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  1. I'm pleased with TCM's September Friday nights programming. However, I've got to question the decision to premiere Brazil at 2 am with no scheduled rebroadcasts while giving the earlier time slot to the much weaker Escape From New York. Both films are worth watching, but in my opinion Brazil is superior in both quality and significance and deserved the earlier slot.
  2. As has been noted, TCM tends to run a limited prime time playlist (Meet Me in St. Louis, anyone?). The real gems usually turn up in the overnight hours. That's where I've found the most interesting and new (to me) classic films.
  3. TikiSoo - If it had been a themed marathon of dramatic movies I would not have complained. If one movie wasn't to my tastes then there would be a new opportunity in two hours or so. But last night was essentially an eight hour movie with no character development, no plot, no resolution. Just partial clips of song and dance routines removed from any contextual juxtaposition that might make them meaningful. They use the same formula to sell those Time-Life Songs of the 70's twelve CD collections on late-night infomercials. When you ask people to choose the best episodes of a TV sitcom like Cheers they rarely choose the clip shows.
  4. hamradio - My post was not intended to be mean-spirited, nor was it intended to spark an argument. I am expressing my opinion on TCM's choice of programming this NYE. As a member of TCM's audience I feel entitled to provide the occassional feedback like any of the regular posters here and this forum provides the most direct route to the TCM staff. What saddens me is my expectation that this forum would be populated with adults who could engage in an adult discussion was so far off the mark. The intolerance of my expression of honest dissatisfaction is something I would expect from one of the MTV boards. If I want to be called a troll I'll post go post there. My use of the word "punt" was intentional. That's what I think TCM did. Rather than put together a group of films to compete against NYE coverage they essentially put the station on auto-pilot for the night. Frankly, this was TCM's version of the puppy cam Animal Planet broadcasts every Super Bowl Sunday.
  5. "We've had a spate of new people on the board. I don't buy it. I think it's just one person posting." You are correct in that I am one person. You are incorrect suspecting me of sock puppetry. I spend more time watching TCM more than any other cable channel but I've never felt the need to post on these boards. However, tonight's scheduling smacks of the holiday stunting found on the other channels; i.e. 24 hours of A Christmas Story or the all day Elf marathon. Tonight's viewing options were limited to start with. I've been in Times Square on New Year's Eve. I don't need to watch the major networks roll out the corpse of Dick Clark or watch Fergie lip-synch in the New Year. I was hoping to watch TCM play some favorites, or better yet a classic I have yet to see. I enjoy musicals. I even enjoy Little Women from time to time, just not back to back. But what I enjoy most is variety, and this monopolization of a full evening to a non-narrative movie franchise when the alternatives are already slim pickings does the viewers a disservice, in my opinion.
  6. A marathon of That's Entertainment and That's Dancing? Good Lord. Almost as bad as TCM's Little Women marathon the other week. Explain yourselves, TCM programmers! Don't make me watch Dick Clark tonight.
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