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  1. That is funny lol..I am up here near Toronto Ontario Canada so I doubt we cdns get that decades station here? Or would we, I wonder? Hv to google but probably only americans get it..I hv over 700 vhs movies dvd only a handful. Heck i still hv a 4:3 crt tv which believe it I bought new only 12 yrs ago. I just wish that tcm wouldn't fall into the trap of repeating the same movies over and over..I am trying to figure out what Monday - Sunday schedules r..SOTM is wed..but can't locate what's the themes for the other days..one minute I am watching good old bette davis or susan hayward..and why do i never see say goodbye maggie cole.I dont know where to get that exact info and hard on my cellphone..to hard sitting at my pc hv a back disability. I do plan to upgrade to widescreen when I can afford the big change of my whole ent. System it seems..need future proofing. I am old school and change doesn't come easy. Am on disability so 16 hours a day I am TCM & tv..I know alot about movies and god would love that TCM cruise but I guess its just a dream of mine. I miss Robert Ozborne. .These female hosts r boring..give us a host from our Era..oops getting off topic thx for the suggestion will look into decades but again I doubt it's offered up here and how? Themes..I know the monthly schedule is on here but tcm screen layout is difficult i search for hours trying to figure out the day to day weekly themes? Maybe instead of spending my whole day on my cell perhaps tcm could spell it out on tv occasionally..like to us audience wed is SOTM Friday is this.monday is that..to hard typing on my small cell screen and my pc its too hard sitting..i wanna enjoy tv not spend all day researching. Thank you very much for your help and info..die hard tcm fan.
  2. Yes they hv been playing quite a few Robert montgomery movies lately..don't recall the names of them but good just the same. ?
  3. Thought I better update my profile been along time since I been here on but I am back. Yay TCM hope u last forever for this older southern Ontario Canada girl!! ?

  4. She played a famous author along side candice. Is a brunette?
  5. Yes I was looking at her long list so many..nice to see her play with her hubby foxworth in belle starr. Another Jacqueline Bisset another great actor & Barbara Stanwyck and Susan Hayward but tcm always seem to play the same 2-3 movies of theirs..over and over..I'll cry tomorrow or Lilian Roth and Stella stevens and little eve ..they had so many other good movies..I cried in say goodbye maggie cole with Susan Hayward. But thankyou "area51" and govt testing sites. Ahem..as to jac bissett who did so many and ya just never see her movies on tcm tv either except for the deep..I loved her in 1981 I think rich and famous with candice bergen which I believe was an updated version of old acquaintance with bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins I know she enjoyed the shaking her at the end lol and funny how her 1st movie was airport and I knew then she would go on to make alot of top movies too and did. I am great at picking winner actors long before they become movie stars just a gift of mine.Just so many as I said forgotten. If they hv a vault why do i see the same movies over and over..like cool hand luke Oh and horse and animal movies.talk about pass me the box of kleenex. There's an idea make us cry all month with sad animal movies..war horse black beauty..hachi a dog's tale omg. No don't lol..thx again for your kind comments.
  6. Thankyou..you know she did so many movies in the 70-80 I can't even remember them all now but I do remember they were good..she was an avenger if I recall out for the bad guys while remaining vulnerable. Thankyou again for responding to my I am 61 and hv spent alot of my life watching movies and tv..these days I am just hooked on tcm..except for the silent and musicals not my style lol.
  7. Funny i am old school too .heck i still hv a crt 4:3 tv i like it better to b honest and less complcated then wide angle viewing..plugs ins..contrast issues aspect ratios and they only last 5-10 yrs lol.That is great! I am new back to here since it's easier typing on my cell then sitting at my pc which was hard on my back. So u say essential forum I will try and find that since I am still figuring out the layout on here and so many different forums, screens and topics. It's good I get an email this way I know about replies I receive. So many good movies..good actors..look at kirk Douglas and Olivia dehavilland almost 101 wow..the last of the best Era in my opinion. Those golden age days were the best. Thankyou so much. What site on here would u recommend would b best to chat about the greats there r just too many sites to find them on my cell like bette Davis...Katherine Hepburn...burt lancaster..John Wayne. .Spencer Tracy...clint..boggy..cary..james stewart..omg the list is just endless I love them all from the mid 30's-up lol Oh I did see 2 of Elizabeth old movies Belle Starr and Mrs Sundance on utube the other day since your msg...I am glad westerns hv not died out.
  8. Interesting I had no idea that Lizzie Borden and the others were only tv movies. Was sure she did some theatre movies. Maybe this is why I don't see enough of Sam elliott westerns either. I just think it's sad whether tv or theatre that they r not respected & remembered for there craft just the same. So TCM only shows movies that played at the theatre?...I c thanks for letting me know. I love TCM I just didn't know it was strictly theatre/stage...
  9. Why do we never ever see Elizabeth Montgomery movies? I haven't seen her in any movies seems like she has just been forgotten! I see her father in films. Lizzie Borden, Mrs. Sundance, Belle Starr, Act of violence, A case of rape..and so many more....OMG she played in so many great movies in the 70's and up..any chance TCM can bring her movies our of moth balls and let see them..maybe Star of the month. ...SOTM?? Surely people remember our favorite tv witch lol.
