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  1. I think that William Holden and Brenda Marshall fit the clues. They were married for thirty years. A film for him would be "Sunset Boulevard", and one for her would be "The Sea Hawk".
  2. Thanks, that was a tough one. Next: With a dollar's worth of beans,A new pair of jeans,Got a woman to cookAnd wash, and things.
  3. You are correct, Starlit. The song became one of Frances Langford's signature songs, along with "Embraceable You". She would usually sing them on her military tours with Bob Hope. Here are clips: Nice work, Starlit. You're up next.
  4. The song is called "Freedom" It was written by Richard and Robert Sherman and was featured in the 1974 version of "Huckleberry Finn". It was sung in the soundtrack by Roberta Flack.
  5. Thanks. Now, the classic song "I'm In The Mood For Love" was introduced in a musical by a young woman who would go on to be a top singing star. A little later, it was sung in an Our Gang comedy short by two youngsters. Can you name the movie where the song was introduced and the woman who sang it? Can you also name the comedy short it was featured in and the two young people who sang it then?
  6. Jean Harlow Next: Independence, Missouri
  7. I believe it is a Cole Porter song called "I've Got My Eyes On You". It was sung and danced to by Fred Astaire in "Broadway Melody Of 1940". Later in the year It was heard as background music in "The Philadelphia Story". Early the next year it was sung by Kathryn Grayson in her film debut in "Andy Hardy's Private Secretary". Some of the Hardy family movies were just shown on TCM this week.
  8. Arturo, it's been a week and no one has replied. I think we need a clue or two, or possibly just the answer, so we can then move on.
  9. Terrific answer, Lavender. Isn't it strange that two modern day (for the time) films could be remade as westerns set in the 1800's? You can see the influence that television had on the film industry in the 1950's. From "Last Of The Comanches", Broderick Crawford was then starring in "Highway Patrol", and Jay Silverheels was playing Tonto in "The Lone Ranger". Future TV stars appearing were Lloyd Bridges ("Sea Hunt"), Barbara Hale ("Perry Mason"), and Martin Milner ("Route 66"). Alan Ladd's co-star in "The Badlanders" was Ernest Borgnine, who would later star in "McHale's Navy" on TV. Good job, Lavender. You get the thread.
  10. We'll call this a double feature question. A war movie that starred Humphrey Bogart was remade years later as a western with Broderick Crawford. One actor appeared in both versions in basically the same role. Can you name the two movies and the actor who appeared in both? Also, a film noir that starred Sterling Hayden was remade, sort of, a few years later as a western with Alan Ladd. Again, one actor appeared in both films, although in not quite the same roles. Can you name these two films and the actor who was in both? If you were watching TCM last month when they were showing originals and their remakes, then you probably know the answer to this one.
  11. Very good, Princess. It is indeed the beautiful Anita Louise. She played the wife of Gene Evans and the mother of Johnny Washbrook on the 1950's series "My Friend Flicka". Here she is with her TV family: Left to Right: Anita, Johnny Washbrook, Flicka, Frank Ferguson, and Gene Evans. She also appeared in a movie with Shirley Temple called "The Little Princess", but much to our chagrin, it was not about the Princess Of Tap. Here she is with that other tap dancing princess. Princess, it's your turn next.
  12. A beautiful leading lady in films in the thirties and forties found her movie career coming to an end in the late forties. She turned to television in the fifties and landed the role of a wife and mother on a popular western series. She did sporadic TV work for about fifteen more years until her death. Can you name this actress and her western series?
  13. I believe they would be Rita Johnson and Diana Lynn. They both appeared in "The Major And The Minor". Rita's troubles started when she was hit in the head by a falling hair dryer in 1948. She developed brain troubles and had to have several surgeries. She became partially paralyzed, but she lived until 1965, when she suffered the cerebral hemorrhage. Here is Rita. Diana had been a child piano prodigy, making her film debut at age 13. She suffered a stroke which led to the brain hemorrhage. She died at age forty-five in 1971. Here is Diana.
  14. With that last clue, it must be "Dragnet", or at least the sixties version with Harry Morgan as Jack Webb's partner. They had previously appeared in "Appointment With Danger" (1950), "Dark City" (1950). and "Pete Kelly's Blues" (1955). They also appeared in a 1968 short documentary called "Star Spangles Salesman", where some celebrities try to sell U.S. Savings bonds. Carol Burnett and the Three Stooges are among the celebs. It was Jack Webb's hands that certified that "Dragnet" was a Mark VII Limited production.
  15. You are correct, Princess. It's an ad for Reduco Weight Slayer in a newspaper that William Bendix has. The actress is Mary Anderson. Very good, Princess. Now you get to go next.
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