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  1. *With all these apparent snags in the system, I'd like to once again suggest that the best way to ensure everyone here can participate if they so desire would be to simply post the ballot on the thread. That would then truly be as inclusive as possible. It would also save you a lot of time and effort as well.* Belle, As voting for these awards has been closed for over two weeks, we will certainly take your suggestions under advicement should we decide to do a year-end MBA Message Board Awards again. At this point we haven't decided if it will be an annual event. *The 2008 MB
  2. BelleLeGrand1 - As the member who was responsible for the sending out of the MBA ballots I can tell you that two attempts were made to send you an unrequested ballot. But each time the delivery failed as "undeliverable". It was assumed that your PM mailbox was full or was "turned off". (There is a way to "turn off" the PM system as I have encountered other members who do not maintain an active PM mailbox. But I am not sure how a member sets that option.) These attempts were done during the two or three days when ballots went out to a list of regular posting members. You were on that
  3. Belle, Every effort was made to include all posters in this fun exercise: From the beginning of the original post: *Shortly, members of these Forums should receive a ballot giving you the opportunity to select your "favorite" TCM events of 2008. If a ballot doesn't automatically arrive in your PM Mailbox, a member can request a ballot be sent to them through the PM system or by posting a request in this thread. We want everyone to take part and make known what on TCM (or TCM.com) was special to them this year.* From the ending of the original post: *We hope everyone partici
  4. 'myidolspencer' - The committee received all your Private Messages and your completed ballot. (And enjoyed your added commentary too.) We understood your issues with the PM system and your choices were counted only once. Don't worry. No one attempted to deliberately cast more than one ballot. We tracked who was sent ballots, who returned them and have stored all the completed ballots in a folder in the Committee's Private Message account. "MBA" stands for "Message Board Award" and, to our knowledge, this is the very first time an attempt has been made to organize such an activit
  5. Thank You to all of you that have posted a list of their 10 "favorite" premiere films of 2008 already. If you haven't done so yet, take a few minutes and look at the titles at the start of this thread and put one together. *The 2008 Nominating Committee*
  6. Hello Fellow Board Members. The ballot tabulating is nearly complete so if anyone is still sitting on an unreturned ballot, you can still reply and be counted. Thanks to everyone who returned a ballot and to those who got into the spirit of the event by lobbying for their favorite nominees. The committee will begin begin announcing the TCM Message Board community's "favorites" over the next few days. There are some very close "races" and some that are not. And there may even be a surprise or two. So keep an eye out for the 2008 TCM Message Board Awards Announcement thread.
  7. MYmangodfrey - Your ballot is on its way to your Private Message mailbox - which you can access through the Private Message system found below the little "Welcome" notice on the right side of the page when you are logged in. (It is the one designated with the small envelope.) *The 2008 Nominating Committee*
  8. Today is the final day to return your 2008 MBA ballots so don't delay. We can't guarantee this postman will ring twice... *The 2008 MBA Nominating Committee*
  9. We're sure Nick meant "Mrs. Asta" and not Mrs. Charles. Wow. We've received ballots back from many of the members already. Thanks for your responses. But there are many ballots still outstanding. If you have received a ballot we hope you'll take a few moments to fill in your "Favorites" and return it the Committee for tabulating. If you haven't received a ballot you can still request one through this thread. Ballots should be returned by midnight January 3^rd^. (This Saturday.) And please, no "the dog ate my ballot" excuses. *The MBA Nominating Committee*
  10. *"But, with a few exceptions like All About Eve and 20th Century, it seems about a year now that TCM has aired anything of great interest."* - JulieNewYork We think 'JulieNewYork' needs a 2008 Message Board Awards Ballot. See here - http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=138454&tstart=15 and watch your Private Message Mailbox. *The MBA Nominating Committee*
  11. *"Oh, drat! I must have accidentally deleted my ballot, can you please PM me a new one?"* - MissGoddess Done. Look in your PM Mailbox. *The MBA Nominating Committee*
  12. Paris, France. 1789. Oh wait... Where did that come from? After last night's premiere of "Ron Howard: Fifty Years In Film", TCM has presented all the nominees in the major categories of the 2008 Message Board Awards. (OK, there is still the exceptional final "Joseph Cotten" night tonight.) If you haven't already done so, now is the time to begin the serious business of filling out your Message Board Award Ballot. Don't let this opportunity to express your opinion on all things TCM-related to pass. And, once again, if you haven't received a ballot you can request one to be sent
  13. Nick and Nora may be confused with their ballot but we don't want you to be. If you want a ballot or if you have any questions about the 2008 TCM Message Board Awards, just ask in this thread. We'll do our best to give you an answer. *The 2008 Nominating Committee*
  14. 'starstruck11' & 'alix1929' - Your Ballots are in your Private Message mailboxes tonight. *The 2008 Nominating Committee*
  15. Shahmanshadi, Keep an eye on your PM box (upper right hand corner, it's the envelope icon- it will be bold with a number 1 when you have mail) as your ballot is on the way. Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for participating! *2008 MBA Nominating Committee*
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