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  1. well that is sorta what i meant, he was less into macho posturing and trying to look like a tough dude. he was strong, but not a sho3w-off
  2. CEB, I hope you dont mind if i call you Rome? you were really fantastic in your fan perspective vdieo, i really look forward to your movie intro
  3. > {quote:title=MarianStarrett wrote:}{quote} > After way too long a while, I finally caught up with my recording of "The Magic Box", which I'd been saving since the day it premiered on TCM earlier this year. What a charming movie! I'm sure some who saw it have already written about it at length, all I can say is that Robert Donat was magnificent as the British inventor, William Friese-Greene. Of course equally brilliant were Margaret Johnston and Maria Schell as his two wives. > > The movie also has a bunch of great cameos by a lot of the British actors who were around at the t
  4. wwoooooo-hooooo!!! less than half an hour until 'the letter'! congrats to all the fan programmers, and especially those who are ever so *friendly* towards their fellow tcm viewers
  5. > {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote} > Some people don't like BIG COUNTRY either. I do. I find it very entertaining; the characters well drawn. It's good writing. i think in many ways it was a movie ahead of its time, because it is so anti-violence but at the same time the GP character wont chicken out, he'll just do things quietly so he knows he's not doing it just to impress someone. in many ways, his character in the movie reminds me of president Obama. it migth sound like a wierd comparison at first, but its not if you think about it.
  6. > {quote:title=JoeBond wrote:}{quote} > I don't believe there are any revival theaters near where I live. However there is an art house theater but to my knowledge they only play classic movies at midnight. I believe one time they played Jaws at midnight. i dunno i guess 'the good the bad and the ugly' would be a pretty good movie to watch at a midnight show, although you wouldnt get out until 3am, but you can take a good siesta in the afternoon before you go and you wont be tired during the movie. B-)
  7. that's a very good list capuchin, i have seen most of them but a few i hadnt even heard about so i'm glad you could offer your recommendation
  8. well kyle it looks as if the 'leg' idea still has legs, if you pardon the pun. if someone tells you they dont like these posters, they're probably just pulling your leg
  9. on the schedule for april 13 is one of the norma shearer movies i've never had a chance to watch, it's called 'escape' and was directd by mervyn leroy. the cast looks really good, it has shearrer, robert taylor, and conrad veitd, and nazimova and bonita granville.
  10. just a quick reminder, there are two westerns with eli wallach scheduled for thursday, the 9th, starting at 8pm eastrhn, 'the good the bad and the ugly' and 'how the west was won', both are terrific and have awesome musical themes.
  11. this is AWESOME news, i hope all fans of 'the alamo' can make a donation, even a small one, so the reestoration can go on and be ready in time for 2010. B-)
  12. > {quote:title=MarianStarrett wrote:}{quote} > A little has been said already about the Biblical nature of some of the characters names, mostly Joe and Marian, and if one wanted to really stretch it, I guess you could say that Joey sounds a little bit like "Jesus". But to really stretch it, you could probably see Shane as a kind of angelic figure, having been sent down from "high above" to intervene in the situation, and doing a figurative battle with the devil's emissary (Wilson, who looks to me like a really demonic figure). > i like that idea marian, that he could be like an
  13. awesome photos as always mongo, keep up the good work!!
  14. erzbet, joebond, those are excelent sugestions too, thanks for mentioning those great comedies
  15. i rembember that one! it is very touching. welcome to the forums, texlester, hope you like it here!
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