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  1. I must say too that I HATE this new look. I suppose I'll have to get used to it, though. But I really don't need such large printing and all those pictures. But I hope they will find a way to return the listings of shorts to the schedule, bring back the option to see the future schedules, and return the link to the Database.
  2. I can't find those either. If anyone else can figure out how, please do let us know. The "database" especially.
  3. Thanks so much for posting the clearer images. It helped! Now I can say for sure that no. 1 is Elissa Landi and that no. 3 is Robert Coogan in the 1931 Paramount feature "Skippy". About no. 7 - what looks like the letters TTC are actually TT and what looks like a "C" is the start of parenthesis for the number that follows it (49...). This could be from a United Artists movie - they often had numbers like this in the 1950s & '60s.
  4. Hi DickLindsay, Very nice of you to offer to do this for Janet. As you've seen, I'm one of those who has been able to identify many of your stills. And from the "It's a small world" department, I actually know Janet. We had a mutual friend who was a major film collector, including stills. Although I had already been collecting and researching still code numbers for many years I learned a lot about identifying stills & movie photos from him (and taught him a thing or two too!) And now I've been putting some of that knowledge to use on your stills. So, it all works out nicely doesn't it
  5. That still is from the 1955 Columbia movie "Ten Wanted Men".
  6. Number 1 looks like Elissa Landi. She was at MGM in the mid-1930s in stuff like "After the Thin Man". I wish the photo was larger and clearer, then I could be sure. No. 2 is Evelyn Brent, Pat O'Brien and Louis Calhern in the 1933 Majestic movie "The World Gone Mad". What is the still number/letter in the lower corner? No. 3 certainly does look like Jackie Coogan - but it could be his brother Robert. No. 4 is Warner Richmond and Junior Durkin in the 1931 Paramount movie "Huckleberry Finn". No. 8 is also from the 1931 Paramount version of "Huckleberry Finn". The young man is
  7. You missed listing the Peter Cushing movie scheduled after HAMLET: the 1940 Laurel & Hardy feature A CHUMP AT OXFORD. (Yes, Peter Cushing is in that one, and it is being run as part of the Peter Cushing tribute).
  8. TCM has several Hal Roach shorts scheduled for Sept. 14, 2020.
  9. Good news for fans of the Hal Roach comedies. On September 14 TCM has several hours of shorts scheduled, including a lot of Roach shorts.
  10. TCM does still run Hal Roach shorts (and features too) but as you noted, they don't get to the shorts as often as we'd like. But, keep watching their schedule, so you don't miss when they do run them.
  11. Yes, definitely Arthur Housman. He's also in other Hal Roach-produced films, working especially well with Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly in some of their Roach shorts. Although best known for his comical drunk act, he also could play serious roles such as gangsters, night club owners, etc.
  12. Yes, and of course, they had to edit some of the films. But we just had to wait...even better restorations came along. (But I agree about the adding of unfitting music - that made a lot of us unhappy!)
  13. There is already a thread about these movies, titled "Hooray! The Silver Cord (1933) and Sin of Nora Moran (1933) 5/03/2020". Lots of comments ... check it out.
  14. Actually since the poster is as well known, if not more so, than the movie, I made a point NOT to mention the poster in my posts about the film.
  15. No, I'm still getting only the May schedule. But it's not what I usually see, it's set up to look sort of like the "Now Playing" magazines - big picture of Edward G. Robinson at the top, and the option to print the schedule or go to the Canadian schedule. And the titles aren't even shown, just the days of the month. I have to click on "print movie listing" or US schedule" to see the movie titles. EDITED to update: I just managed to find a different way in, and finally got to see the July shcedule. But I still wonder why that link posted above is working for others but not for me.
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