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  1. Over the years many entertainers were known for their theme songs. Sometimes it was a song that they introduced in a show or movie. Sometimes it was one that they had a hit with or it was written for them. Sometimes the title just fit them. Here is a list of well known entertainers. Can you name their theme songs? There may be some disagreement on some because they had many hits. Let's see how many you can come up with. 1. Bob Hope 2. Jack Benny 3. Danny Thomas 4. Doris Day 5. Judy Garland 6. Bing Crosby 7. Frank Sinatra 8. Roy Rogers
  2. I can think of quite a few. Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy Robert Young - Father Knows Best. Window On Main Street, Marcus Welby M. D. Ann Sothern - Private Secretary, The Ann Sothern Show, My Mother The Car (voice only) Ray Milland - The Ray Milland Show (also known as Meet Mr. McNulty), Markham Henry Fonda - The Deputy, The Smith Family James Stewart - The Jimmy Stewart Show, Hawkins Robert Stack - The Untouchables, The Name Of The Game Jackie Cooper - The People's Choice, Hennessey Mickey Rooney - The Mickey Rooney Show,
  3. You got him, Lavender. When I first saw "Psycho", I didn't realize that the wealthy businessman was Frank Albertson. He certainly had a long career. He was in "Spring Is Here" from 1930 that was shown on TCM just a few weeks ago. Young Frank Albertson Frank Albertson in "Psycho" Good job, Lavender. Now it's your thread.
  4. Let's see if we can resurrect this thread. There was an actor who was a young man in thirties and forties movies. He worked with Lucille Ball and the Marx Brothers. He played Katherine Hepburn's brother in one movie. In another movie, he asked Ginger Rogers to go dancing with him. Years later, this now not so young actor played a wealthy businessman in a Hitchcock movie. Can you name him and the Hitchcock film?
  5. Apparently, no one wanted to do any research. The boy was named Lee Aaker. The movie with John Wayne was "Hondo", where young Lee played the son of Geraldine Page. Let's try something else. The young girl who played the little sister of Richard Crenna in the TV series "The Real McCoys" had previously appeared in a movie with Bing Crosby. What was this young actress's name and what was the name of her movie with Bing?
  6. Here's one that became a familiar song. It was featured in a thirties musical and was sung by a well known male singer and a woman who would make a few movies, but would become better known for her later TV work. My heart was a desert You planted a seed And this is the flower This hour of sweet fulfillment It would become associated with a famous entertainer who was not in the movie.
  7. The song is "Back To Back" by Irving Berlin. It was sung by Mary Healy in the 1939 film "Second Fiddle". Berlin was obviously poking fun at his song "Cheek To Cheek" that he had written for the 1935 film "Top Hat". It wasn't easy to find a film clip, but I did. Here is Mary Healy at about the 9:20 mark of this clip:
  8. That's the one, Starlit. It's one of the few solo songs that Ginger has in her movies with Fred. Thanks for the clip. It's your turn again.
  9. Thanks, Starliteyes. This next one should be familiar. Oh, I wasn't a bit concerned For from history I had learned How many, many times the worm had turned
  10. You are correct, Lavender. William Boyd first played Hoppy in 1935. From 1937 onward, it was the only character that he played. He may hold the record for playing the same character in the greatest number of feature films. When television came around in the late 1940's, he bought as many of his old Hopalong Cassidy films as he could and sold them into syndication for TV. He found a whole new audience of kids. He became so popular that he did a Hopalong Cassidy TV series in the fifties. Nice work, Lavender. You're up next.
