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  1. Do you remember Dennis O'Keefe? His real name was Edward Flanagan. He was in literally hundreds of movies in the thirties as an extra or in bit parts. When he did get billing, it was as Bud Flanagan. If you blinked, you might miss him in movies like "42nd Street", "Gold Diggers Of 1935", and "Top Hat". The story goes that he was working in "Saratoga" in 1937 when Clark Gable noticed him and recommended him to the MGM bosses for bigger roles. They changed his name to Dennis O'Keefe and gave him bigger roles and his career took off. You may remember him in "The Fighting Seabees" with John Wayne and "The Story Of Dr. Wassell" with Gary Cooper. He also did several leading man roles in the forties like "Dishonored Lady" with Hedy Lamar. In the fifties he turned to television and even had his own sitcom, "The Dennis O'Keefe Show" in 1959.
  2. Is that where he met Ann-Margrock? I mentioned Roy Rogers earlier. His real name was Leonard Slye. He and Bob Nolan formed the singing group "The Sons Of The Pioneers" in the thirties and the group appeared in several western movies with Roy being called Musician Len. In a movie with Gene Autry called "The Old Barn Dance", Roy played a square dance caller and he was billed as Dick Weston. Shortly thereafter, he became a solo star and the studio changed his name to Roy Rogers.
  3. The movie is "The Penalty" from 1941. Edward Arnold is the gangster, "Stuff" Nelson, and Gene Reynolds is his son,"Roosty". Veda Ann Borg is Stuff's girlfriend. The farmer who takes the boy in is Robert Sterling. Marsha Hunt is his lady friend and Lionel Barrymore is her father.
  4. The movie would be "The Swarm" from 1978.
  5. Yes, it's "The Last Of Sheila", a very entertaining who done it from 1973. I highly recommend it. L-R, James Mason, Raquel Welch, James Coburn, Joan Hackett, Ian McShane, Dyan Cannon, and Richard Benjamin Peebs got the movie, so Peebs gets to post the next one.
  6. One of today's actors, William Fichtner, whom you may have seen in "The Perfect Storm", "The Lone Ranger", and the TV series, "Mom" And Nazi propaganda minister and Hitler's right hand man, Joseph Goebbels.
  7. Here are seven cast members of a movie. Can you name them all as well as the movie?
  8. A few that come to mind are: Runaway Train with Jon Voight Breakheart Pass with Charles Bronson The Silver Streak with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp
  9. Very good, Princess. My favorite was Herman's Hermits, or should I say favourite. And Princess, after you stop playing your old 45 RPM records, you get to post the next question.
  10. As we know, many actors and actresses change their names when they go into show business. However, some make the change after they have been billed under one name. I noticed that in the current TCM Saturday serial, "Terry And The Pirates", Terry's friend, Pat Ryan, is played by an actor billed as Granville Owen. I was sure that the actor was Jeff York, early in his career. I looked up his bio and found that his real name was Granville Owen Scofield. The serial was made in 1940. After military service in World War II, he changed his name to Jeff York. Baby Boomers may remember him as Mike Fink, keelboat captain and rival and then friend of Davy Crockett in Disney's popular Davy Crockett series in the fifties. He did several movies for Disney, as well as a TV mini-series about frontiersman Andy Burnett. I saw him recently in a Perry Mason episode and just today in a Lone Ranger episode. Last week, I was watching an old Hopalong Cassidy western called "Rustler's Valley". One of the actors who was in several of the "Hoppy" movies was billed as Stephen Morris. He usually played a villain, but in this instance he was a good guy. Shorty after these films, he changed his stage name to his real name of Morris Ankrum. He appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows, often playing a military officer or an Indian chief. Late in his career, he often played a judge on "Perry Mason". Playing the villain in "Rustler's Valley" was an actor billed as Lee Colt . I knew as soon as I heard his voice that it was Lee J. Cobb. He was billed as Lee Colt in two early westerns before changing his name to Lee J. Cobb. Recently, on an old episode of "The Lone Ranger" I thought I recognized an actress who played the mother of a young boy who is kidnapped by outlaws. She was billed as Beverly Campbell. I looked up her bio and found that my suspicions were correct. It was Beverly Garland early in her career. Her first husband was named Campbell. Her second husband was actor Richard Garland. She, of course, would later star in a TV series called "Decoy", about a police woman, and much later she would join the cast of "My Three Sons". Not long ago, I saw a very familiar face playing a boxer on an episode of "The Roy Rogers Show". He was billed as Charles Buchinski. As many of you know, he would later be known as Charles Bronson. He was billed under the Buchinski name for several years. That includes the "House Of Wax" movie with Vincent Price. These were just a few examples of actors and actresses changing their names after they started their film careers. I saw these episodes over the course of just a couple of weeks. Can you think of others that fit this category?
  11. Thanks, Princess. We just touched a little on the British Invasion. Now, let's see if some of you really know your stuff. Here are photos of some British musical groups that were active in the sixties. No, I did not include The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. How many groups can you identify? Bonus points if you can name a hit song by each group. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Not so easy, is it? It's been a lot of years ago for some.
  12. The picture of a young Brando reminds me of Billy Halop from The Dead End Kids. Next: Raymond Burr
  13. Although you usually see him with a mustache, actor Sam Elliot has been compared by some to Gary Cooper. Next: Laird Cregar - Who? you say.
  14. The song is "Mein Herr" from "Cabaret". It was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb and performed by Liza Minnelli. Here she is:
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