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  1. Better yet, let's see TCM offer some diversity and allow an African American, a Latino, an Asian, an Arab American, a woman, the job of host, replacing Ben Mankiewicz. Then there is no need to mute, and we can actually watch and listen to someone appealing and intelligent. Edited by: WonderMoon on Aug 3, 2011 12:46 PM
  2. TCM did some bumpers featuring TCM fans talking about why they like classic movies, or attended the Festivals. They were interesting and informed people, and quite appealing. I would love to see TCM taking advantage of Mr. Osborne's vactation by offering some diversity and allowing some of these fans (men, women, minorities) to guest host instead of Ben Mankiewicz.
  3. that you have been showing lately. It is a real treat to see these very early talkies that few have seen.
  4. I have no way of knowing if this is true, or a joke by Mankiewicz, or not, but an individual that I trust told me that she and her husband were at a restaurant where Ben Mankiewicz and his wife were, and that Mankiewicz and wife were laughing and bragging to their dinner guests that they create ids on the TCM message boards to promote Ben, as he does not have many employment options available outside of TCM. After reading this thread, my feeling is that this may actually be the case. Mankiewicz is described by many I encounter to be a TURN OFF and a detriment to TCM. These include a wi
  5. It was bad enough that Mankiewicz was reminding people in a recent issue of What's Playing that because his relatives were in the movie biz, he was supposedly "important." Then, when I was last here, there was a bizarre post promoting a REALLY bad piece of 1990's propaganda called Three Kings, starring the extremely untalented soap actor but puppet of Marxist propagandists, George Clooney. Not so surprisingly this widely panned movie then magically shows up as Mankie's Movie pick, complete with a farcical promotion of Clooney by Mankie as a "great" actor. (I find it very creepy that M
  6. I agree, nitratefiend. I guess that what I mean is these great early shorts and comedies in general. With respect to the comedians, I feel that I've been so "Charlie Chaplined" that it's nice to discover very funny people that have been all but forgotten.
  7. A George Clooney movie. You want TCM to show a George CLOONEY movie? George Clooney has made a career out of political propaganda posing as "movies." The poor talentless soul would be long forgotten unless he were willing to sell himself out to special interest-funded vanity projects for political dogma. I don't want to see 80s or 90s propaganda from the left or the right trying to pose as "art." I certainly don't want to pay for it, and I have to pay extra every month for TCM. Please TCM, do not be sullied by a George Clooney movie:)
  8. Excuse me, I haven't posted here for ages until yesterday. What "griping" are you telling me to stop or "get over?" It looks like perhaps you have an axe to grind. You perhaps could be a lot more civil if you want to try to convince people they need to be watching movies remaindered on Ebay at TCM.
  9. You think Erin Brockovich is a great movie? You think this is "widening your horizons?" That's scary. You aren't widening your horizons if you want TCM to show propaganda from the torts attorney trade to drum up business and try to give credibility to fantasy (as described by a relative who is a torts attorney) instead of early movies that can't be seen outside of TCM. I sure hope that TCM doesn't become AMC or HBO/Showtime. Talk about narrowed horizons. .
  10. If I want to watch movies from the 90s, or 80s, or 70s, there are many other channels showing these movies, plus they are easily available at Netflix or on Ebay. The point of TCM is being able to see movies that can't be seen anywhere else, and usually were never released on DVD or video! The early movies, the silents, the shorts, the B movies, the serials, the noir etc. There is zero point to coming to TCM to see some nineties or 80s stuff that is remaindered on Ebay on DVD. Showing these later movies is not widening anyone's horizons. It is narrowing horizons because then people
  11. I love many things about TCM. Mankie is nothing but a drain. I think it is important to hire hosts that don't turn off so many people that turn the channel to something else. There are so many talented people that could be great hosts, but they don't have the advantage of a particular last name or being someone's friend. Some of the TCM fans interviewed for the bumpers about why they like TCM were bright, interesting people that could be good hosts. Better than Mankie anyway. Why not let Mankie be a bygone and give someone else a chance?
