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  1. Toss up between Treasure of the Sierra Madre and the Maltese Falcon - the latter both because of it's overall excellence and the saving of Bogie's career Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  2. Blood! Blood! Blood! oops, sorry. I mean Flynn! Flynn! Flynn! and by a long shot. although Tyrone Power had his moments. Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  3. Flynn always thought this was his best film - even though many forget it now in light of his swashbuckling heroics. One thing that hurt the film (then and now) is the historical....stretches it makes. It was particular offensive to the British at the time of release. Good classic Flynn though - something of which there isn't enough of. Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  4. It's a good movie, but not great - Peckinpah comes up a little short here but I still love it. Good to see James Mason too. Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  5. Agreed entirely - somewhat of a second thought Bogie picture but extremely well made and quite entertaining. Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  6. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seems to be an almost forgotten classic - not only for fans of Kirk Douglas but also those of James Mason - an odd bit of trivia is that Kirk did all his own singing in the film. Orson www.classicfilmfreak.com
  7. I would have to agree that Under Capricorn and The Paradine Case are just about unwatchable. During his speaking tour I asked Gregory Peck about which of his many films was his least favorite both to watch and to make..... he said The Paradine Case on both counts. Orson classicfilmfreak.com
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