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  1. Freddie Bartholomew, Juanita Quigley (Yank at Eaton), Shirley Temple
  2. I am listening to Michael Ball's new album "If Everyone is Listening" - he is from the UK and has been on Broadway and West End and has won 2 Lawrence Olivier awards.
  3. Help...I searched "Bishop's Wife" and I didn't see it scheduled anywhere for December? I have the dvd but it is not the same as watching it on TCM.
  4. I loved this series the first film was excellent the presentation of the food was amazing. I have seen "Martha" movie before in the German version they did make it into an American film with Catherine-Beta-Jones. AB was excellent.
  5. Such a great sounding event. I live in the Midwest so I won't be able to attend. Everyone enjoy.
  6. Living in NY I remember when the play came out, Robert Morse was huge on broadway. He did such a great performance - smart move to put him in the movie. mbfan
  7. I love the movie "Two for the Road" - I got to see lots of movies in the Radio City Music Hall, how lucky was I. Lived in NY Queens and didn't realize all that surrounded me. I got to see Cary Grant coming out of his hotel and Marilyn Monroe (not together). mbfan
  8. I am so glad The Bishop's Wife is schedule today on TCM, but only once. It is a good marketing tool - I did buy the DVD but it is not the same unless it is scheduled on TCM.
  9. I wish the marathon was longer, like 24 hours of Fred Astaire. I can't watch film after midnight.
  10. I enjoyed the WallaceBerryfest all day yesterday. I know he wasn't the easiest person to work with but what a great group of actors he worked with and what great films. The titles of the films are classics and you have to give him credit for that.
  11. It was such a joy to watch the Doris Day marathon, I love it when TCM does the marathon. I finally got to see Doris Day perform with Jack Lemmon - she enjoyed doing the movie with him.
  12. This was a first for me and it was great. A great way to spend a Friday night. All the films were awesome.
  13. I am so happy and excited "Sweeney Todd" w/Angela Lansbury is performing. Yes, she will be greatly remembered for this part. I lived in New York at the time and she was the star of Broadway. I went to the UK recently and saw the production or similiar to the one they are going to produce on the West End with Imedla Sheldon (excellent choice) and Michael Ball (excellent). Sonheim was very pleased with the production and said 'yes' it must be played at the West End.
  14. I will enjoy William Powell month, his films are fantastic.
  15. Happy RO is returning in December, he deserves this break....miss him but all have done great. Ben did a super job and Leonard knows his stuff and is very comfortable infront of the camera. I will have to pop the campagne when RO is back, we will have a party in my house.
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