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  1. Desi Arnaz was in "Too Many Girls" with Ann Miller.
  2. Ronald Reagan was in "She's Working Her Way through College" with Phyllis Thaxter.
  3. No, Stan Laurel is not in this movie. When it was made, a lot of people were assuming that the comedy pair had broken up. Of course, that was not true. Oliver Hardy made this movie to fulfill his contract, and then the two went on the continue delighting the public with many more great films. Terrence.
  4. This sounds like the episode of All in the Family with Phil Carey.
  5. I don't think anyone has mentioned a long-forgotten TV series that Mabel Albertson starred in, along with Margaret and Barbara Whiting. It was called Those Whiting Girls, and started out as a summer replacement. I don't remember how long it ran, but I do remember seeing a number of episodes. Mabel and Margaret were very believable as mother and daughter. It was almost like they really were related. Does anyone remember this show? Terrence.
  6. My guess would be that a member of the cast of each movie starred in a night-time soap. Terrence.
  7. Nancy Walker was in "Best Foot Forward" with Lucille Ball.
  8. Yes, that is the correct title. It is not shown very often, but I remember enjoying it. I think Eve Arden is also in the cast. Terrence.
  9. Ronald Reagan was in "Louisa" with Piper Laurie.
  10. I also love this movie. It is not a movie that usually comes to mind when people talk of the great MGM musicals, but the score is wonderful, great production numbers, and a great cast. Gloria DeHaven once said that making this movie was very meaningful to her, since she actually was portraying her own mother! And who is going to turn down a chance to see Fred Astaire and Vera-Ellen dancing together? Terrence.
  11. I don't know if I have a favorite Red Skelton movie. I guess I like them all. He was good in "The Clown", a remake of "The Champ". It was good to see his dramatic side. And in "Three Littlle Words" he played it rather straight, being a songwriter. And he got to dance a little with Fred Astaire and Vera-Ellen. And his "Whistling" movies are great fun. Terrence.
  12. Rosalind Russell was in "Rosie" with Juanita Moore.
  13. Gene Kelly was in "On the Town" with Vera-Ellen.
  14. Paula, I'm glad you had the opportunity to see this wonderful musical again. It is a real American treasure. I'll never understand how Robert Preston and Hermione Gingold did not get Oscar nominations for this. They are so great. Terrence.
  15. Since most of us seem to have the same opinion about "Mame", perhaps you won't mind a little bit of gossip. Madelyn Kahn was originally cast in the part of Agnes Gooch. It is said that she was so good in this role, that Lucille Ball made sure that she was fired from the movie. I guess she didn't want to take a chance on being upstaged by this wonderful comedic actress. Terrence.
  16. OK. I think this one is going to be rather easy, but let's try. Here goes: Mildred Dunnock Lloyd Nolan Leon Ames
  17. Betty Field was in "Peyton Place" with Diane Varsi.
  18. Barbara Stanwyck was in "There's Always Tomorrow" with Joan Bennett.
  19. Dick Van Dyke was in "Bye Bye, Birdie" with Janet Leigh.
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