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  1. I saw a re-release of House of Wax in, I think '83, presumably for its 30th anniversary. Possibly it was the first 3-D movie I ever saw in a theater. There was a brief revival of that technology at that time, although mostly for rated R movies, which I couldn't get into yet (some of them I would see later on HBO but without the 3-D). I did see Jaws 3-D. Not sure if that was before or after.
  2. House on Haunted Hill The Phantom Carriage Carnival of Souls
  3. The AV Club has been devoting their Watch This feature this month to horror movies, some of which turn up on TCM. Here's their review of House of Wax: https://film.avclub.com/house-of-wax-unleashed-the-devilish-horror-star-lurking-1845466487
  4. I guess they could do a second season with him, like they did with Alec Baldwin and some others. But I'm unaware that there's been any announcement about the future of The Essentials. For now, it looks like every one of his picks is getting a second airing, and those are continuing through the end of January.
  5. That actress? Sally Field? I have no idea who's in the Miracle on 34th Street remake.
  6. The answer to this question is yes and for quite some time now. I found a link to the schedule on p. 1 of this thread, and while the homepage of the link only shows the selections for this week and the next three weeks, you can click the Schedule tab at the top of the page and see every movie that's aired during Bird's tenure. It appears the final "new" movie he selected was Out of the Past on September 12. The reruns aren't occurring in the same order, but it's been all reruns since then.
  7. "Some poll" is probably the Sight & Sound international critics survey, which first appeared in 1952, wherein the British magazine Sight & Sound got film critics worldwide to list what they thought were the 10 greatest films of all time, and they've been doing this every 10 years ever since. The Bicycle Thief placed first that very first year, but then Citizen Kane won every time until, I think 2012 (2002?) when it dropped to second behind Vertigo. If people are still alive then, there will be another list in two years.
  8. Wait, don't want to indicate with my like emoji above that I like that he's dead! Just glad he was acknowledged.
  9. I find the lack of a Jerry Jeff Walker mention disturbing. You have to live in Texas, I guess.
  10. I think Ben has pretty much zero say regarding the movie lineup. Even Robert Osborne got to pick the primetime lineup only once a month. "Misinformed" sounds like a pretty accurate handle.
  11. I feel compelled to say the album is entitled Rumours, but yes, otherwise, that's correct.
  12. One of my best friends from childhood was similarly diagnosed several years ago and has been in complete remission with no recurrence for about four years now, so I am similarly hopeful for The Dude. Mr. Bridges has been a personal favorite of mine since early adulthood, and I hope for the best for him.
  13. Every time someone has added a movie to this list, I'm like, "Oh, yeah!" He was certainly in a lot of highly watchable movies. Is Designing Woman on anybody's list?
  14. I'm actually not that observant. I probably would have missed it otherwise, but thanks for pointing it out!
  15. Not his daughter in any way, shape or form. They've both talked about this. People have been getting this wrong for decades.
  16. I probably can't put a good spin on this, but TCM never did tell us what the daytime themes were, anyway, and I think on the weekends they sometimes didn't have any? Personally, I found some of the programming a bit "over-themed". Star of the Month, for example, started having themes within themes. Once upon a time, they would make Loretta Young the SOTM and just show as many movies of hers as they could get access to roughly in chronological order, then a week later, they'd pick up where they left off. Now, each night's airing has to have its own specific theme: tonight, all of Rita Hayworth'
  17. TCM has played Gunfight at the OK Corral a few times, which is where I first saw it. I ended up buying it on DVD. Generally, I don't care much for Westerns, but other than Stagecoach, this is probably my favorite Western.
  18. "Have you the time?" you might have heard a long time ago.
  19. I also have to voice my support for Ninotchka. It's one of TCM's MGM warhorses that I will always stop down for if I see it's on. Melvyn Douglas was never more charming, and it's my favorite Garbo performance. Also love Felix Bressart and the other two character actors whose names escape me at the moment as the three dignitaries who are quickly seduced by Western luxuries.
  20. I tried to find on YouTube the scene from Dr. Detroit when the black woman indignantly announces "Honey, nobody COLORED me! I was born this way!", but I'm not having any success, so you'll just have to imagine it.
  21. I'm probably not saying anything people don't already know, but you can still get some information by going to the homepage and clicking on the "TCM in October" link, after which you will see some links to various primetime, daytime and monthly themes just like you used to find on the old site.
  22. I seem to recall there was a made for HBO movie maybe 20 years ago about the making of Citizen Kane with Liev Schreiber as Orson Welles and John Malkovich as Herman Mankiewicz.
  23. All the boys think she's a spy! She got Bette Davis ... dress
  24. Yeah, I've become weary of all of Christopher Nolan's playing around with time structure over the years.
  25. I just slowly scrolled through the list of all the SOTM's on that thread, and I didn't see his name anywhere. Possibly he's had a SUTS day. Boris Karloff was SOTM in October, 2003.
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