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  1. The black man threatening his woman to bring in da cash! What is this? Chris Brown vs Rihanna? {...} Pass the popcorn! Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin: Harassment Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin
  2. Ahhhhhhhhh......*."Nine and 1/2 Weeks"*.........sexy.........sultry.......refrigerator food love-making scenes........sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet and sour sauce, anyone?
  3. He's unquestionably a real talent. His work speaks for itself. His forays into boxing illustrate a commitment to keeping it real. OK, he did use his ex-wife for a sparring partner, but, anyone in the boxing biz knows sparring partners are expensive, and in his defense, she was in his same weight class. Drugs? Steroids? Whatever! An actor uses all the tools that are available to him. A dead dog? Never has a dead chihuahua done so much to further a career. America loves actors with pets. ( Lord knows pets are easier than children, and they don't come back later to write tell-all books!
  4. Yeah, always forgetting about those plural possessives.....and let's see if I can "pull this off".......for the toys - er - boys........ Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I mean, at least "South Park" *was* a movie.................
  5. I don't think there's been any comment on the last comment - a TCM introduction for the "The Shop Around The Corner" in which the announcer said that Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan would like to "like each others' stamps." Would anyone like to defend this crass, obscene swipe at two stars? Would TCM like to bring out a surviving relative of these stars for a heartfelt remembrance, a look back at how crude sexual references are meant as ..............well, I guess TCM announcers figgur no one is paying attention and it's OK to slip one in every now and again........... Oh, yeah. T
  6. Anyone seeing Rainer in TCM's showing of "The Toy Wife" could witness a force of talent in action. And nothing frivolous about this artist. (Suppose won't use the word "actress" as per her request.) Can one imagine any of today's actresses dealing with LB Mayer as she did? However, seems her quote about Mel Douglas in the article was taken from a previous interview. Believe the quote has shown up before in earlier stories.
  7. Glad some one could respond to this original post who actually saw the TCM bit I saw and had an opinion. When I wrote my original post it was from memory of the viewing, didn't have the ability to look up and view it again. Critics forcing fuzzy-headed political/social agendas based on a piece of film out of context do no one good. And you focused on the precise critical quotes about "cringing" and questions of Mammy's story. The reaction here was the same, especially in regard to Mammy: It's NOT her story. I suppose when critics float these balloons in front of their sleeping
  8. When one chooses a quote to illustrate a point one selects that representative and salient portion to effectively illustrate one's point. Had I used the entire quote the audience would have changed the channel - wait, mixed metaphors...or is that an analogy...oh, heck! You're right! The entire quote shows him to be even less competent than I originally thought. We like "Martin" but we're being exploited but that's OK because we like it and because it's fulfilling our wants but....but...but... But "Martin" sucked. End of lecture. Speaking of lectures, here's a guy getting paid
  9. In a continuing effort to be an edecated film person, I looked up some info on "critic" Bogle. It didn't take long to find this pontificously preposterous statement by Bogle: "See, I tell my students at UPenn, who deal with these images, I tell them not to deny what they like. If you like 'Martin,' you like it." And by inference, If you like candy, you like it. Doesn't this absolutely explode any concept of the method of "criticism?" This is your "critic"? Note: "pontificously" is my creation.
  10. Hey, ChipHeartsMovies. How are you? Let me break this down: 1) About the warning I was given. Why? About what? Happened to see that I was delivered a "Warning," I believe, when I logged in once. Surprised. No reason given. None. I wrote to the TCM moderator asking why and for what. It's been a while and still no response. Hence, an atmosphere where one can be "threatened" without reason or just cause. Solve the problem: Tell me why and for what. Simple. OK? How many times do I have to ask? And your posit of "tone you bring, and respect [one has] for the 'other side?'"
  11. You know what they say about those who assume..... _________________________ Now, how about the issue of these critics painting Sidney Poitier with the "Uncle Tom" brush? No one around TCM thought to question this characterization? Are you telling me this white punk kid is Sidney Poitier's only defender against this slander? Well, seeing as how the critic's slant is inflammatory, fatuous and meant only to appeal to revisionist academics and comic book readers, no real need to come to Sidney's defense. His career and accomplishments speak for themselves.
  12. Has there been any discussion on the opinions put forth by the black critics during the TCM bits? Just saw a short presentation dissecting Hattie McDaniels and others' performances in "Gone With The Wind." More belittling of the performer as I'd heard earlier in their discussions of "Shaft" and "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" Tried to find the critics' names but couldn't on search of this site. To go to the worst of their opinions - Sidney Poitier was put forth as an Uncle Tom. I believe they called him something like the "Good Black Man" (?) Poitier was contrasted against Ri
  13. Had a funny run-in with Karen Black back in mid-'80's. At Universal where she was meeting my producer for something I don't remember what. I'd just entered the office as she went storming out. I followed her in an effort to help in an I-don't-know-what way. She was haphazardly padding barefoot down the lot after a Jaguar sedan screaming at the top of her lungs. Not knowing if I should, I yelled and asked if I could help. "Yeah!" she yelled. "You can catch my f_cking driver and get my f_cking shoes!" All I could say was, "You know, I really liked 'Burnt Offerings.'" She
  14. The description of franchise movies, persisting because they make money and keep a lot of people "employed" - sounds like a good description of war. And I think we'd be better off without both.
  15. Steve Martin STILL needs money? At this point in his career? I believe if he were to die today his estate could support a small South American country for generations. In the worst style of Hollywood careers he's simply following the rolling stone model - staying in motion so that he & his career gather no moss. But have you looked at a Rolling Stone lately? It's not pretty. There are many ways careers play out. Martin's choices are an example of one.
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