Lloyd's sound films didn't hold up to his silents, but if he had been born later, he would have been even bigger than he was. And he was huge. His acrobatics, of course, are a joy to behold. His accomplishments with missing fingers and an awful prosthetic glove are amazing. He is even sexy in the silents. Happily, he was also a good businessman and didn't die broke.
  9. Yeah, I'm sure my beloved Bela must have loved that. Meanwhile, he didn't hold up as any better an actor than Bela. His biggest accomplishment was the Grinch.
  10. Really? Interesting. I always found Keaton and Harold Lloyd brilliant. I can't do silents anymore (for reasons best known only to Tor), but they still take the prize for genius. As I've stated, I hate Chaplin.
  11. Phew. Thanks for the heads up. You have no idea how many times I've missed the beginning of this movie. Tor happy.
  12. I used to be, as I was a Three Stooges fan, back with Officer Joe Bolton on WPIX a million years ago. Heck, he even had the last Stooge alive on his show, Moe Howard. Later on, I didn't like the fact that Curley kept getting hit. I don't know why, it started to bother me. On L&H, I used to like them, and loved the piano up the steps episode. Later on, I didn't like that Stan was the put upon guy, and Oliver was the bully. I found Laurel annoying, and stopped watching. I cringed when Ralph Edwards, whom I loathed, had on Stan and Oliver. Again, no idea why. Heck, I am not even a
  13. More than a bit. Peck has never impressed me as flappable. Mitchum and Ryan and Levene, on the other hand? Ooooph, hard to watch Crossfire more than once. GA bores me to tears.
  14. Right? Of course, they overused the Monster to death (pun intended), but at the outset, it was art. And come on, don't you cringe when people call Karloff Frankenstein instead of Frankenstein's Monster?
  15. Cute! I like Bob Newhart, especially his turn on BBT, but hate L&H and have had enough of Sunset Boulevard. They might try Meatloaf, if they want to shake things up a bit.
  16. Rich Koz. I agree. How about Eddie? He's doing a bang up job in the intros to the noirs, has he ever been a guest programmer?
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