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  1. Actually, he did age out of the role.
  2. Most of the Farrows don't want to squabble in private. They want to destroy Allen in the court of public opinion, since it appears they will never be able to do so in a court of law, and they want to make themselves out to be righteous, noble victims. From what I've read about this thing on other websites, it is entirely one-sided, theirs. I am only slightly interested in it because some of the old footage of Woody and Mia back in the day. But I haven't had an HBO subscription in 20 years probably and won't get one just for this.
  3. I was probably not quite old enough to have read that particular strip in the newspaper, but it was in one of the many Peanuts collections I had as a child. Around the same time, they also revealed Rosebud's identity on an episode of Eight is Enough, and elementary school me was like, "Okay, what is this movie everyone keeps talking about?" I was quite interested to learn that Citizen Kane was scheduled to air one Saturday afternoon, a day because my parents were going to a wedding or somesuch function I had to spend with my dad's parents in a town 10 miles south of our own, but I guess t
  4. Robert Aldrich - Kiss Me Deadly (1955) William Castle - I'll have to say 13 Ghosts (1960), but I'm pretty sure that's the only film of his (as director) that I've ever seen. Ida Lupino - The Bigamist (1953) Walter Hill - Southern Comfort (1981) Lewis Milestone - All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Mike Nichols - The Graduate (1967) Alexander Payne - Sideways (2004) Vincent Sherman - Looks like I've only seen five of his films. I guess I'll pick The Young Philadelphians (1959) George Sidney - Bye, Bye, Birdie (1963) Don Siegel - Invasion of the Bo
  5. More complicated than I want to understand, but here you go. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/blog/2014/jul/23/subtweeting-what-is-it-and-how-to-do-it-well#:~:text=A subtweet means you are,as a Twitter "mention".&text=It's at the core of,use the service to communicate.
  6. https://news.avclub.com/so-you-ve-been-subtweeted-by-turner-classic-movies-wh-1846289001
  7. My picks for a Matthau solo day: Slaughter on 10th Avenue (Universal, 1957) - The cause of a brave longshoreman (Mickey Shaughnessy) lives on after he's gunned down by three racketeers (Joe Downing, Harry Bellevar, Nick Dennis) when a determined assistant DA (Richard Egan) searches hard for fearful witnesses against the men. Matthau plays the union boss who orders the hit. TCM Airings: 1 Gangster Story (Releasing Corp. of Independent Producers, 1959) - A hoodlum (Matthau) is on the lam. He robs a small-town bank, which brings the local cops and the local mob boss (Bruce MacFarlane)
  8. 12 Lemmon solo movies I would schedule for a full day of programming: Three for the Show (Columbia, 1955) - A widowed singer (Betty Grable) marries her late husband's songwriting partner (Gower Champion), which leads to trouble when her first husband (Lemmon) turns up very much alive. TCM Airings: 3 Operation Mad Ball (Columbia, 1957) - At an army hospital in post-World War II France, a private (Lemmon) and a captain (Ernie Kovacs) try to outwit one another on such issues as wooing pretty nurses, accounting for missing medical supplies, organizing unauthorized dances and influencin
  9. Finally found a Fox movie! Sounder. Well, at least they're showing one.
  10. I've looked at every title from A through H. and so far, there isn't a single 20th Century Fox movie.
  11. Star of the Month Doris Day. Unless they're showing that one '60s movie of hers that seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, there's probably not going to be anything on there I haven't seen before.
  12. Woah, cool! Don't know when I'll have time to look at this. I'm already two weeks behind on posting reviews of every movie I watch in 2021 and haven't even looked at TopBilled's movie-guessing game, which I usually frequent, in several days. But thanks, just the same! Glanced at it just long enough to see it's still not 31 Days. Guess they're postponing until April, which I I believe will be the month of the actual ceremony.
  13. The worst movie I saw in 2020 was Hillbilly Elegy. It's supposed to be inspirational, but I found it a depressing onslaught of death, addiction and poverty beating down one American family over the course of several generations. The tragedy keeps on coming with the dependability of a slasher film. A disappointing misstep for the usually dependable Ron Howard.
  14. I've seen Magnolia, and I'm going to say I've seen Alien Nation too, so I've seen three.
  15. I mean ... there is an app called Shazam, which I'm pretty sure is free. You could download it onto your smartphone and then hold it somewhere near your TV and turn it on when one of these songs is playing.
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