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  1. Very true, and imagine if a new rooster cogburn was done. I think Russell Crowe would hv done that role well after seeing him in so many bearded movies and was great in 3:10 to yuma.
  2. I would like to see Peter Cushing. An extraordinary man and English actor. Would love to see him as SOTM!!
  3. Dam I missed the first 2 weeks of her early works...again. did see the 3 and 4th week though. I just love bette Davis.. noone like her ever again. To bad she never worked with John Wayne I know she can ride horses. Lol
  4. How about tallulah bankhead. The forgotten actress. Her husky voice, I'm surprised I've only seen her in 2 things. Lifeboat and die die my darlin. ???? Nor a fan of early non talkies but she must hv made a few movies!!
  5. How about Susan Hayward, or Barbara Stanwyck, or Lauren Bacall. So many strong actresses, these r just a few!! Loved Bette Davis last month. I just love TCM my favorite channel of all the hundreds I hv. I am not into this late Sunday silent night stuff though wish it was a weekday instead for that, I'm only 63 so it was before my baby boomer time. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Burt Lancaster, William Holden, and Good old Kirk Douglas I imagine they hv already done. Good old Blondell I remember from gunsmoke series lol.
  6. I would hv married the Duke, Kirk Douglas. Clint Eastwood or Burt Lancaster about 40-50 yrs ago. Now I am 63..lol..congrats to kirk for living over 100. Guess he never filmed in area 51.
  7. That was a good movie okay I will jump in here: Clue #1 he watched a hanging in the movie..and saw one in real life. Clue 2 he played in every kind of genre.
  8. Wow if only wishes came true..my pic would b first my favorite John Wayne hands down...but close behind is sam elliott.. clint eastwood...Charles Bronson ..burt lancaster...kirk Douglas...james stewart and Gary cooper..oh the list could get long..if only I was born sooner in life ****. They all share a similar attraction...suave...smart...cool...quiet but a strong gentle strength...and so gentle protective & caring of their ladies. On screen and off my ideal men...strong handsome and honorable!!. Oh & when they talk could melt butter sam elliott especially & their mustaches. Y
  9. Right on was a good one..looking forward to the next one!
  10. Boy around my friends I am the movie wizard but on here I feel like a novice..u hv me stumped again..guess this quiz is out of my league..bummer
  11. We're the actors americans and did the affair start on the filming in Europe? ?
  12. Princess of tap posted this new one I hv no clue at all lol
  13. I am new back on here 3 clues..hv no idea I thought that movie was already guessed by u..Boomtown. .If I u posted a new quiz I sure don't see it?? Musicals I do not know I only saw that clue #3..edited I saw the 2 other clues but I guess I am outta my league on this.I don't care for musicals so hv little knowledge of them sorry lol. I was hoping for easier fun quizzes this is to complicated for me..lol
  14. Actually I saw it at home on a bl/white tv in my bedroom lol..and i was so scared i covered my mirrors drew the drapes and hid under the covers all that night! I never told mum and dad..they never wanted me watching the african queen but i hid under the diningroom table. Nothing scary about that movie. I think it was the exorcist that did a number on me at 19 yrs old was seeing and sensing things for wks afterwards. New quiz..princess.??
  15. Wow I never would hv guessed it and I actually saw the movie a few weeks ago Boomtown..I am very impressed. So we'll done Starlite! Just to add my favorite movie at age 9 was Alfred Hitchcocks "THE BIRDS"! LOL
  16. True I remember the movie I don't like eatching those types of movies on blindness touches a nerve close to home but I wish she was alive today she would hv had alot of issues to fight for south of the border..i read she was actually a relative of Lizzie borden!
  17. What decade..male.. female? Guess I am not very good at this game without a little more info..lol
  18. Being so young perhaps she didn't think about it or hv the time but maybe I was reading where u got alot of your comments on an article I am reading sums up exactly everything u said word for word. Perhaps she is, gone, but not forgotten..hey I wonder if kirk Douglas is writing one on how to make it to 100 lol..my father made it to 96. Good clean living thank-you again. Oh I just read pilato did interviews with liz. Queen of the tv movies lol. ? Apparently "a case of rape" was one of the highest rated tv movies ever back then. I remember her powerful role in that. Still subjects of today
  19. Yup i am cdn and proud of it but i envy California's constant sunshine..and no snow..i thrive in the sunny summers here outdoors.. remember drive in movies? First movie I ever saw at one was gone with the wind wow. We usually get alot of sunshine here in Barrie (60 miles) north of Toronto but this last year has been pretty cloudy gloomy..may b after effects of all those nasty hurricanes and things we needlessly keep sticking in space. Thankful for TCM takes me on a journey to mostly simpler & happy times. Easy rider lol. Wel if u exclude the wars..i do really like the war movies its
  20. I agree..I am cdn so the politics below the border I leave to people who know what they r talking about. We are a peaceful country and don't intice trouble. I Iiked Liz very much and I am about the age now we lost her then. Yes she was very maternal. As i said she opened the doors for woman in lead roles..lindsay wagner in the 70's was one..lucille ball in the 50's and up..oh the list then was endless. Look at actreses like "Michelle Yeoh the talented martial arts actress who was in a bond movie has a ton of movie achievements in her craft and does her own stunts. The quiet talent.
  21. Who knows can't always believe what u read but I think she was lonely inside. Just a sense I got and acting like with Henry Fonda brought out what she recoiled in life.
  22. Yes Bronson was another great. Elizabeth sadly cancer got her was really on a role literally..she was doing that new p.i. series show near the end but she did alot of diverse roles that touched on some important subjects..kind of the Michaela Quinn of the 60 -70's. I miss her along with so many. Even watching the Oscars now without burt...kirk..peck..Lucy..Diller it just isn't the same..I would love to see a flashback of the old Oscars I do look them up on utube...it's a whole different world now..I miss the 60's so much. They didn't swear on tv either...where has the respect gone..but ya Eliz
  23. Okay hun I would b shocked if anyone got it with nothing to really go on hint wise lol ?
  24. The deep? No?..okay that's a tough one could I get a hint on the year..or another clue perhaps I am stumped..?..lol..what genre?
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