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  1. How about that French actress from "Cat People", Simone Simon? Her name is pronounced See-mone See-mone.
  2. #3 is a guess. I think it may be Rosemary Rice and Robin Morgan as Katrin and Dagmar Hansen in "Mama", or "I Remember Mama". Peggy Wood played Mama.
  3. #6 is Lugene Sanders and Wesley Morgan as Babs and Junior Riley in "The Life Of Riley". Marjorie Reynolds played their mother , Peg, and William Bendix played their father, Chester A. Riley. #8 is Jeannine Riley, the blonde, and Pat Woodell, the brunette, who played the original Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo Bradley in "Petticoat Junction". Bea Benaderet played their mother, Kate Bradley. #10 is, I believe, Sheila James and Ann E. Todd as Jackie and Joyce Erwin on "The Stu Erwin Show" It was also known as "The Trouble with Father". June Collyer played the mother, June Erwin.
  4. In case you were wondering, here is Ann Miller's commercial: It's from 1970. The husband is played by character actor Dave Willock. Star, it's still your turn.
  5. That's correct, Princess. Beech-Nut gum was the sole sponsor of the show and they made sure everyone knew it. I feel like a DJ taking requests, but since you mentioned them, here are Don and Phil Everly: Did you notices that the vast majority of the audience is female? As an added bonus, here is a clip of early Bobby Darin: And now Princess, if you've stopped tapping those toes, It's your turn to post the next question. Oh, I almost forgot. The IFIC buttons that the audience members have are from Beech-Nut's slogan "BEECH-NUT
  6. I also have an older sister and she was more of a Bandstand fan than I was in those early years. I forgot to mention when I posted the clip of "At The Hop" that I saw Danny And The Juniors, or what was left of them, in Atlantic City in the late eighties. They still sounded pretty good. I should have rated the song a 95 as well . I also forgot to mention that a frequent guest on "American Bandstand" has a birthday today, May 3rd. Yes, Frankie Valli turns 87 today. I saw him perform just a few years ago at the Mohegan Sun Casino. There was a big crowd and he sounded great, and yes,
  7. Robert Woolsey of the comedy team of Wheeler and Woolsey And, of course, George Burns. George, however, always held his cigar in his left hand.
  8. Could it be the mysterious Dr. Pretorius in "The Bride Of Frankenstein"?
  9. Is it the teenagers who were regular dancers on "American Bandstand"? There was a TV series called "American Dreams" in the early part of this century that starred a then teenage actress named Brittany Snow. It was about a local Philadelphia girl whose friend got her an audition for "American "Bandstand" and she became a regular on the show. There were lots of vintage songs and some of the old singers were portrayed by actors. Other times, they used old film clips. I can't remember the names of most of the regulars, but the popular couple was Bob and Justine. Another regular, Arlen
  10. Of course you're correct, Princess. Here is the clip from "Shall We Dance?" And here they are twelve years later in "The Barkleys Of Broadway". Nice work, Princess. It's your thread now.
  11. Yes, It's Walt Disney's "Swiss Family Robinson". It was probably my favorite Disney film from my childhood. Check out this trailer: That's Sessue Hayakawa as the pirate leader. Good work, Princess. You're up next.
  12. Another hint: It's a Disney movie that has been shown on TCM.
  13. We may never never meet againOn the bumpy road to love This one's in two movies, so you can take your pick.
  14. You are correct, Fausterlitz. Hitchcock called him "the greatest director". Luis Buñuel http://43vapp2ojjm1f6pyd32k2szp-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/favedirectoranswer.jpg Hitchcock is seen sitting beside Buñuel at this remarkable gathering held in Buñuel 's honor at George Cukor's home on November 20th, 1972.. From left to right, back row: Robert Mulligan, William Wyler, George Cukor, Robert Wise, Jean-Claude Carriere and Serge Silberman. In the front row, from left to right are: Billy Wilder, George Steve
  15. Very good, Peebs. I didn't know about the 1921 movie. Thanks for the photo. It's your turn now.
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