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  1. This one is pretty obscure! In the 1930 movie KING OF JAZZ a Paul Whiteman impersonator appears. His rhyming name is Paul Small.
  2. Jack Black is the one I was thinking of, that I mentioned in my original post.
  3. The recent post on "Alliterative Actors" made me think of another listing that could be fun: actors (and actresses) whose first and last names rhyme. To get started, here are a few I thought of right away: Florence Lawrence Harry Carey Fay Wray Frank Bank ("Leave It To Beaver" TV show). I'm thinking of one more, but not wanting to name too many without giving others a chance, I'll wait and see if anyone else names this one. Who can think of some more?
  4. I've always recommended this movie for the Three Stooges fans who claim to not like Joe Besser. It is the only film he made in which he gets killed! It's the Besser movie for those who don't like Besser.
  5. You must not get the Fox Movie Channel. They often get into ruts where they'll run the same movie every morning for a week or two, and they just did that with this movie. It must have been on at least 7 or 8 times in just the last two or three weeks. But you're right about the movie not being shown before the Fox Movie Channel started running it in the last few years. Being a Three Stooges fan I was interested to see it because Joe Besser is in it, and it just never turned up for years until these recent Fox Movie Channel showings.
  6. I agree! I was thinking of pointing that out too. They'd be just right for a Saturday morning...good family entertainment. Same with the Blondie movies (another series of good fun family movies of which they have already run a few, so they must have the rights to run them all).
  7. I'm kind of surprised TCM is programming these movies based on that old book. They could do a night of "bad" movies with many other themes. (Unless that book is being reprinted and they're promoting it, or some reason like that). Most film buff friends I know don't care much for that book anyway. Too many people take it too seriously and truly believe the films in it are bad, when in many cases the authors seem to have just picked one by certain stars (like THE BIG NOISE with Laurel & Hardy) to represent a period in the star's career or some other reason like that. So, the book has do
  8. Is that the complete list? In fact, is there a listing besides just those poster images? I don't have the book handy, but I seem to recall it included a Roy Rogers movie. But I don't see one on the list on that site.
  9. I counted 87. But most of the ones I haven't seen, I've had the chance, just don't want to.
  10. Sure, it's bad. But not much worse than lots of other similar killer bug movies. And it's nice to see Fred MacMurray and Olivia deHavilland in the only movie they made together.
  11. I'm not sure if they have been digitally restored, but the fact that none of them have been shown on cable TV or released on video or DVD suggests that they have not been restored. The last time I saw any of them on TV was in 1987-88 when local channel 27 in Worcester, Mass. ran them. And those were old MCA-TV prints that were not in very good shape. I recorded them all though. And, concerning AMC, I am sure they didn't run any of them.
  12. Just seeing this, and could have confirmed it's from WINGS, so I'm glad you got it figured out. Just by the way the still number is printed I know it's a Paramount. That's one thing you'll notice as you get deeper into still identifying - that some studios had distinctive ways they printed their letter and number codes, and you sometimes can tell which studio it is just from the way the letters or numbers are printed. By the way, what is the book you mentioned with the production codes for identifying stills? If it's the one by Ed & Susan Poole (2013 edition), I helped with that one,
  13. I would consider HOT HEIRESS a musical. It definitely has songs. In fact, one has the immortal line "She could love a plumber, or someone even dumber". But SHE HAD TO SAY YES really isn't a musical.
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