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  1. I've just watched two magnificent British mini-series: THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII, starring Keith Michell, and ELIZABETH R, starring Glenda Jackson. The acting, the writing, and the direction are all superb.
  2. The dentist played by Walter Matthau in CACTUS FLOWER.
  3. My mother was once complimented on her hair style; she was told that it was similar to Judy Canova's. She changed it the next day.
  4. "I didn't make the world. I barely live in it." Oscar Levant as his alter ego, Sid Jeffers, in HUMORESQUE.
  5. COLD TURKEY, a slashing satire of many aspects of American life, and a chance to see Dick van **** as a pompous minister who bullies his wife emotionally.
  6. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I named the movie; I'm sorry if I caused confusion by adding a quote. Anyway: The main character often wears a transparent raincoat. (No, he's not a flasher.)
  7. The Lost Weekend. ("That's the nice young man who drinks.")
  8. And the way the drummer in blackface was revealed is brilliant -- the long, slow tracking shot from the rear of the big room to the tight closeup on the blinking eyes that show us that he's the one they're looking for.
  9. "If I'm going to be alone, I'd rather be by myself." Marilyn Monroe to soon-to-be-ex Kevin McCarthy in THE MISFITS.
  10. I agree with the title of this thread. Gloria was a hot number offscreen as well as on.
  11. "Tell me, Mrs. Wright, does your husband interfere with your marriage?" Oscar Levant to Joan Crawford in HUMORESQUE
  12. He was the best thing about the movie.
  13. In the novel on which the film was based, the husband actually did kill his wife, or at least try to. But Hitchcock, or the studio suits, or both, felt, probably rightly, that moviegoers wouldn't accept Cary Grant in such a role.
  14. I have a hunch that Marvin, an ex-Marine who was awarded a Purple Heart, could take care of himself. But it's a good story.
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