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  1. I hope you kept your DMR-ES35V. talkietime, I did. In fact, I bought two at the same time and wish I had bought three. DMR-ES45V, DMR-ES46V and DMR-ES30V Since I can't seem to easily locate a VHS/DVD recorder/player -- NOT another dubbing machine -- are these known for their ease of use? I am looking for a machine that will allow me to watch/record on either DVDs or VHS tapes, and there doesn't seem to be such an animal out there anymore. Are you attempting to copy a videotape from the built-in VHS mechanism on your EZ48/485? I was looking simply to copy a program I was wa
  2. Thanks, markfp2, that is a good idea. talkietime, me again. Thanks for the news that the DVD recorder/players are being discontinued. I'm still having a problem with the Panasonic DMR-EZ485V. Are you familiar with this one? It replaced the DMR-ES35V, which I found a piece of cake to work with. Why did I get another recorder/player? No idea. At any rate, on the newer one, I find the response time of the remote to be verrrrrrrrry slow. Is this a deliberate quirk or just poor manufacturing? Also, I tried to record to VHS (I know) last evening and didn't manage to do something as s
  3. talkietime, I know I read it here...but it's a one for one dubbing, eh? It took eight full hours (I chose EP) to transfer from an eight hour tape to DVD. My question: why isn't the technology available where it just, well, zaps it faster from tape to DVD? I'm not sure I'm up to this (never mind the boon for Con Ed!) -- any idea where one can sell four spindles of 100 DVDs each? (
  4. Tuning or capturing video on a computer's hard drive is a very different process involving a cumbersome file format conversion. Okay, thanks talkietime. Not for me yet then. I'll just plod on with my VHS--->DVDs. With regard to the USB based ION turntable and VCR2PC, be sure to read owner/user reviews before investing in these products. Okay, again thanks. I am not fully convinced I want to do this yet.
  5. talkietime, do I understand correctly? Having just realized (yes, I'm behind the times) that there are, for sale, recordable turntables for transferring vinyl albums to a H/D, I had the thought that the technology for transferring my VHS tapes to, no not the DVDs I bought, but to my computer's H/D would be a great idea. Are you saying the technology is already OUT there??? Meanwhile, I was about to embark (it is due to be a snowy day) on transferring some of my VHS tapes to my new (and supposedly easier to use) Panasonic DMR-EZ485V/EZ48V. Should I hold off? Is there new technol
  6. I'm assuming my years old TCM movies will transfer to DVD without a problem? Boy, I hope so. On CP, though, would it explain the awful problem I have had lately with VHS tape playback? As noted, I do recordings of television shows on VHS tape for a onetime viewing, and the distortion can _not_ be fixed using the tracking device on the Panasonic DVD player remote. Or, talkietime, am I doing something wrong?
  7. The DMR-EZ48 is the current (2008) combo recorder in the Panasonic line. Thank you, once again, talkietime. I've ordered it. I am simple (very) in my requirements, taping the occasional television show to VHS tape (haven't tried taping to dvds yet and I don't do DVRing), playing tapes, and playing dvds. The 2006 DMR-ES35V is an outstanding videotape copying ?workhorse.? That's my impression of it. On your recommendation, I will reserve it for when I finally get around to copying my numerousVHS tapes. On -R dvds, per your instruction! It is comforting to know you are here and a
  8. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=106 What an excellent site, thank you talkietime. A question? If I've missed the info, just point me to a post. I am very happy with my Panasonic DMR-ES35V (talkietime recommended it), and am looking to get another one. Is there another model that has the same features (I need DVD and VHS in the same machine) in a newer machine? I've only found the Sony RDR-VXD655 VHS DVD Recorder Combo, but wanted to check with you before I buy another machine. Thank you in advance.
  9. Thanks vallo. I finally verified with Cablevision (or at least the person who answered) that digital cable will NOT be required after Feb. 2009, that Cablevision will still be transmitting in analog. However, I imagine they will be taking away more and more stations until analog cable is left with 3-1/2. On the freezing, I don't have nor will I be getting anytime soon an HD television, so that means my picture will always be freezing and I will therefore not be able to copy the movies from TCM that I paid more to get. Oh well. Such is life.
  10. I waited a long time to get digital television in order to have TCM, and now find that my picture freezes (on all the channels) and then restarts after a second or so. Does this happen to anyone else? I am now loathe to tape to DVD, since the picture would be ruined. Also, can anyone here answer what I still don't understand: WILL those with analog-only cable be unable to watch television after Feb. 2009? I am not referring to those with aerials, who MUST get a converter box in order to have access to programming. IF I am reading correctly, it appears to depend on the cable co
  11. Thank you Fred and Kenneth. Sad to say, it was so simple as to be embarrassing. Interesting that the tech didn't think to go through it with me though. Here is how I have to configure the television and DVD recorder in order to view both: --television on channel three to view television only; --television and DVD player/recorder on channel four to view DVDs and use onscreen scheduling. Truly a senior moment!
  12. It appears this is the correct place for this question. I am new to digital television and fairly new to a DVD player. Based on the comments here, I bought a Panasonic player/recorder that allows transferring of tape to dvd. However, since I had digital cable installed, I am unable to get the DVD player to work. I tried to play a commercial DVD -- there is audio but no picture. I called the tech support and he said he was not able to help. He walked me through the hookups and said they appear to be correct. If the answer is somewhere below, just point me to that post. T
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