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  1. #6 looks like Thelma Todd.
  2. The picture of a young Brando reminds me of Billy Halop from The Dead End Kids. Next: Raymond Burr
  3. Although you usually see him with a mustache, actor Sam Elliot has been compared by some to Gary Cooper. Next: Laird Cregar - Who? you say.
  4. The song is "Mein Herr" from "Cabaret". It was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb and performed by Liza Minnelli. Here she is:
  5. Well, let's start with a little history of "The Ed Sullivan Show". The Beatles made three appearances in February of 1964. In March, The Dave Clark 5 made two appearances, but they were not from northern England, so they don't fit the question. In April, another group from the Liverpool area, The Searchers, appeared on the Sullivan Show. I don't think they were named after the John Wayne movie. Perhaps they were searching for an original song to sing. Most of their hits were cover versions of songs that had been hits for other people. In their first appearance with Ed Sullivan they sang "Needles And Pins" and "Ain't That Just Like Me". "Needle And Pins" had been a hit for Jackie DeShannon the previous year. It was written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. Yes, that Sonny Bono who would later become half of "Sonny And Cher". Here is a clip: They had an early hit with "Sugar And Spice", which was written by their producer, Tony Hatch. The Searchers also had a hit with "Sweets For My Sweet", which had been a hit for The Drifters, and later that year they had a cover version of "Love Potion Number 9", which had been recorded by a group called The Clovers. Here is The Searchers version:
  6. You are correct, Princess. While I was researching Michael Landon's recording career for the previous question, I came a cross a very poor quality YouTube clip of Michael doing the Freddie with the British duo Peter And Gordon. That's what inspired this question. Here is a better clip, this time with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello joining Freddie. They also had a hit with "You Were Made For Me", but "The Freddie" remained their trademark. Here is "Do The Freddie". I get the feeling that some of Freddie's dance moves may have been inspired by Jerry Lewis. Tell us, Princess, in your vast history of dancing, did you ever do "The Freddie" in your tap shoes? I would have paid good money to see that. Princess, you get to post the next one.
  7. These guys may not look that much alike, but they remind me of one another. They could all have been cast in the same roles. Russell Thorson Russell Collins Willis Bouchey If Willis Bouchey had changed his first name to Russell, I would have really been confused.
  8. Thanks Lavender. Now this next one should be easy. During the "British Invasion" of the sixties, there were many British musical groups that appeared on American television. One particular group had a unique gimmick with some of their songs. The lead singer, as well as the band members, would do a sort of dance which involved kicking their legs out to either side in unison with one another while they were performing the song. Can you name the group, the dance, and at least one of their hit songs?
  9. Could it be Michael Landon? The three hit TV series would be "Bonanza", "Little House On The Prairie", and "Highway To Heaven". Before "Bonanza", he starred in a few movies like "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" and "The Legend Of Tom Dooley" where he played the title role in each one. You may remember him in "God's Little Acre" where he played "The Albino". As you may know, I watch a lot of retro TV these days and I saw him in a small role on "Cheyenne" playing a cavalry soldier. Here he is with his "Bonanza" horse, Cochise. I didn't remember his singing career so I did a little research. He made several recordings and appeared several times on "Hullabaloo" in the sixties. Here he is in one of those episodes. He certainly was a versatile performer.
  10. We have them all now. Thanks to Lavender and Princess for playing. It sure would be nice if more people would join in. Lavender got the most correct, so Lavender, the thread is yours.
  11. Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix both won Oscars for portraying "The Joker". Paul Newman won an Oscar for portraying Fast Eddie Felson in "The Color Of Money" in 1986. He had played the same character in "The Hustler" in 1961. I believe that Harrison Ford's first movie was "Dead Heat On A Merry- Go- Round" in 1966. He played a bellhop pager. The movie starred James Coburn. The X rated movie to win Best Picture was "Midnight Cowboy" in 1969. The rating criteria was changed after that.
  12. While watching another "Perry Mason" rerun recently, I noticed that an actor named Benny Baker reminded me of Marvin Kaplan, who you may remember from the "Alice" TV show. At times, however, Benny Baker reminds me of Ned Beatty. It must be the glasses.
  13. Richard Attenborough Next: A person "________ And Silent Bob Strike Back" + Basil Rathbone Starred In "The _______ Of Frankenstein" + Paul Simon Sang "Call Me ______" + Gene Hackman's Role In "Superman" + Character Actor Berkeley
  14. We have them all now, Thanks to Princess, Lavender, and Shutoo for all of their correct responses. Nice work, ladies. If we showed these photos to a hundred people on the street, I wonder how many correct answers we would get. I suppose it depends on their age. Princess and Lavender don't post photos, so Shutoo gets the thread next.
  15. #5 is indeed Robert Armstrong , but #13 is not Ann Rutherford. I posted another photo of #13 when I posted women of film noir not too long ago. Here is that actress at a younger age. She was also a popular pin up girl during World War II. Now do you know her?
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