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  1. Yes, that's correct, Lavender. Jerry Siegel, who created the "Superman" comic books, modeled his female character Lois Lane after Torchy Blane. Glenda Farrell played Torchy in most of the movies in the series, but actress Lola Lane played the part in "Torchy Blane In Panama". Siegel just took the actress's name and changed the first name to avoid a lawsuit. TCM has been running the Torchy Blane series on Saturday mornings for several weeks now. You're up next, Lavender.
  2. Very good, Princess. Here's a short clip from the 1947 version of "Good News". The thread is now yours, Princess.
  3. Thanks, Starlit. Here's one that was featured in a few movies, so it should be pretty easy. The flowers in spring The robins that sing The sunbeams that shine They're yours, they're mine
  4. The song is "You're a Sweetheart" from the 1937 movie of the same name. It was written by Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh and sung by Alice Faye with some interruptions by George Murphy. Alice and George then do a somewhat "scary" dance. Check out this video to see what I mean.
  5. Could #7 be Sondi Sodsai who appeared on "Adventures In Paradise" with Gardner McKay? She was a former Miss Thailand, and the show definitely had a tropical setting.
  6. This was shown on TCM on Saturday morning November 13th. The woman is a reporter.
  7. That is correct, Starlit. Thanks for the clip. "You'll Never Know" was the Best Song Oscar winner for 1943. The song was so popular that Alice Faye sang it as a guest star in "4 Jills In a Jeep" in 1944. Here she is again. Nice work, Star. It's your turn now.
  8. Thanks, Starliteyes. This next one is from a very well known song that was featured in a forties musical. You went away and my heart went with youI speak your name in my every prayer
  9. The song is "This Heart Of Mine". It was written by Harry Warren and Arthur Freed for the 1945 movie "Ziegfeld Follies" where it was sung by Fred Astaire and danced by Fred and Lucille Bremer. Here is an extended clip: Old Fred sure was a smoothy!
  10. That's correct, Cinemaman. Sheila Ryan was married to Pat Buttram, who played Gene Autry's sidekick on Gene's TV series. Later he played con man Mr. Haney on "Green Acres" Hank Patterson was also on "Green Acres" as Fred Ziffel. The movie "The Cowboy And The Indians" used to be shown every year at Christmas time on the Encore Western Channel. The movie was released on September 15, 1949, which, strangely enough, was also the very same day that "The Lone Ranger" TV series made it's debut on the ABC network. Cinemaman, it's your turn to post the next question.
  11. Joey Vieira went by the name Donald Keeler because he was the nephew of Ruby Keeler. It's amazing how we remember so many characters from TV shows that were on more than fifty years ago. We have all of the answers now. Thanks to Peebs, Lavender, and Princess for playing. Princess, with seven correct answers, got the most, so she gets to post next.
  12. Thanks, Lavender. Now, a woman, wanting to get on board a ship that has already sailed, hires a pilot to fly her to the ship, where she parachutes into the water, trusting that the ship's crew will rescue her.
  13. Is it "With Six You Get Eggroll" with Doris Day and Brian Keith? It's a sort of mini-version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" which was released the same year.
  14. Well, I found out something that I didn't know. Princess said that Herb Ellis played Officer Frank Smith on "Dragnet" and indeed he did, in nine episodes. The actor who played the role most of the time was Ben Alexander, a one-time child actor in silent pictures. All of the other answers are correct so far. We still need an answer to #8. Perhaps I should have listed the character as Sgt. Biff O'Hara of the U.S. Cavalry. Does that help now?
  15. Here is the type of quiz that we have had a few times before. It is a list of character names from 50's and 60's TV series. All of these characters were either friends, neighbors, co-workers, or somehow known to the leading characters. Some were series regulars. Some had recurring roles. All you have to do is name the actor or actress who portrayed that character, as well as the name of the show. Some will be easy, some not so easy. 1. Porky Brockway 2. Zelda Gilroy 3. Clara Randolph 4. Fred Rutherford 5. Vi Praskins 6. Chuck MacDonald 7
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