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  1. It's a real treat to hear her. I have watched it a few times. And thank you LovesLilacs for that link with the recent photo. I hope Doris is doing well.
  2. Well to the poster who said it was too much coverage, you clearly have cable as you're a fan of TCM, so change the channel. Pretty simple. The funeral was carried on a few of the news channels and maybe on some local stations. The great thing about having several hundred channels is there are choices. Whining about coverage on 4 or 5 channels when you have hundreds to choose from is silly. I watched the Grammys for the first time in a few years mainly because of Whitney's passing, it's really sad what passes for talent today. Yes she had her problems, so did Judy Garland, but
  3. I am sorry to see that Joseph Gordon Leavitt was left out of the Best Actor category. He was wonderful in "50/50", not an easy task to balance both comedy and drama with such a difficult subject. He did a scene with Anjelica Huston as his mother that was amazing and so real. Yet Melissa McCarthy gets nominated for crude humor. Shows how we have declined as a society. While I will admit I found Cheech and Chung to be funny, never in their day would their films have been considered Oscar worthy.
  4. I saw this year TCM Remembers for the first time and once again they brought a tear to my eye. The music is haunting and lovely. And none of this "oh we can't include everyone" that the Oscars use to snub people. I was happy to see Len Lesser was featured. Best known as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, he was in many films over the years. Great job once again!
  5. Well maybe next year they get someone under 35 who can host a show with some humor. These two are awful.
  6. Loved him...especially in "Mad, Mad, World"....thanks for posting this.. otherwise I wouldn't have known...today's media all but ignores old stars...never mind charater actors.
  7. I love TCM but I am noticing more and more repeats, within a couple of weeks of each other. So many cable channels like TBS, Oxygen, etc, show the same films over and over again. I hope TCM is not starting to cut back on the films they show. We shouldn't be seeing so many repeats so often.
  8. Both of these ladies were left out of the TCM Remembers for 2008. They always pay such a nice tribute but it bothered me that Ms. Getty who died in July and Ms. Garland who passed away in December were left out. Van Johnson and Nina Foch also passed in Dec. but were included.
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