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  1. I've been on these boards for 13 years, and I have no idea how you did tiny type for your footnote.
  2. Boy, I am dreaming about the infinite possibilities of the Shepperdrd Strudwick Variety Hour!
  3. We all hate the wine crap. Pretty sure that decision is over Ben's head.
  4. I saw that title but had no idea if it was the title of a movie or to some new feature of TCM programming or what.
  5. Everybody who posted on this thread seems way too hip to respond to my own confusion as to what the hell this is all about, but I will ask anyway.
  6. Yeah, I got it, but the name triggered that memory in me.
  7. I may have described someone's singing voice as a cross between Fergie and Jesus on more than one occasion.
  8. Kristen Stewart and Teresa Palmer
  9. I don't know if this violates the "rules" of the thread, since both of those movies are adaptations of the same source material, although the first one has a satirical bent.
  10. Does anybody with a sense of the history of Blade Runner know which version TCM aired? I didn't watch. There have been like six different cuts of this movie. Was it the original theatrical release with the voiceover narration?
  11. He was hilarious as Bushnell Mullins, retired prizefighter and the boss of DougieCoop in Twin Peaks: the Return four years ago.
  12. Ha ha ha yep, those sound like the sort of titles I would get confused wandering into Blockbuster circa 1999, then bring it home and start playing the movie and be all like "What the hell is THIS?"
  13. Thought maybe the above scene was only from the much-later released director's cut? But I could be wrong ...
  14. Wait, I'm sorry, are you responding to films from Page One?
  15. I definitely saw the commercial first, because I distinctly remember thinking, "Wow, who ARE these characters?" By the time I saw the pilot, I'm guessing it must have been its second airing.
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