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  1. Brain heavy is a serial term. In the world of serials, there are two kinds of villains, the brain heavy and the action heavy. The brain heavy is the guy who gives the orders, the action heavy or heavies are the guys who carry out all the nefarious schemes which usually are thwarted by the serial's hero. In Zorro Rides Again, Noah Beery sits in his office and issues orders to Richard Alexander and his gang. Berry, therefore, is the brains heavy, and Alexander is the action heavy. Z
  2. To show my support for TCM, I awoke early this morning to catch the first two chapters of "Zorro Rides Again," despite having seen the serial a dozen times or more. The print TCM used was horrible. Scenes were dark and some were even blacked out, and at times the picture was grainy. The soundtrack hissed. It is as if TCM used a bargain-basement VHS version of the serial of a 16mm dupe print. I was hoping TCM would take more care with their presentation but was sadly mistaken. I am very disappointed in TCM's shoddy treatment and presentation of this serial. Z
  3. I would like to wish all movie fans a Happy New Year and urge them to watch the first two chapters of the 1937 Republic serial Zorro Rides Again, which debuts on TCM at 9 a.m. Saturday. If you are a fan of serials or Westerns, I strongly suggest you watch to show TCM your support and appreciation for airing the serial, which will perhaps lead to the airing of more serials. Zorro Rides Again is a 12-chapter serial. It is the first to be directec by the dynamic team of William Witney and John English. It stars John Carroll as James Vega, the great-grandson of the original Zorro, Duncan Renald
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