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  1. I don't recall any movie about B-25 gunships but I'll help you look. It sounds like it's very interesting. Yes. Some of the heavily armed B-25's had as many as twelve 50 caliber machine guns facing forward. That dosen't include the turret, waist, and tail guns. Some even mounted a 75mm cannon in the nose as an anti-shipping weapon.

  2. That's an interesting analogy but yeah. The statement could apply if one would generally regard popular tunes as drivel. Some friends of mine like classical and/or jazz and I feel they're missing out. "Like a Virgin" and "Jumping Jack Flash" are both in 4/4, have a similar tempo, and a strong afterbeat to balance the rhythm. So they're kind of fun. If I had to choose, it would be the Stones tune because of it's gritty edge.


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  3. I haven't seen both movies but I would wager that the music and costuming was probably standard fare if the depiction is a scene in Latin America. i.e. the"Heat Wave" number. I have seen numerous movie musical performances from Mexican and Cuban cinema and there is usually little to distinguish one number from the other.


    It's kind of like popular music. To some people's ears its all the same.


    My two cents.

  4. NZ. Thanks for your comments.


    I agree that the title does little for me as well. Maybe the weather is "fair" for the three friends but fair is only the best that they will get. I think the negative tone was quite unique for a Hollywood musical. It was able to predict the coercive nature of television media that is so prevalent these days. All the musical numbers are great and exuberant. Perhaps this is so in order to balance the somber narrative. The rollerskating number and "Baby You Knock Me Out" are amazing. The "garbage can lid dance" seems to be very current and is reminiscent of "Stomp". Dolores Gray's "Thanks A Lot But No Thanks" was counter-culture and corrupt for the time and is probably somewhat subversive even today. Funny? Yes........but not very fluffy.


    Even though the movie has weaknessess, I think it's a pretty good piece of work and way ahead of it's time.

  5. I understand that you would be turned off by Dolores Gray in this movie. Like in the "Opposite Sex"

    her acting may be considered over the top. In "Kismet" and "Designing Women" I think she was spot on. There can be no doubt about her voice and dancing. Some consider her very pretty and others; not so much. She does have dedicated fans though.


    I agree with you that the musical numbers compliment the story line. It certainly seems to help the narrative.

  6. This movie was ahead of it's time for many reasons but most noteably for the downcast feel contrary to typical musicals for the era. Like I have said the musical numbers are great. Gene kelly, Dan Daily, and Michael Kidd do an incredible dance with trash can lids on their feet that is derivative of a "Stomp" routine. Dan does a reckless number with a lampshade on his head that shows off his comedic skills. Gene's rollerskating scene is simply amazing.......such an athlete.

  7. I heard that as well. That makes me wonder why one of his own numbers was cut too. There were a few personality clashes during production. This was Gene's and Stanley Donen's last time working together as a result of their disagreements. Dolores Gray and Gene also had a few problems if I remember correctly.

  8. That is an interesting topic for sure. I find that the usual "anti-war" film gets a little preachy and I would just prefer that the viewer decide if it's really anti-war or not. I honestly don't know of any pro-war movies. I see a lot of justification for political ends (which is most often a good thing) but there always is an accompanying bit of dread to go along with it. There is always some suffering to go along with the flag waving it seems.

  9. Yes. That is exactly right. Cyd did a number with Gene called "Love Is Nothing But A Racket" and it got cut from the theatrical release along with Michael Kidd's number. Both can be seen on the outtakes on the DVD. The one routine she did sure was great though.

  10. If you like Gene kelly don't miss this underrated 1955 musical. It features fantastic numbers with Dan Daily and Michael Kidd........ But what is noteable about the film is the powerful routines by the women. The lovely Cyd Charisse takes on a gym full of boxers in "Baby You Knock Me Out".


    Image: !



    Dolores Gray plays a lethal temptress in "Thanks A Lot But No Thanks".





  11. The underrated 1955 musical "It's Always Fair Weather" will be airing on TCM Friday Feb.18. It stars Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, Dan Daily, Michael Kidd, and Dolores Gray. All the musical numbers are great. Gene on roller skates and Cyd's number in the boxing gym are breathtaking but my favorite is Dolores Gray's "Thanks a Lot But No Thanks".



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