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  1. Is anybody else having problems with what I would call “interference” when live streaming movies from East or West feeds...??? It’s not a buffering problem, as the stream of the films doesn’t pause or get interrupted, nor does the screen go dark or blank. What DOES happen is I get an intermittent, horizontal band of blocks of scrambled, large “pixilated reception”. If it’s a black & white film, the blocks are that. If the film is in color, the band has multicolored blocks. I just watched Butterfield 8 on the Eastern live stream and the interference was very frequent with the spasms occurring sometimes 3 to 5 times a minute. I’m now watching This Woman is Dangerous & the spasms are less frequent but equally distracting & annoying. I’m watching on an iPad Pro and have the same problem when watching with high -speed WiFi from my cable company & with Sprint cellular data. The problem occurs with both types of service. When I tune in with my iPhone 6 AND my iPad Pro to the same stream & have them both going simultaneously & in sync but with one on the cable company WiFi & the other on cellular data, the interference occurs at the exact same time & positioned in the same exact place on the respective screens. Other streaming services like Netflix & Hulu or cable To-Go like HBOGo do not have the same interference issues. I’m not sure how long the problem has been happening, but I began noticing it happening with distracting frequency in the last 2 weeks. It could have been happening longer, but if it was only an occasional interference, it wasn’t bad enough to make me want to find a fix for the problem. Anybody having this problem? Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!!
  2. Yikes! My WatchTCM/Watch Live portion of the app just went down at the end of Lover Come Back about 15 or 20 minutes ago. It’s been working fine this week, but has collapsed again, sadly. Really bummed-out about it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the whole Doris-thon all the way through. I guess that’s not gonna happen now. My cable tv hook-up isn’t convenient or available to watch at present. If the company is doing maintenance on the channel or something, I wish they would make that known to viewers/subscribers for the time when the channel will be down. It would just save everybody a lot of grief & consternation! I LOOOOVE TCM, but I hate these headaches with viewing! Hoping it gets fixed soon. Very glumly yours, BSG
  3. By last night I was back up & running with WatchNow & the live stream as well as the regular cable service viewing. Thanks for getting that fixed, folks, especially as my birthday was yesterday!!! Yayyyyy, Team TCM...!!!
  4. I’m having the same frustrating problem. I can watch specific movies On Demand with the WatchTCM app from their library on updated iPhone & iPad devices, but the WatchNow feature seems completely disabled. The interminable “spinning daisy” & loading message are as far as I can get. The WatchNow feature usually works seamlessly for me, but it began to be spotty a few days ago. It appears to have completely collapsed in the last 48 hours. I, too, have deleted & reloaded the app several times from my devices several times with no resolution to the problem. I’m really hoping they get this fixed ASAP. ...I have a wicked addiction to TCM and my withdrawal pains are currently debilitating!
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