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  1. Princess, was he one of the original "Hollywood Ten" or was he blacklisted later?
  2. The boy in #2 is Larry Simms, who played Alexander in the "Blondie" series. That's Daisy the pup on his shoulder. #6 is Janet Blair.
  3. Thanks to everyone for playing. We have them all now. In response to Chaya's request about celebrities that the dynamic duo encounter while scaling buildings, here is an interesting video: Chaya got the most so she gets to post next.
  4. We all remember the Batman TV series in the 60's that starred Adam West and Burt Ward. Do you remember the villains and the actors and actresses who portrayed them? Some villains were portrayed by more than one person. Can you name the character pictured as well as the actor or actress playing that character? Some will be easy, some not so easy. Give it a try! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  5. I inadvertently made it real easy. He was in hundreds of movies. You may remember him as Detective Gahagan in the Torchy Blaine series at Warner Bros. in the thirties. Princess, the thread is now yours.
  6. That's the couple, Lavender. As a matter of fact, both Mary Pickford and Alexis Smith were both born in Canada with the name Gladys Smith. Their husbands, Buddy Rogers and Craig Stevens, were both Kansas university grads and big supporters of the school. Maybe Princess can explain what "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" means in Kansas. Of course, Craig Stevens starred as Peter Gunn on TV. Alexis Smith won a Best Actress In A Musical Tony for "Follies" in 1972. They were married from 1944 until her death in 1993. Here they are together on an episode of "Marcus Welby, M.D."
  7. This next couple has something in common with the last one. Although he was not born in Kansas, he attended the University Of Kansas. She was born in Canada, but moved to the United States as a youngster. She had early dance training and actually danced at the Hollywood bowl as a teen. She was quite beautiful and could be described as statuesque. She considered herself to be too tall at times and indeed she was too tall for some of Hollywood's shorter leading men. However she still managed to work as a leading lady for quite a few years opposite men like Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Cary Gr
  8. I'll make it easy. Here is his picture: Here he is in his boxing days with Joe Jeanette.
  9. Would it be Charles "Buddy" Rogers and Mary Pickford? He was in "Wings", the first movie to win the best picture Oscar. Later, he was in some of the Mexican Spitfire movies with Lupe Velez that have been shown on TCM. He was also a popular band leader in the 1940's with "My Buddy" being his theme song. She was an Oscar winner for "Coquette". She was in many early films including "Pollyanna", "Tess Of The Storm Country", and "Little Annie Rooney". She also won an honorary Oscar for he contributions to the motion picture industry. Along with her previous husband, Douglas Fairban
  10. Just a song from another Shirley movie! Did you know that Shirley Maclaine was named for Shirley Temple? Nice work, Starliteyes. Was your main costume a little black dress? I saw a production of the show once and the reviewer in the newspaper raved about how the star, Valerie Wright, looked so great in a little black dress. Now you get to post the next one.
  11. Do you know this one? I'd hear my buddies say 'Crazy what gives?Tonight she's living like the other half lives! '
  12. Finally a Shirley Temple song from Starliteyes. The song is "You've Got To S-M-I-L-E To Be H-A-Double-P-Y". It was written by the prolific songwriting team of Mack Gordon and Harry Revel for the 1936 film "Stowaway". Check out Shirley's impersonations.
  13. 1. Gail Davis played Annie Oakley in a weekly western series, but not in "Annie Get Your Gun". That was a TV production starring Mary Martin and John Raitt. I have the soundtrack album. The movie had Betty Hutton and Howard Keel as the leads. 3. Jane Powell starred in a TV production of "Meet Me In St. Louis". Tab Hunter played the boy next door. Walter Pidgeon and Myrna Loy played the parents and Patty Duke played little sister Tootie. Those roles in the movie were played by Judy Garland, Tom Drake, Leon Ames, Mary Astor, and Margaret O'Brien, respectively.
  14. 3. Myron Cohen 5. Woody Woodbury 7. Corbett Monica 8. Jackie Vernon
  15. I'm tired of waiting, so I'll post a question. Another actor started out as a heavyweight boxer before becoming a supporting actor, first in silent movies and then in sound movies . He was a contemporary of Victor McLaglen, but it is not known if they ever boxed each other. He worked in movies and television right up until his death in the 1960's. In movies, he specialized in playing big, slow witted cops, as well as bartenders. In a popular series of crime films in the 1930's, he played a poetry spouting detective whose favorite expression was "What a day! What a day!" Do yo
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