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  1. YES, Reed Hadley DID play Zorro in a 1939 Republic serial called 'Zorro's Fighting Legion'. I saw this on TV when a teenager - and the Conestogas were still running!!.
  2. Arturo, thank you for your appreciation of Ms. Darnell with Cregar. AND, for knowledge of the serialization of TMOZ, which probably WAS at Republic, which could do GOOD stuff. I am going to check into Reed Hadley's career and see if he might have played Zorro - the fox.
  3. HE IS the most dynamic presence in 'Casablanca' - bar none, and Conrad Veidt in Rick's bar with the caviar and the dossier on Blaine comes in a close second. Rains also dominates everything in the 1946 'Deception' as Davis' composer mentor and paramour, The wide gambit of emotions he brings forth is marvelous. All that great work, when he, Davis, and Henried all knew the Hays office would force them to put an ending on the film that was just ludicrous.
  4. There probably would be some things about the wonderful Warren William, who was just SO SO good. I hope he made a lot of money. He certainly was working all over the Warner lot.
  5. I thought Rita's best moment in Shanghai was at the end - lying on the floor and finally grasping the moment of truth, when she yells out, 'Michael, I don't want to die.' As for Orson, I got a little tired of his Irish 'accent'. Favorite unanswered question from the dialogue is when Rita - referring to Everett's character - asks Welles' character, 'Would you like to know what he has on me? Arthur, why don't you tell him?' And, darn it, we don't find out what it is.
  6. It's hard to beat 'Out of the Past' and 'The Killers'. Also the one whose title escapes me right now with Dick Powell and Clair Trevor, where Moose Malloy wants Powell to find MY VELMA!
  7. I can think of 3 that - to me - seem very under-rated Mary Astor Ann Dvorak Tuesday Weld
  8. I am a person who appreciates Vincent Price for his work and for his philanthropy and his humanity, etc. But, I found the film boring. And, I expect Sir Cedric did also. I could never say that about some of the horror stuff- nor certainly not about `Dragonwyck' nor 'Leave Her to Heaven? or the film with Mitchum and Russell where he is the fading movie star - 'His Kind of Woman'?
  9. MY favorite role for Ms. Darnell is in the something-like 1945 movie for Fox, Hangover Square, with Laird Cregar playing the psychotic composer and pianist, who is smitten with Darnell's character, who uses him shamelessly to write material for him and then denies him her 'charms'. Perhaps it will be among her films shown. Re TMOZ - does anyone know if that was ever a serial. If so, was Reed Hadley in the role? If not, what serial did Reed Hadley don a black costume very similar to that of Z? Appreciate any enlightenment here.
  10. I know I sound TOO cynical for humanity, but I kinda thought Joan Blondell's character was a little over the top in her grief over the loss of her guy who drank the wrong stuff on his final bender. I am not saying that a great love, a great passion, cannot exist. But, as was stated below in the thread about the friend who had lived in that milieu in the past with all the conning and the grifting, it's usually Me first, myself second, and me and myself last.
  11. I am just glad the role did not go to Davis. She would not have been as good as Goddard, for sure. Of course, since Ms. Leigh did it, it's all conjecture, and she has defined the part for over 70 years now. With Davis, I fear it would have been a more forgettable film. And, I am a fan of hers, believe me.
  12. Marlene was interviewed on TV at least once, but I do not think she ever appeared in any production.
  13. I would add that the factor of having to work a lot harder and faster on a TV shoot could have influenced some of them, too. Thank Goodness, that caste difference has disappeared, and thank goodness it never showed up in the UK.
  14. IF I can have JUST one, my fave is 'The OxBow Incident' Fox 1943 Fonda, supported by Harry -then Henry - Morgan. Jane Darwell is impossible to be upstaged in this film. She is dynamite. And the movie, directed by Bill Wellman, moves like lightning. There is not one bad performance in it. Incidentally, someone earlier mentioned 'The Killers' as their fave movie - 1946, I believe. YES, it is superb. AND, a young Ava Gardner is superb in it. Watch her at the end, when she is hoping her husband has enough life in him to say she was not involved in the crime. Also, Virginia Christine (lat
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