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  1. Yes, and of course, they had to edit some of the films. But we just had to wait...even better restorations came along. (But I agree about the adding of unfitting music - that made a lot of us unhappy!)
  2. There is already a thread about these movies, titled "Hooray! The Silver Cord (1933) and Sin of Nora Moran (1933) 5/03/2020". Lots of comments ... check it out.
  3. Actually since the poster is as well known, if not more so, than the movie, I made a point NOT to mention the poster in my posts about the film.
  4. No, I'm still getting only the May schedule. But it's not what I usually see, it's set up to look sort of like the "Now Playing" magazines - big picture of Edward G. Robinson at the top, and the option to print the schedule or go to the Canadian schedule. And the titles aren't even shown, just the days of the month. I have to click on "print movie listing" or US schedule" to see the movie titles. EDITED to update: I just managed to find a different way in, and finally got to see the July shcedule. But I still wonder why that link posted above is working for others but not for me.
  5. Actually, Jane Darwell was not a patient, but played the mother of one of the patients.
  6. (Deleted post - hadn't seen that the question was already answered).
  7. Just tried again...and again...and again...and again...and all I get is the May schedule with no way to change it.
  8. Two others are "The Perfect Specimen" (1937) and "Beyond the Forest" (1949).
  9. I'm still getting only the May schedule with no way to change it......
  10. That link is taking me only to the May schedule, with no way I can see to go ahead to July.
  11. Yes, I'm the one who submitted that item to IMDb several years ago! Glad people are noticing. I also had already posted about the music in NORA MORAN in the other thread here on the movie. It was unusual for a low budget independent movie like NORA MORAN to feature so much music...and all original too. And surprisingly (and unfairly) the great composer Heinz Roemheld wasn't even credited in the movie's credits.
  12. Ray, do you know what the rights issue was with THE SILVER CORD that had kept it off TCM until now? It had been shown on the good old AMC back in the 1990s, but looking it up in my old BIB books it appears it was not available to TV from at least the 1960s through when AMC got it. And thanks for pointing out the connection with OUT ALL NIGHT. Honestly, I found Laura Hope Crews annoying in both!
  13. "The Sin of Nora Moran" is very unusual and unique in many ways. Also has a very good music score that some viewers may recognize from other films. The music cues 'Nora Theme' and 'Love Theme', composed by Heinz Roemheld (who is not even credited) and introduced in this film, were used in numerous other films from low-budget studios in the mid-1930's, including Universal and Republic.
  14. Here is the scene in ORCHESTRA WIVES with cigarette girl Lillian Porter and Cesar Romero.
  15. Yes, when it first was shown in 1986 it was syndicated, but not just on cable TV channels. It could be a cable (like CBN, I recall) or a local station (I saw it on a few different local stations over the years).
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