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  1. This western star was one of the most famous singing cowboys of all time. He was also at one time the owner of the California Angels baseball team.
  2. You are correct, Princess. Bruce Dern has had a sixty year career so far and is still quite active. Here he is in "Marnie" And here he is on the set of "Family Plot" with William Devane, Karen Black, Barbara Harris, and Hitch. Good work, Princess. You get to post the next one.
  3. Good work, Lavender! My next clue was going to be that the title was the same as the title of a song made popular by Louis Armstrong. 1939 was a big year for James Stewart with Destry and Mr. Smith. This movie may have been overlooked by some, but it is indeed entertaining. I highly recommend it. Lavender, you're up next.
  4. Thanks, Princess. Now. one of the stars of Alfred Hitchcock's final movie also appeared in an earlier Hitchcock film. Who was this performer and what were the names of the two movies?
  5. It doesn't take long for a thread to slip all the way to page three, which is where I found this question. When the movie was shown on TCM, Ben told us that the role played by Broderick Crawford had been played on stage by Paul Douglas. The William Holden role was played on stage by Gary Merrill. Of course, Judy Holliday played Billie Dawn on stage, but the actress who was supposed to play the role was Jean Arthur. I don't know the reason that Jean gave for dropping out, but it was well known that she suffered from a severe case of stage fright throughout her career. The nervousness
  6. It became the theme song of a well known western star.
  7. The poetess uses a strange expression throughout the movie. It is "I swear by my eyes".
  8. The movie is "The Lady Vanishes" from 1938. Passengers on a European train tour are temporarily staying at a hotel. Two Englishmen, Charters and Caldicott are wondering about the cricket matches back in England. They are sitting at a table discussing cricket when one of them uses sugar cubes to illustrate a point he is making about a game. Two women at the next table are having tea. They are Miss Henderson, a young woman, and Mrs. Froy, an older woman. They ask one of the gentlemen to please pass the sugar, which he does. Later, when they all resume their tour on a train, Mrs. Froy has
  9. Some years later, the male star was in a well known movie with a similar title.
  10. Thanks, Starlit. Now, here is one that all of you should know: Ridin' the range once more, Totin' my old forty-four, Where you sleep out every night, And the only law is right It was actually featured in several movies. but it is really associated with one singer. Oh yes,
  11. Well, we know that Cole Porter wrote it. The song is "Hey Babe, Hey" from the 1936 movie "Born To Dance", which was shown on TCM just a few days ago. It was sung and danced to by most of the cast with Buddy Ebsen singing to lyrics in question. It was hard to find a clip because the YouTube clip is mislabeled. Here it is:
  12. After freeing himself from the detective, he meets a woman who writes poetry.
  13. Very good, Starlit! Here are the songs: And It's hard to stump you, Starlit. Now it's your turn.
  14. Peter Porter (Harry Morgan on December Bride and Pete And Gladys)
  15. This next one is a bit different. It's a twofer. That is, there are two songs by the same songwriter that are in two different movies made more than fifteen years apart. The last line of one song is the same as the first line of the other song. The line is: "It's a lovely day" Can you identify both songs, the movies they came from, the singers, and the songwriter? Please don't bother to answer unless you know both songs. If one person gets one song and another person gets the other one, we won't know who to give the thread to for the next question. Thanks.
  16. Here's one that most TCM fans probably know. A man is being escorted to prison on a train. He is handcuffed to a police detective. The two men are on the observation platform on the rear of the train when the train starts going over a bridge. In a desperate attempt to escape, the man pulls the detective off the train and the two go tumbling into a river. Do you know this movie?
  17. OK, Chaya, it's your turn to post the next one.
  18. You are correct, Princess. Barbara Bel Geddes was the wife in the episode that was shown on TV just weeks after "Vertigo" opened in theaters. Allan "Rocky" Lane had been a big "B" movie western star in the forties. He played Red Ryder in several movies with Robert Blake as Little Beaver. For years very few people knew that he was the voice of Mr. Ed. Chaya should have answered the entire question, but since Princess did, then Princess gets to go next.
  19. In the 90's movie "The Little Rascals", Donald Trump plays the father of one of the kids. Which kid is it?
  20. Is it "The Astonished Heart" with Noel Coward, Celia Johnson, and Margaret Leighton?
  21. Princess, I wish that you had given us that very big hint a little earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time. I first thought of Leslie Caron because her debut film, "An American In Paris" was directed by Vincente Minnelli, who directed Fred in "The Band Wagon". However, the other clues didn't fit. I checked out Carmen Miranda, and Canadian born actresses Deanna Durbin and Ruby Keeler, but I had to rule them out too. The answer that I came up with is the song "One In A Million" from the 1936 movie of the same name. I checked IMDB to find that the song was written by Sidney D. Mit
  22. Good work, Princess. You are correct. Their marriage lasted only about five years. Some of her Mexican Spitfire movies have been shown on TCM recently on Saturday mornings.
  23. The actress was also in a theatrical film directed by Hitchcock which came out around the time of the aforementioned TV episode.
  24. This next couple were married for a relatively short period. Both were born outside of the United States, but few people knew that he was foreign born. He was an athletic actor who made a lot of action films that were usually set in rather exotic locales. She was a Latin American actress who specialized in comedies. Some of her movies have been shown on TCM fairly recently, on Saturdays. That's not a lot of clues, but it should be enough for avid TCM fans.
  25. #3 The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane was a hit for the Ames brothers #7 - Count Your Blessings was, of course, sung by Bing Crosby in "White Christmas". Bing recorded it, but I seem to recall that Eddie Fisher had a hit record with the song.
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