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  1. I cannot put my finger exactly on what distressed me about Robert's talk with Liza. She has always been special to me - from my seeing her in 'Sterile Cuckoo', and certainly her amazing performance in 'Cabaret'. I have seen her in person at her shows twice in Los Angeles. But, something seemed 'incapacitated' about her in her conversation with Robert. I don't wanna say that it made me think of someone with some disability left from a stroke. I am not aware she has suffered any such disability. But, the rhythm of her words was halting, at least. Now, yes, there was still her exube
  2. Help, please, from the experts. Black and white film. Lead actor learns he has some incurable health problem and will die a bad death. He finds a guy to kill him. He does not want to know when or how it is going to happen. He also insures that he cannot find nor stop the man from killing him - after the deal is made. Later, he is told that the incurable diagnosis was all a mistake. His health is perfect. Now, he is frantically trying to break his contract with death. Any ideas on this?? At first, I thought it might be D.O.A. with Edmond O'Brien. Wrong. In this pic, he is poiso
  3. i always have thought she was under rated. not only in sexiness but as an actress also ding
  4. I definitely agree it is not the best noir. saw it last night and it has its moments. personally think the RKO boiler OUT OF THE PAST with mitchum, greer, and douglas is far superior - also a good rhonda fleming in it. ding
  5. Oxbow INCIDENT - who can take their eyes off Jane Darwell -and the guy always trying to get a free drink. ding
  6. I saw only a few minutes also. i think mr murray's greatest days were with SNL. ding
  7. does anyone know if TCM ever showed this? ray milland, rita gam, and martin gabel. action takes place in DC and new york. an oddity in that there is no dialogue in the movie. of course, there is sound, and a fabulous score by hershel burke gilbert. it would be dated today - milland is a communist spy who works for the atomic energy commission. i wonder also if it has ever been put on vhs or dvd. ding
  8. violet, welcomewelcome welcome. i am new sorta too - since 19 october, but not new to TCM itself. no doubt we love those old movies. ding
  9. when psycho was released in 1960, i was 19, so i have revealed my conestoga wagon origins, and i am sure it was squeamish to a lot of people. it has never spoken to me, for whatever reason. i would think it more suspense, but it has the horror category. i'll wager that it just made bundle after bundle of money. ding
  10. absolutely a natalie fan. you know, she did a tv serial in the early 50s as the daughter in some family sitcom. i believe she is very underrated. just listen to her voice in a simple one'liner in gypsy at the end, when roz has sung about how great she would have been on stage,and then is berating gypsy for not appreciating what she did for them and asking her who she thought all of it was done for. natalie simply ever so simply says- i thought you did it for me, mama. . and she and dyan cannon are both so good in bob and carol and..... if anyone gets the chance, she and wagner did ca
  11. last night 25 october, mr osborne and ms. mcgowan presented the 1960 thriller on the essentials, and she said it was the AFI number one choice for horror category for all time. ..please don't crucify me, but i never have gotten up any fear over it. i know it was boffo box office and marketed fabulously . i wonder how many others might think it is not as fantastic as it is publicized to be. certainly, i think hitchcock has several better films - the birds, 39 steps, notorious, lifeboat, rear window. but psycho seems to be THE hitchcock film many times. any body got ideas? ding
  12. maybe this flick is from the time joan was married to alfred steele, the head of pepsi. i remember hearing something about her appearing on the academy awards maybe in 1963 after the?baby jane release in late 1962 and having pepsi machines installed back stage. i believe joan herself drank vodka instead though ding
  13. i remember a zorro serial from TV when a kid. i believe zorro was played by an actor named reed hadley - who sometimes played villains and D.A.s as well. thanks again for this info david. zorro is a fox. ding
  14. thank you so much david. do you have any idea what year it was done and what production studio? ding
  15. anybody got any ideas on a serial with a lead character named Don Winslow - coast guard officer - with a setting in Seattle.. I think it is during WW II. questions for me are - was it a republic serial - since it's not cowboys - or monarch, or some company like that . and who played Winslow and his nurse girlfriend? of course , i don't imagine TCM would show a serial, but there were worthwhile ones at times - another good one was with Lash LaRue (and his whip) ding
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