  11. Uncle Charlie, apparently you're still confused. Starliteyes was referring to the movie "Behind The Eight Ball" with the Ritz Brothers, which was one of their last films. She did not know that the song had ben intended for the Abbott and Costello film "Keep 'Em Flying", but had been cut from the final release. Starliteyes' latest lyrics refers to the song "You Can't Have Everything" from the 1937 movie of the same name. This movie also features the Ritz Brothers. The song was written by Harry Revel and Mack Gordon and it was sung by Alice Faye. I couldn't find a film clip, but here
  12. She was a starlet in the 1930's while under contract to Paramount. She had been a talented pianist, even performing at Carnegie Hall when she was quite young. While still in her teens, she acted on Broadway, which led to her Hollywood contract. She was usually a second lead, but sometimes the leading lady in "B" movies. In the late 1930's, she appeared with Bob Hope in one of his early films. He was a bit older than she. He had started in silent movies, first in small roles and eventually in leading man roles. Some of his more notable films were directed by Cecil B. DeMille. When t
  13. The boy who starred in TV's "The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin" was also in a movie with John Wayne. What was the boy's name and what was the name of that movie?
  14. That's correct, Starlit. The same songwriters from "The Wizard Of Oz" wrote the songs for this Marx Brothers 1939 movie. It was also sung, at least partially, by Virginia Weidler in 1940's "The Philadelphia Story". Of course, the song was long associated with Groucho. He even performed it on "The Dick Cavett Show". Nice work, Starlit. It's your turn again.
  15. Is it Dimitri Tiomkin and Albertina Rasch? He is remembered for High Noon, Dial M For Murder, and The High And The Mighty. She worked on The Girl Of The Golden West, The Firefly, and Sweethearts.
  16. Here's one that many people should know. When her robe is unfurled she will show you the world If you step up and tell her where. For a dime you can see Kankakee or Paree, Or Washington crossing the Delaware.
  17. The song is "You Don't Know What Love Is". It was written by Don Raye and Gene DePaul for the 1941 film "Keep 'Em Flying" that starred Abbott and Costello with Dick Foran and Carol Bruce. Carol Bruce was to sing it in the movie, but the song was cut from the final release. Universal Studios did use the song, and Carol Bruce got to sing it, in the 1942 film "Behind The Eight Ball" that starred the Ritz Brothers and Dick Foran. In this short clip with Carol Bruce and Dick Foran, you can hear the song as background music. I couldn't find a film clip of Carol Bruc
  18. I just did the last one, so I'll bow out of this next question.
  19. A bit of googling gave me some contact information, including an address to write to and a customer service phone number. TCM HELP CENTER GENERAL INFORMATION General Information Q: How can I contact TCM?
 A: You can contact various TCM businesses at the customer service numbers/emails listed below. For general questions, comments or requests, you can contact TCM online at the TCM Help Center or you can send us a letter. Online: Visit the TCM Help
  20. #6 must be Danny Kaye. Is #4 Red Skelton? Did I get #3 ?
  21. Very good, Starlit. Bing's movie was actually called "College Humor". You may have noticed that one of the students in that movie was pretty Mary Kornman, one of the original stars of the "Our Gang" films in the silent days of the 1920's. You did a lot of research on that one, Starlit. Thanks for posting those video clips. As a reward for your efforts, you get to post the next set of lyrics.
  22. #7 has to be Andy Williams because he did back-up vocals in movies. Perry Como did not, so Perry Como should be the answer for #2. #3 could be Sid Caesar or Milton Berle. I would tend to pick Sid Caesar because of his cast of regulars. Cark Reiner, Howard Morris, and Imogene Coca, became very well known. The show was called Your Show Of Shows. #4 is, I think, Jack Benny. #11 may be Jimmy Durante. At the end of each show, he would say "Goodnight, Mrs, Calabash, wherever you are". Then he would walk off through a series of spotlights. I need another clue for #6
  23. Yes, Larry Blyden hosted an early sixties game show called Personality. Mike Stokey played charades with celebrities. The show was first called Pantomime Quiz. It came back a few years later as Stump The Stars, Here's an episode of Pantomime Quiz from around 1950. It's interesting to hear what the stars were working on around that time. Thanks to Princess, Peebs, Lavender, and Shutoo for playing. Princess got the most so she gets to go next.
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