  12. I find there is a big difference between sarcasm and snarky.
  13. I think last month was my favorite month of scheduling on TCM since I started watching Because of the special Hal Roach programming. The Hal roach shorts and films are among my favorites. But so many didn't get shown. Maybe TCM might consider a bloc every week for Hal Roach programming? Especially the shorts Charlie Chase, Patsy kelly, thelma todd, The Boyfriends, etc
  14. I discovered Patsy Kelly on "There Goes My Heart." Love that movie! Then TCM showed some of the Kelly/Todd shorts. Please TCM more Patsy Kelly movies!
  15. I just love the early to mid Thirties movies. They seem much more adventurous than later years, as the sound era brought a lot of experimentation and great characters actors often with a background in theatre. Some of my favorites are the B movies from the early Thirties.
  16. 1) THE MORE THE MERRIER This film just Sparkles! I could watch it a million times and every time it cracks me up and makes me appreciate the talents of Jean Arthur. Can't believe I've never seen it before. Joel McCrae and Charles Coburn also make this film just perfect in every way. The scene of MacCrae and Arthur walking down the evening city street, courting, is one of the greatest scenes in film. 2) THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES Jean Arthur, perfect. But this film helped me realize what a great actor Charles Coburn was, not just a character actor. 3) UNEXPECTED UNCLE Char
  17. The one on Elvis Presley by Kirk Russell was also very good and funny too, very fitting
  18. "Not everybody feels that way, but ultimately it is beside the point. He was not charged with being a mediocre director. " If he wasn't a minor film director with some celebrity, no one would even be talking about him, filming documentaries on his behalf, or posting about him His celebrity is what gives juice to this
  19. You seem obsessed about this. That makes me feel sad for all the truly innocent, non-celebrity people who don't have fan clubs.
  20. The Sinatra ones weren't sharing anything other than promotion, I found I would much rather hear from people who can talk first-hand about the actor's skills and experiences as an actor, not tidbits of biography available from most of the books these relatives write and are also peddling
  21. I only just saw the The Apartment for the first time a year ago, and it has become a favorite So I try to see it as often as it is on I so wish that movies were written and directed for adults again, instead of the comic book movies, childish movies, bathroom humor, and political agenda movies that seem to have swamped Hollywood Even Some Like It Hot seems more intelligent than most junk coming out of Hollywood these days I also wish they would do talent searches and find new interesting faces, instead of hiring children and relatives of Hollywood celebrities who are painfully
  22. I found the Fonda ones unbearable. Over the top, trying to deify the guy The Kevin Spacey one on Jack Lemmon was terrific. I never knew he had worked with Lemmon
  23. Do you really think that documentaries are honest examinations of issues? Most are simply slanted propaganda from one point of view, or one group's point of view. Documentaries are carefully controlled messages. A few break out of that mold, but very few. Some of Roman's friends want to help him out and they spread around their agenda. It's not necessarily the truth And as for the mother and this girl, there's been reports for years that they have been on the receiving end of Polanski camp gifts. Back when this happened, they were considered groupies by people in Hollywood who knew
  24. Polanski's victim showed up at a public event for an HBO special about this whole thing and was featured prominently, and she said she wanted him punished So Polanski's victim is not shy about the publicity. Something else is going on that the public will never find out about I don't think celebrities should be given special rights and other than the campy creepiness of The Tenant, Polanski is no great talent. He's hyped by the media, but that doesn't mean a thing. I think he has some pals in Hollywood trying to help him out, but I don't think the US misses Roman
  25. I love the short biographies that TCM runs, like the Paul Newman one about Elizabeth Taylor, or the Christopher Walken one about Gene Kelly But I hate the ones done by relatives. They offer no real examination of the actor's talent. They just seem to be shilling their relatives to make $$ from the royalties The worst are the Sinatra family ones. They are just shameless promotion, and don't really add to understanding of Sinatra as an actor. They just seem like ads, and the family has been criticized for this kind of thing for a long time The Gary Cooper one is not much better I
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