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  1. Hi "NovelynPrice". For a "youngin'", it appears to me that you do know a great deal about Musicals. I'd like to suggest to you that you scroll down through the Forums Listings page, and join us in the Musical's Forum. (smile) ML
  2. Add Josephine Hull and Marie Dressler to your dinner party, Mongo, and I'd crash your party! ;)ML
  3. Sorry that I beat you in, Slappy...that sometimes happens to the best of us. Nice that we agree (you to Antar) about the Jonathan Winters scene. I start laughing just thinking of it! ML
  4. Well let's see. There are so many "gas station scenes" to pick from. Ummm, I guess that I'll go with the gas station that Jonathan Winters trashed in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World....probably one of the best scenes on film. ML
  5. Oh! I see what you want to do here. You want us to go backward from today and gripe about how rotten things were for Blacks in the movie industry in the early days. You're absolutely right! They were! But, that was then, and this is now, and wouldn't you agree that things have favorably changed regarding Blacks in film today, just as things have also changed favorably in our society for Blacks today? You see, this is why it is important to be able to understand and relate (with an open mind) to what our society was like in the much different earlier eras of film, because American fi
  6. Please get your head out of your indignation and try to get it that at the time this movie was made, and for many years before this, there was absolutely no intention to be "condescending" toward Blacks by using "black face" for musical numbers in vaudville or musical theatre. I was pure "theatre"! What's appalling is that you would go to the trouble of registering just so you could demonstrate your ignorance in your first post with us. I love "Holiday Inn"...I love it just the way it is, and I Thank TCM for showing it on Christmas Eve.
  7. As most of you know, my "You Gotta See This" list is massive now and growing every day! Thanks for letting me know, Path, that I'll be able to see The Mortal Storm in January. Let's bring it up for discussion again then, too (smile).
  8. You guys crack me up...helping to raise AMC's ratings to watch anything, but especially that movie (LOL). Enjoy the commercial interruptions!
  9. I also liked him in "The Subject Was Roses" with Patricia Neal.
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