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  1. well that is sorta what i meant, he was less into macho posturing and trying to look like a tough dude. he was strong, but not a sho3w-off
  2. > {quote:title=MarianStarrett wrote:}{quote} > After way too long a while, I finally caught up with my recording of "The Magic Box", which I'd been saving since the day it premiered on TCM earlier this year. What a charming movie! I'm sure some who saw it have already written about it at length, all I can say is that Robert Donat was magnificent as the British inventor, William Friese-Greene. Of course equally brilliant were Margaret Johnston and Maria Schell as his two wives. > > The movie also has a bunch of great cameos by a lot of the British actors who were around at the t
  3. > {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote} > Some people don't like BIG COUNTRY either. I do. I find it very entertaining; the characters well drawn. It's good writing. i think in many ways it was a movie ahead of its time, because it is so anti-violence but at the same time the GP character wont chicken out, he'll just do things quietly so he knows he's not doing it just to impress someone. in many ways, his character in the movie reminds me of president Obama. it migth sound like a wierd comparison at first, but its not if you think about it.
  4. that's a very good list capuchin, i have seen most of them but a few i hadnt even heard about so i'm glad you could offer your recommendation
  5. erzbet, joebond, those are excelent sugestions too, thanks for mentioning those great comedies
  6. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > I wish! FMC used to show more early thirties movies, they even > showed 3 Bad Men a few months ago (DOUBLE SIGH). But nothing lately. > I wish their website had some sort of notification system like TCM does, because > it could be that I've just missed the broadcasts of some of these films. > > same here. wish they could play a lot more 30s movies, and even some sielents. and a notifitatino system? i'd think i'd died and gone to heaven B-)
  7. my deepest condolences, kim, i hope you and your loved oens are doing fine. nad I second what ro said, 'the big country' would make for a mighty interestnig discussion. have fun ramblin' with us!
  8. > {quote:title=rohanaka wrote:}{quote} > I should be in my cell > > It's HIGH TIME for that, to be sure!!!! > > (And PS.. if Stumpy catches you out and about, he'll fill you full of lead.... better get back in that hole pronto, mister!) > i agree with rohanaka, and stumpy better not be catchin' the shiftless one around, he's awful trigger-happy (just ask bordette's henchman). wait. waht is that i hear? sound like deguello.
  9. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > Perhaps deleting the spoiler sentence right now would work better, and be more respectful toward fellow posters who haven't seen the movie yet after taping it, and are looking forward to relaxing and doing so this weekend. > > Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48 well ic hecked with my watch and it had been LESS than 24 hours, so ic ould change it still and i took out all the spoiler-ish material.
  10. i would go back and put a bigger warning so people didnt miss it, but i dont think its been less than 24 hours.
  11. > {quote:title=rohanaka wrote:}{quote} > HA!!!! I don't even want to THINK what that jail smelled like after they were all holed up in there together for so long... bath or no bath... HA!!! would that really smell as bad as a horse you'd been ridin' in all day on a hot summer day? i wonder.
  12. heh heh i hink i might have mentioned somethin' or other about 'tunes of glory', but i marked it "spoiler" so people would avert their eyes if they didn't want to see it.
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