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  1. TC75

    Silent Films

    Thank you scottman I'll check that out!
  2. TC75

    Silent Films

    Thank you gagman66 that site was great it really enlighten me to silent films. I think our start out with a comedy.
  3. TC75

    Silent Films

    Thank you so much Jack I'll dive in! I think our start with a comedy. The films I enjoy in the sound era like Dr. Zhivago would be a bit to much for a first time silent film buff.
  4. TC75

    Silent Films

    Hi TCM friends, I've just become interested in silent films could someone please make some suggestions where I should start I know nothing about them. I was told that I should start out with something short and simple sense it will be my first film.(i)
  5. TC75

    War Films

    Could someone please suggest a good war love story !
  6. Thank you! Guys so much for posting young TCM watchers some how this has been my little secet tryed talking with others my age about all these good movies and I'm made to look bad like I'm from another world Turner Classics is a great channel would'nt take any other channel for it!
  7. Just started a collection of war love stories could someone recommend any?
  8. It's me I'm back again with another movie have you guys seen Love Affair great movie I think it was made during the 1930's about a couple who meets on a sea voyage but are promised to both marry other people it's a great movie I think there are two different makes of this movie but the first one was the best great movie! I'm the one who's hooked on Doctor Zhivago hope to hear from you!!
  9. Doctor Zhivago, it's a wonderful love story set during the Russian Revolution
  10. Little Miss, Doctor Zhivago is a wonderful movie for you to view it's a love epic set during the Russian Revolution I hope you enjoy it!
  11. Little Miss, One of the best romantic war movies you should see is Doctor Zhivago it's one of a kind hope that you consider viewing it !!
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