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    Barrie, Ontario
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    I watch alot of tv TCM mostly.
    I love late 30's-40's--50's-60's & up. Westerns r my favorite, but I like many genres war movies, dramas, action, suspense mysteries, who done it movies, a good scare..a touching horse movie. Good actors with a good script. Even some of the B movies r good. TCM I am only sorry I never got to met Robert Osborne. But I love TCM, silver classic movies and AMC all fullfil my movie and show appetite! I love the days outdoors in summer, tv in winter or evenings.
    I just hope the constant repeats of movies when the vault must b huge may get cured. Maybe they should hv a better inventory logging system if not already of when these movies hv played last so they don't keep playing them back to back. But I am very happy to see movies I missed as a kid with only 2-3 stations back then and rarely went to theatres. Now we can see them on tv...so Cool!

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  1. Very true, and imagine if a new rooster cogburn was done. I think Russell Crowe would hv done that role well after seeing him in so many bearded movies and was great in 3:10 to yuma.
  2. I would like to see Peter Cushing. An extraordinary man and English actor. Would love to see him as SOTM!!
  3. Dam I missed the first 2 weeks of her early works...again. did see the 3 and 4th week though. I just love bette Davis.. noone like her ever again. To bad she never worked with John Wayne I know she can ride horses. Lol
  4. How about tallulah bankhead. The forgotten actress. Her husky voice, I'm surprised I've only seen her in 2 things. Lifeboat and die die my darlin. ???? Nor a fan of early non talkies but she must hv made a few movies!!
  5. How about Susan Hayward, or Barbara Stanwyck, or Lauren Bacall. So many strong actresses, these r just a few!! Loved Bette Davis last month. I just love TCM my favorite channel of all the hundreds I hv. I am not into this late Sunday silent night stuff though wish it was a weekday instead for that, I'm only 63 so it was before my baby boomer time. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Burt Lancaster, William Holden, and Good old Kirk Douglas I imagine they hv already done. Good old Blondell I remember from gunsmoke series lol.
  6. I would hv married the Duke, Kirk Douglas. Clint Eastwood or Burt Lancaster about 40-50 yrs ago. Now I am 63..lol..congrats to kirk for living over 100. Guess he never filmed in area 51.
  7. That was a good movie okay I will jump in here: Clue #1 he watched a hanging in the movie..and saw one in real life. Clue 2 he played in every kind of genre.
  8. Wow if only wishes came true..my pic would b first my favorite John Wayne hands down...but close behind is sam elliott.. clint eastwood...Charles Bronson ..burt lancaster...kirk Douglas...james stewart and Gary cooper..oh the list could get long..if only I was born sooner in life ****. They all share a similar attraction...suave...smart...cool...quiet but a strong gentle strength...and so gentle protective & caring of their ladies. On screen and off my ideal men...strong handsome and honorable!!. Oh & when they talk could melt butter sam elliott especially & their mustaches. Y
  9. Right on was a good one..looking forward to the next one!
  10. Boy around my friends I am the movie wizard but on here I feel like a novice..u hv me stumped again..guess this quiz is out of my league..bummer
  11. We're the actors americans and did the affair start on the filming in Europe? ?
  12. Princess of tap posted this new one I hv no clue at all lol
  13. I am new back on here 3 clues..hv no idea I thought that movie was already guessed by u..Boomtown. .If I u posted a new quiz I sure don't see it?? Musicals I do not know I only saw that clue #3..edited I saw the 2 other clues but I guess I am outta my league on this.I don't care for musicals so hv little knowledge of them sorry lol. I was hoping for easier fun quizzes this is to complicated for me..lol
  14. Actually I saw it at home on a bl/white tv in my bedroom lol..and i was so scared i covered my mirrors drew the drapes and hid under the covers all that night! I never told mum and dad..they never wanted me watching the african queen but i hid under the diningroom table. Nothing scary about that movie. I think it was the exorcist that did a number on me at 19 yrs old was seeing and sensing things for wks afterwards. New quiz..princess.??
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