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  1. A cursory run through these titles, and it looks like I've only seen nine of these 100 films. So, certainly an opportunity for me to expand my palette.
  2. Oh, I've seen Stella Dallas. Boy, I just didn't recognize the actresses. So, I've seen five.
  3. I have gotten up late enough, that I can now identify some of the early ones by reading the above posts. I was was totally lost just looking at most of the pictures. I'll stick to the ones I was already pretty sure about before reading these other posts. 1243 is I Know Where I'm Going! Yes. 1248 is Carrie. Yes. 1249 is Married to the Mob. (I think!) Yes. 1250 is Boys Don't Cry. No. So, I think I've seen four of these. Maybe more. We'll see.
  4. I'd almost forgotten about all those blank spots. Looks like they've only partially filled them in. Just two films on the schedule for the night of September 1 so far, for example: Merrily, We Go to Hell from Dorothy Arzner (Paramount, 1932) and I, You, He, She, a 1975 French film from Chantal Ackerman.
  5. Oh, Flying Leathernecks. Well, I haven't seen that, either. My other guesses were correct, so I've seen four.
  6. 1232 is Christmas in July? I've seen it if it is. 1233 is The Body Snatcher? Again, I've seen it if it is. 1234 might be The Longest Day. Or you might call it The Longest Movie. I think I even have it on DVD, but if I'm being totally honest, I've never sat down watched the entire thing from beginning to end, so no. 1238 is probably Firefox. Seen it if it is. 1239 is Black Rain. No. 1240 is Selena. Yes. Some of the others have very recognizable stars, but I am not recalling ever seeing these pairings. Something with Doris Day and Rod Taylor, TCM has probably shown a lot, but I guess I haven't seen it. And Shelly Winters and Roman Polanski (in front of the camera)? I have no idea. Looks like I've seen anywhere from one to four, possibly more depending what the others are.
  7. I got incredibly weird deja vu ahem ... Vibes ... as I started to read this thread, then scrolled down and saw I posted on it two months ago.
  8. Oh my God, I'm sure I was watching this live when I was in elementary school, but I can't fathom such reverence paid by multiple people to Birth of a Nation in our present times.
  9. I'll never forget the word she mistook for presidential ELECTIONS! Never mind ...
  10. Wait does somebody on here suggest I had a problem with the films? Not my intention. I just thought was a very quick turnaround to have another night devoted to him (which, as noted above, wasn't actually the case).
  11. Okay, it's all coming back to me now. James just provided everything I was going to say while I was typing this, but ... I believe Crimson Kimono got the Noir Alley nod. House of Bamboo, filmed on location in Japan, is more of a postwar occupation Technicolor crime drama, and while it does deal with gangsters, I wouldn't call it a noir. What prompted my original post, I am now remembering, as James notes, is Crimson Kimono and House of Bamboo aired on the same night, back-to-back in fact. I think a poster on here described it as a "Sam Fuller night", which also played havoc with my memory. But the Fuller contribution that night was coincidental. It was a night devoted to Asian Americans in Hollywood movies. That's what had gotten me thinking there had already been a Sam Fuller night.
  12. Unclear antecedents can sometimes lead to confusion! I think the song being discussed was not "Maybe I'm Amazed" but "Early 1970". I was only aware of it because the brother of a friend of mine had a Ringo greatest hits album that I borrowed many years ago.
  13. As usual, I was really struggling to guess most of the earlier films, but I got on my computer late enough that someone's already done it. I've seen Drums Along the Mohawk, Anna Karenina, Lonelyhearts, The French Connection, The Waterboy and In the Bedroom, so six.
  14. I haven't been on MovieCollectorOH's database for a few weeks now, but it's seriously been something like 10 years now since Angels with Dirty Faces has aired on TCM. It was very briefly on the schedule when TCM within the last few years devoted a month to Michael Curtiz movies but yanked well before we actually got to that month.
  15. Okay, turns out I was right about Sweet Charity. Also, I've seen The Red Danube. All four of those actors look obvious to me now, but I couldn't identify any of them! So, I've seen three.
  16. Ha ha ha not TOO soon, I hope! There are laws; there are conventions! (quoting Tony from Some Like It Hot). But I just read her imdb bio, and he started dating her when she was 16, apparently.
  17. Ha ha ha I couldn't help but laugh at that still of Kirk Douglas terrorizing that poor little girl. Boy, I don't know any of these black and white films. 1215 might be a Mr. Belvedere, but I really don't know. 1217 That splash of red hair makes me want to say Sweet Charity, which I've seen, but that does't really look like Shirley MacLaine to me. 1218 is The Longest Yard. No. 1219 is Do the Right Thing. I've seen enough to know the structure, especially the final section, but never all the way from start to finish, so no. 1220 is Casino. Yes. So, only one I can absolutely confirm seeing! Which would be a new all-time low for me. But I'll wait for the others to be identified.
  18. I don't know any of the older ones. 1205 is The Killing of Sister George. Yes. 1206 is The Heartbreak Kid. Yes. 1207 is The Turning Point. No. 1208 is The Right Stuff. Yes. 1209 is My Cousin Vinny. Yes. 1210 is Minority Report. Yes. I've seen at least five. Re: Tom Cruise, it's easy for people around here to kick the more modern performers. I could just as easily say all of Errol Flynn's movies kind of run together for me, which I imagine would be more sacrilegious on this forum. I think the Mission: Impossible movies are just as strong, if not stronger, than the Daniel Craig Bond movies. Maybe the narratives aren't quite as strong, because I don't necessarily remember what's happened from movie to movie (I don't for Bond, either), but I don't know how important that is. Like Liam Neeson, he seems to have found his niche. I wish he would break out of his comfort zone more often.
  19. Not a talk show, but just a few months ago they both appeared on a segment of CBS Sunday Morning, isolated in their separate homes but speaking to each other on their computers, in a segment hosted by ... Ben Mankiewicz! Who apparently does some pieces for this show.
  20. Ha ha wow, never heard that. The blue dress in Bonanza was the equivalent of the red shirt in Star Trek?
  21. I had to go back through my own personal notes. House of Bamboo aired on May 13 as part of the Asian-American Performers in Hollywood theme, and Pickup on South Street aired on May 29 as part of a Jean Peters tribute. Not on the same night at all, but after only two months, my memory had merged them together, I guess.
  22. I know I've seen Pickup on South Street and House of Bamboo pretty recently, and it feels like they were on the same night. Does anybody remember? They're showing them back-to-back tomorrow night.
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