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  1. That's the song, Starlit. There's another clip with the ending for that number. Here it is: Nice job, Starlit. It's your turn again.
  2. For you old timers: Beulah The Range Rider Lassie My Friend Flicka Fury The Adventures Of Champion The Adventures Of Kit Carson The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Buffalo Bill Jr. The Cisco Kid The Gene Autry Show The Roy Rogers Show The Lone Ranger Sugarfoot The Abbott And Costello Show
  3. Star, I waited to see if someone else would jump in, but no one did. Now, here is one that should be familiar: In The Winter, Let Me Bring The Spring To You, Let Me Feel That I Mean Ev'rything To You;
  4. I was pretty sure of this one when I first saw the post, Starlit. The key word is "originality" which rhymes with personality and vitality, and that's what put me on the right track. The song is "The Lady In Red", which was written by Allie Wrubel and Mort Dixon for the 1935 film "In Caliente". Most of it was sung by Winifred "Wini" Shaw , who was used by Warner Bros. as a singer in production numbers in several musicals. You may recall her in the "Lullaby Of Broadway" number in "Gold Diggers Of 1935". Also singing in this movie was country star Judy Canova, who was breaking into movies w
  5. Yes, Chaya. It's Alfred's own daughter, Patricia. She was also in "Psycho" as Janet Leigh's co-worker in the beginning of the movie. She also appeared on her father's TV show multiple times, as well as appearing on other non-Hitchcock shows. She's still with us at age 92. Here she is in "Stage Fright". Nice going, Chaya. Sometimes it takes a bit of research to find the answers on these boards. We all appreciate your efforts. Chaya has left the thread open for anyone to post the next question.
  6. She had a very close relationship with Hitchcock.
  7. That's correct, Starlit. It was also sung by Fred Astaire (not dubbed) earlier in the movie. That's Xavier Cougat leading the orchestra. Nice going , Star. You're up next.
  8. Here is a hint: This actress appeared in supporting roles in more than one Hitchcock movie. She also appeared in some episodes of Hitchcock's TV series.
  9. Here's one you probably know: Nothing could save meFate gave me a signI know that I'll be yoursCome shower or shine
  10. The song is "Now It Can Be Told", which was written by Irving Berlin and was featured in the 1938 film "Alexander's Ragtime Band". The song was sung by Alice Faye while Tyrone Power conducted the orchestra. Here it is: That's Don Ameche at the piano without his trademark mustache.
  11. #1 is James Callahan #2 is Patricia Barry. She had been using the name Patricia White before she married the son of playwrite Phillip Barry #6 is Dick Elliott. In the early days of "The Andy Griffith Show", he played Mayor Pike.
  12. Thanks. There is a character in a Hitchcock movie with the rather unflattering name of Chubby Bannister. Who played that part and what was the name of the movie?
  13. The only lead actor that I can think of who starred in two Hitchcock films eighteen years apart is Cary Grant. He was in "Suspicion" in 1941 and "North By Northwest" in 1959. In "Suspicion", we first see him on a train where he meets Joan Fontaine as they are about to go into a tunnel. In "North By Northwest", he meets Eva Marie Saint on a train, but that is in the middle of the picture. The last scene has them together on a train again, just before it goes into a tunnel. In "Suspicion" his nickname for Joan Fontaine is "Monkey Face".
  14. Very good, Princess. I know that Judy is one of your favorites. Here she is: Nice going. Princess, your up next.
  15. The following words are not from a certain former President, but are indeed from a well known song. Old man sunshine, listen youNever tell me dreams come trueJust try it, and I'll start a riot Can you name it, as well as the composers, singer and movie?
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