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  1. The rule that I learned was to mentally replace: 'whom' with: 'him' or 'them' to see if it is correct. If you can recast the sentence so that: 'he' is right then the proper word is: 'who' You two clearly had better English teachers than I did!
  2. I asked! And you could further elucidate me on why one is correct and the others not, if that's drifting this thread too far off topic.
  3. All the links are working for me except for the first week and the whole month schedule ... so I can't see the first week. I'm sorta **** wanting to peruse these in chronological order, so this is a bit frustrating for me. Okay, I'm going to stop posting for a while, before I turn this into a hot thread just by my posts alone.
  4. My first impression without even checking out the links yet is I'm very excited about a Warren Beatty day, he being a particular favorite from my childhood. I'm eager to see what films have been selected. Also among the "moderns", Goldie Hawn, on whom I had a serious crush as a child. They were in several movies together. It will be interesting to see how many of those will be aired and on which star's day. Sammy Davis, Jr. might be interesting. I'm not terribly aware of anything he did outside of the Rat Pack films. Who were the two entrants the Backlot members got to vote on? One I think was SZ Sakall, but I don't know whom he was competing against. I'm also not remembering whom the two females were this year. I seemed to say "whom" a lot in this post! Hope I was using it correctly.
  5. Looks like a two month gap is becoming the new normal rather than the three months we've all been accustomed to. I'm just now getting home and want to watch some the Ann Sheridan movies that are starting in less than two hours, so it might be a day or two before I can fully peruse, but I'm excited it's finally here.
  6. Speak for yourself! I'm still using CRT set from 1989.
  7. Well, they want the viewers to hang around to see the Wine Club and Backlot spots between films.
  8. Between the ages of 17 and 19, Rita Hayworth appeared in at least 10 films billed by her birth name of Rita (short for Margarita) Cansino.
  9. Okay, I made a point of paying attention tonight, and yes, the very vague "next", "then" and "later" are more than a little jarring to this longtime TCM watcher. I can only assume the idea is to try to encourage people not to change the channel or turn off their TVs when they realize the next film isn't for half an hour. Clearly an instance of TCM caring more about maintaining its viewership than providing any useful service to their viewers. Boo.
  10. I hadn't noticed. I usually had to go stand right in front of my 17" screen TV to see the times, but in recent years, I'm more likely to know the times for the prime time movies thanks to having looked at the schedule online early in the day.
  11. So, here are all the "feel-good classics" that will be airing and how many times each one has aired already: It Happened One Night (Columbia, 1934) 84 The Thin Man (MGM, 1934) 98 Top Hat (RKO, 1935) 79 A Night at the Opera (MGM, 1935) 76 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Columbia, 1936) 65 Bringing Up Baby (RKO, 1938) 104 Ninotchka (MGM, 1939) 90 The Shop Around the Corner (MGM, 1940) 104 His Girl Friday (Columbia, 1940) 71 The Lady Eve (Paramount, 1941) 60 The Man Who Came to Dinner (Warner Bros., 1942) 81 Meet Me in St. Louis (MGM, 1944) 132 Arsenic and Old Lace (Warner Bros., 1944) 90 Life with Father (Warner Bros., 1947) 45 Harvey (Universal, 1950) 41 On Moonlight Bay (Warner Bros., 1951) 35 Singin' in the Rain (MGM, 1952) 126 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (MGM, 1954) 102 Guys and Dolls (MGM, 1955) 60 Gigi (MGM, 1958) 99 Auntie Mame (Warner Bros., 1958) 43 Some Like It Hot (United Artists, 1959) 82 My Fair Lady (Warner Bros., 1964) 62 Sunday in New York (MGM, 1964) 66 The Producers (Embassy, 1968) 53 Annie (Columbia, 1982) 12
  12. Right-click on the pic and select Copy. Then come over here like you were going to post a reply, right-click on the field of your text and select Paste.
  13. Yes, I remember that song. I think it was obviously supposed to sound like the much more famous act in the hopes of shoehorning on "The Boss"'s success. I don't know if the intent was the same with the Spiral Staircase song, although it certainly sounds like something Stevie could have recorded around the same time as "Uptight".
  14. Wow, wait, that wasn't a hit by young Stevie Wonder? Sometimes, I think I'm a pop hits savant (at least among my circle of acquaintances I am), but every now and then a moment like this makes me realize how much I still have to learn.
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