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  1. lol,thats funny,how about us marshals(sequel to the fugitive?) with tommylee ,?im sorry but it was painfull to watch him lower himself for blowback from fugitive money.
  2. i agree with you about clockwork,not eject button worthy, but long,how about ,earthquake,with heston and and poor ava,when they got hurt in that movie i did not care one bit ,and im a dr.!
  3. eyes wide shut darn near caused me to consider jumping of a bridge, also planet of the apes, tim burton style made me want to drink bleach and chase it with gasoline,oh and i almost forgot, anything by oliver stone causes me to throw up anything i ve ever eaten in my life, and then ,to take a shower for six days and nights.
  4. richard burton did alexander the great ,it stunk,then came oliver stones,it stunk,its very hard to get it right i guess? i would like to see harvey redone, but i dont think it could be done. no leading man as good as stewart!
  5. i lost another night of sleep, staying up, watching this great movie, even though ive seen it, 4 times now. i notice something new each time. chaplins best, i love it.
  6. true, to bad for spade,gobbelles was the most evil men that ever lived!
  7. thanks for the goobles and spade photos ,i always thought with the right makeup and lighting spade could be a dead ringer.
  8. which genius at tmc let her get away? she is smart and engaging,oh yeh,she posses,stunning beauty!
  9. white cargo ,what a sexy woman, i hate to say it but i dont know if she still with us ,i hope so what a classic!
  10. dear sholmes, just a note to remind you to stop your whinning , tmc. is the best thing on any darn t.v. set in the entire known world! you laid your money down and seem to think you lost (unlike most other subscribers sounding off here.) now stop trying to bad mouth my beloved tmc. say a prayer thanking god for tmc, and live forever in gratitude, for tmc.!
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