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  1. Thank you for the information..... I am working on a new design today, so I will not have time to look. I will take some time tomorrow and see what I can find. THX Gahdalia
  2. I love all your choices, and yes Gone With the Wind is number 1 on my list of epic films. It was a toss up between that one and The Ten Commandents, which I put as number 2 on the list. As far as gangster movies ...with out a doubt the #1 position will have to go to White Heat, Jimmy Cagney totally rocks, this is one film that could never be updated or remade ....of course thats just my opinion....Gahdalia
  3. I remember "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was a play a film and a very short television program....I think it aired once maybe twice....Gahdalia
  4. I being a classic movie fan , cannot have just one list, I have several . They range from top 10 funniest to top 10 dramatic. Its hard to narrow it down to just one list. I even have a top 10 biggest epic films. I would love to see what everyone else has , I will start it off with # 10 on my Top 10 Funniest ....".Born Yesterday" staring Judy Holliday and Willam Holden.....I love this movie for lots of reasons, she cracks me up when she talks and when she figures out how very smart she really is ...is classic comedy at its best. The costumes is this film are one of the reasons I design my l
  5. Thank you all so very much for answering my question. This one and Mildred Pierce are only two of my favs with Joan Crawford, the other would be The Women which is on my top ten list of all time favs.
  6. I am a classic movie fan to the "nth" degree. I have a question about the movie I just watched.. Humoresque starring John Garfield and Joan Crawford, I love the music, and Joan was her classic mean selfish self....love her.....John Garfield played a man who loved his violin and played beautifully. My question is ...Was John Garfield really playing or was it dubbed? Thanks Gahdalia
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