  10. Only problem there is I hv the old style tv with plug ins with rbe yellow white and twd that ibeun tbru my rogers box and dvd vhs and stereo...beinf ild schiol hv bor gor atound to upgrading my big heavy tv yet..no USB port on this one...yet..lol but good to know.
  11. How did u get your photo on here i have tried many times to no avail?? the size is only 208kb?
  12. I have never heard of a roku stick i live in ontario canada,can i get that here I am presently on rogers cable hense the TCM and AMC channels. Is this a separate device for a tablet or something?? I am just getting use to navigating around this site lol
  13. Who misses seeing the old reruns of the 60's western series. Like Rawhide..Gunsmoke..bonanza..cheyenne..laramie...big valley.. just to name a few..there were so many great shows of the 60's. They show Dr. Welby M. D. & little house on the Prairie and the Waltons but there was medical centre too..and funny alot of those old diseases r relevant today still. Again how about TCM showing occasionally some episodes on tv of the old calvary..war and especially the great old westerns of that time period..u hv a big following if u did. .the Indian attacks and bar brawls. not only educational but very entertaining. Watching those great actors in those dirt road towns. What a great time period the 1800's were. There are alot of us baby boomers who love those old shows. Come on TCM u opened the door to a great time period. Keep us entertained with some of those old 50-60's series too!! Who agrees with me?
  14. Probably any John Wayne Movie, or any western with good actors, James Stewart, Glenn Ford, Clint Eastwood etc...I also Like Barbara Stanwyck, Katherine Hepburn, Betty Davis, Deborah Kerr, Lauren Bacall, Grace|Kelly, Lucille Ball, Rosalind Russell, ...to name only a few. I could fill the screen with movies I like but i usually pick them based on who is in them, However now that the TCM has opened the doors to the oldies I find myself drawn to the old black and whites and some of those good oldies like David Niven, George Brent, Boggy, Claude Rains, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Clark Gable so many I like etc..etc.I like the old war movies too, and a good old comedy that makes me laugh..slap stick...!
  15. Why is it every year the TCM channel advertises that the movie from 1972 "Tales from the Crypt" will be playing but it isn't the original movie with the 5 stories including Peter Cushing and Patrick Magee to name a couple. Oh yea we see 5 tales but the cryptkeeper who introduces the tales didnt surface till 1989-96 is the one opening a segment from the series from 89-96. I want to see the original movie from 1972! Oh it would have been grand to watch this original 1972 movie with Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Richard Greene, Patrick Magee, Nigel Patrick etc since I'm old enough to appreciate these fine movies from vintage times not the 1989-96 halloween series with the cryptkeeper segments this year would have been great but maybe next halloween when the movie will be 40 YEARS OLD WE WILL GET TO SEE IT THEN EH RICHARD? Thanks for listening!!!! Lee Edwards
  16. I will truly miss Eliabeth Taylor, a fellow pisces born a day before me although 24 years sooner. I always felt a special pisces type bond or connection to her, and her generous caring nature I Ioved all her movies, especially 'Cleopatra' , and 'National velvet' from 1944...........I hopeTCM plays all her movies all next week!.....but this TCM is the best they have already mentioned her..... Truly we are running out of famous icons.....and what are we left with, some actors who look at the $$ first, but there are still alot of actors with integrity who do a movie because the story is a good one...! We will miss you Elizabeth Taylor YOU WERE A CLASSIC BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!!!!!
  17. I have loved John Wayne my whole life and in everything he has ever done! I am surprised to find out from the very long list of movies I have seen that I somehow missed "The Conqueror" 1956 version with the great Susan Hayward and Agnes Moorhead! I would almost think I am a bit of an expert by now considering the amount of tv I have watched over the years, but nothing AT ALL compares to TCM and their great, fantastic selection. Every month I look forward to seeing something new I have never seen, unlike alot of stations that repeat the same movies over and over and over! These old 30's,40's and 50's 60's and 70's movies are the best I have ever seen. I appreciate also that they fit my regular screen not wide! Thankyou TCM Nancy Edwards Barrie, Ontario, Canada P.S. I have converted alot of people up here to TCM and buying some of your mags, movies etc!
  18. I am game for any movie but why must most of them been shown in *letterbox* format or *theatre* format, why can't we see the movies to fitand fill the screen, I mean most of the older westerns or any of the old movies all fit the regular tv they didn't even have letterbox back then, so once they show the theatre and letterbox format I am looking at 12 inches of movie height. Not very impressive AMC doesn't do this so why does TCM????????
  19. I can understand why some of the new movies are playing in letterbox format on tv but why are they playing the 'old movies, and westerns' that way too. I have a regular tv not widescreen and when they play movies that were at the theatre in the theatre format and then ALSO add the widescreen letterbox style well needless to say I HAVE ABOUT 12 INCHES OF screen size height...not impressive at all!! The duke, and "how the west was one deserves better! Does anyone else agree??
  20. **WESTERNS**: Anyone want to swap stories or favorite western movies, i know there are so many actors i like and alot of times i will like a movie based strictly on whos in it. My favorite John Wayne western was True Grit, i suppose because as an impressionable kid when this came out i was 13 thought that grit was so very important, a quality i wanted in a man. Also the countryside, Robert Duvall, and of course the horsemanship!!...So what is your favorite movie and why or what did it do for you??
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