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  1. Who was the woman narrating this? It isn't in the credits here on TCM, they rolled by so fast I missed it on the TV.... the voice, I know who it is and can't think!
  2. When I was a kid, I loved Tyrone Power. Zorro was hot. So was George Reeves (Superman!). When I was in college, I had a boyfriend who looked a Lot like Omar Sharif. My dad reminds me of Errol Flynn. Yeah, he was good looking. Young Maximillian Schell and young James Mason were rather striking. William Holden, especially in Picnic. Oh, yeah.
  3. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir How Green Was My Valley The Lion in Winter All About Eve The Good Earth A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Picnic My Father's Glory Lawrence of Arabia Dr. Zhivago Godfather I & II Master & Commander Great Expectations (w/John Mills) 1776 The Little Princess Heidi Pride & Prejudice (w/Keira Knightley) Sense & Sensibility (w/Emma Thompson) and.... Vanity Fair (the one with Reese Witherspoon!) I don't care if it's not true to the book. I like it.
  4. There are too many of these..... Chariots of Fire.......@@@@@@@@@@ Talking about Eastwood movies, I cannot stand Unforgiven. I have never forgiven him for making it. Oh, and Mamma Mia. Please. Stop. The. Vibrato. From. He11. Now.
  5. Thanks! I never heard of using ! before - Found something online about html and tried that. ! is much easier!
  6. People post photos in their posts. I can't find instructions on how to do this. HOW do you do it? Thank you.
  7. Can't wait to see what happens at the start of September when certain people find out TCM is showing a film from 2011! They showed one of the LOTR movies - in the middle of the night, those sneaky sneaks - last year, wasn't it?
  8. This so-called fact that 2/3 of TCM's audience is in the 18-54 age group continues to be trotted out, and I still question it. Where did that stat come from? My 20 yo son watches TCM. But we don't know anyone else around his age that does. All the 20-somethings watch is Game of Thrones type stuff. I am not in that age group.
  9. There are a lot better post-1960 films than NETWORK. Of course there are. But not with William Holden in them. And this thread is about William Holden Day. Somehow the Towering Inferno doesn't quite measure up....
  10. Thanks for the info about Fox, I did not know that. I was thinking about Gene Tierney, too, so that explains that. So that's probably the deal with Julie Andrews and Disney, too, right? The Donat explanation is understandable, I didn't realize there were so few - I just like him a lot. Maybe there's a way to combine days for people with fewer movies, I don't know. As for supporting stars and the rest of them - Jeanne Crain I can buy. Hattie McDaniel I can buy. Charles Coburn is just....ugh. Ramon Navarro? Give me a break. Who's Glenda Farrell? It doesn't help if TCM hasn't
  11. Anyone complaining about movies after 1960 is not allowed to watch Network, then. Talk about a classic movie.
  12. I haven't seen anyone mention Arthur Kennedy. He was one of the best.
  13. Ok, so today we have....Charles who? Ugh. There's another one next week I don't remember their face or their name. Star? Nah. Too many of those this month. While I love my yearly dose of Bette, Bogie, and Liz, I wish I'd see more of the neglected stars. Stars being the key word here. What would Fellini movies be without Mastroianni? La Dolce Vita with.....Brando? What about people like Robert Donat, Peter O'Toole, Robert Young, or Dorothy McGuire? And, as someone suggested in another thread, Julie Harris. Marcello's birthday is in a month. Hop to it, would ya, TC
  14. Davy Jones was *in movies - of course, most notably, Head. He didn't compose for movies. I'd compare Robin more to Marvin Hamlisch than to Davy.
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