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  1. Actually, my favorite 3D films were The Three Stooges. We had a local theater just outside of San Francisco that used to show Stooges festivals rather frequently, and sometimes they'd include the few 3D episodes the Stooges made. I believe they were made with that good technology you're referring to. I went to a 3D film in Los Angeles in the 90's that handed out very costly eyewear and a short 'film' on how to adjust them. I'm not sure if it was IMAX, but the film was about a two kids in a room full of fossils, including some fossil eggs and ended up somewhere with dinosours. I was actually much more impressed with the 3D introduction when they showed cartoon bubbles on the screen that exploded out into the audience. I swear it was as though you could touch them. After that amazing display, the film seemed anti-climactic.
  2. WeNoSpeak

    British comedies

    Yes, I should have mentioned that The Butcher Boy, while its presented as a comedy, is definitely not for the average viewer. The humor is as one friend said "sick - that's just sick". We're still friends, but I doubt she'll watch The Butcher Boy again.
  3. Yeah, I can understand that. I don't think it even qualifies for 'so bad, it's good'. I really enjoyed the original 3D, though. I think it's possible that (as a film) Friday The 13th Part III in 3D was better (and that was pretty bad), except Friday's 3D was very disappointing.
  4. WeNoSpeak

    British comedies

    Chiming in... The Butcher Boy and Shirley Valentine
  5. Ok, no takers... The navigational charts for the Lunar Shuttle that he's looking at was in fact the Los Angeles Thomas Guide. Well, I thought it was funny.
  6. Did anyone else see Comin At Ya with Tony Anthony in 3D? Besides being a mediocre (at best) western, the 3D was actaully exceptional. I bought the DVD when it was released and was very disappointed with the red/blue conversion. Too bad there's no way to bring that fantastic theater style 3D to the Home.
  7. If that's true and (I have no reason to doubt it), what a shame. The movie is worthy of better exposure. Message was edited by: WeNoSpeak (I keep forgetting NOT to use brackets ( [ ] )
  8. Are they the same two kinds where one comes in through the door and the other comes in throught the window? How about: When he get's caught, I'd hate to be put in his shoes. (said by a man with no legs). What about the list of crimes by Tuco being read by the executioner (barely audible in the background) while Angel Eyes is talking to the stagecoach passenger? ...'Hiring himself out as a wagon train scout and then deserting the wagon train on the hunting ground of the Souix'... "Glad they got him - a man guilty of all those crimes. He deserves to hang." "Guilty men don't always hang, especially when they have a guardian angel watching over them" Did anyone else notice later in that scene, after Eastwood shoots the rope around Tuco's neck, then jumps in the wagon, he fires his rifle. The strange part is that he fires his rifle directly at where the horses would be - if they were in view. Message was edited by: WeNoSpeak Message was edited by: WeNoSpeak
  9. I'm new to the forums and was wondering if anyone else enjoys the humor in Sergio Leone's Westerns? A few of my favorite lines: How can you trust a man that wears both a belt and suspenders - he can't even trust his own pants. When you have to shoot - shoot, don't talk. How much? $50.00 Uh, uh, how much? $100.00 $200.00 - it's all I've got... ...and what can I do for you ma'am? I'd like a bath. You're in luck, and only three people have used it today. One at a time, or altogether? What's it say? Id, idi, id... Idiot - it's for you! I'm very happy you're back and working with me again. I go, I kill them, and be right back.
  10. Near the beginning of the movie Elaine is standing in a hallway, about to board the Lunar Shuttle. Simon enters, while staring at some papers on his clipboard, and says "These navigational charts seem correct". Does anyone know what he's actually looking at?
  11. If Sergio Leone ever did a Spaghetti war film, this would be it. Peckinpah does an incredible job! Wonder why its so rarely seen on TCM?
  12. WeNoSpeak


    Trog [with Joan Crawford] is so bad, it's good. Is there some special reason TCM doesn't play it?
  13. Stewardess: "The bumps you feel are asteroids smashing into the hull, plus we're heading straight for the sun and can't change course" Passenger: "Are you telling us everything"? Stewardess: "No, we're also out of coffee" Airplane II
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