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  1. Howdy! I don't recall seeing that. I'll have to try to find the post and the pictures.
  2. The second of the two MGM shorts all about starlet Jane Barnes' attempts to be a movie star, HOLLYWOOD - THE SECOND STEP (1936) is coming up again on TCM on Monday afternoon, January 13, 2020 at 1:47 P.M. (eastern time). And, Marx Brothers fans, watch for Chico Marx in this short!
  3. I'm fine with Joe E. Brown as Star of the Month, and am happy to see some of his Columbia movies being included. But I'm surprised and disappointed not to see any of Brown's six David Loew productions from 1937-38 listed. Most if not all have been on TCM before, so some rights issue must have made them unavailable now.
  4. That's a strange way to spell the name Arthur! A mistake, perhaps?
  5. I'd like to see TCM run the 1930 version of GOOD NEWS more often and the 1947 version less often. The 1930 version has been shown only 8 times, and not since 1999 while they've shown the 1947 remake at least 70 times!
  6. Mantan Moreland's partner in those comedy routines was Ben Carter. They did the routine in two of the Monogram (not Republic) Charlie Chan movies: "The Scarlet Clue" (1945) and "Dark Alibi" (1946). They also did it in the 1946 RKO Radio Picture "Riverboat Rhythm" and also on stage in Vaudeville tours. Sadly, those two 1946 movies were Ben Carter's last, as he passed away in December of 1946 at only age 35.
  7. These were scheduled as part of a day of films about crazy doctors or scientists. (And by the way, the synopsis they provide for the Charley Chase short is not accurate).
  8. The film exists complete, in fact that audio recording that is on YouTube is from a cassette recording the former owner of the film made for me many years ago, from his 16mm print. He passed away several years ago and the print has found a home with another good friend of mine. I feel very fortunate that both the former and current owners of the film have run it for me a few times, since I know that a lot of W&W fans are frustrated that it is the only one of their films that they can not get to see. In addition to the good condition 16mm print in my friend's collection, reportedly there is also a print at the BFI in London.
  9. "So This Is Africa" has been shown on TCM, but not since 1994. They ran it 7 (seven!) times between July and December 1994, but not once since then. "So This Is Africa" on TCM in 1994: July 9 August 22 September 7 October 21 November 8 November 22 December 17 They ran several other rare (at the time) Columbia features during their first year, and although it took a while in some cases, they have finally repeated all of them....but not "So This Is Africa". Come on, TCM, what's the story?
  10. Bartender is definitely Monte Collins.
  11. Hello, yes, I'm still with us....just not on here every day. Will send you an email...
  12. "Poker At Eight" (1935) starring Charley Chase is scheduled for Sunday morning, March 31, 2019.
  13. The 1935 Charley Chase short POKER AT EIGHT is scheduled to be shown on TCM on Sunday morning, March 31.
  14. "Too Many Women" (1932, Boy Friends series) is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, March 24, 2019.
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