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  1. Was never a Power fan so I kind of avoided this movie. Saw it last week and thought it was very good. Power and the rest of the cast was excellent. Makes me curious about the book.
  2. ARRGGGG!! STUPID TAPES!! The tape i used to recored SNIPER went bad. Watched a few minutes though and am dying to see in next month. Looked excellent! T-MEN is an outstanding noir. Highly recommended. THE HITCHHIKER is another that everyone should try to see.
  3. Dark City by Muller was what got me interested in Noir. Excellent book!
  4. Looking forward to it! Anybody who has any other suggestions for my noir viewing please feel free to throw them out!
  5. Wow you're right on! Saw THE RACKET last year and it was lousy. Had Mitchum & Robert Ryan so I thought it might be good. Dead on about the look of the MALTESE FALCON also.
  6. The Sniper is on later in February. Anyone seen it? I've been very curious to see it.
  7. I'm not sure about the Racket either. Some of my favorites off the top of my head would be: 1. THE SET-UP 2. HE WALKED BY NIGHT 3. DOUBLE INDEMNITY 4. SORRY WRONG NUMBER 5. OUT OF THE PAST 6. I WALK ALONE 7 THE KILLING 8. THE HITCHHIKER 9. DETOUR 10. KISS ME DEADLY I love Maltese Falcon but is it noir. I kind of think it's an early one. Also the Naked City may be a noir. There's alot more that I like but I definitely don't consider straight gangster films like Scarface or the Godfather noir.
  8. "He Walked by Night" is a an EXCELLENT noir! Love that movie. Visually gorgeous. That's a noir. Alot of the movies mentioned here and on imdb don't really seem to be noirs to me. (Not an expert so don't shoot me!) I don't think of 30's gangster films as noirs. To me it's stuff like THE SET UP, HITCHHIKER, T-MEN, OUT OF THE PAST, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, I WALK ALONE, etc..... Mostly movies from the mid 40's to the late 50's.
  9. A couple of my favorite film noir films. 1. THE SET-UP - Great boxing picture! 2. I WALK ALONE - Lancaster and Douglas. Nuff said. 3. MURDER MY SWEET 4. KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL 5. OUT OF THE PAST - The ULTIMATE film noir!! 6. SORRY WRONG NUMBER 7. DOUBLE INDEMNITY - Probably the best film MacMurray made! 8. D.O.A 9. THE BIG CLOCK - Great Ray Milland movie. Had never head of it but saw it and loved it! 10. Pretty much all the 40's Bogie films. There are alot of other noir films I love like CRISS-CROSS, DETOUR and ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW. I'm always finding some ob
  10. I'm glad you liked it. It's a great read. You might also want to check out the author's webite. www.noircity.com
  11. jmarcmovie

    Silent Favorites

    I hope a few of you got to check out "The Penalty" when it aired recently. It's the film that turned me onto Lon Chaney and is generally regarded as one of his best! Excellent movie!
  12. Back in 1995, which would have been Keaton's 100th birthday, AMC (can I say that here?) ran a great Keaton marathon. I had never seen any of his films but had the day off and thought I would check a few out. He quickly became my favorite silent comedian! Can't think of a favorite but "The Navigator", "Sherlock Jr," "College," and "Steamboat Bill" are all great. All the shorts he made in the early 20's are all excellent!
  13. "Docks of New York" is excellent!!! I saw that on video about a year ago. One of those surprising "gems" that I knew nothing about going in. Great movie!
  14. These may not be must see but they are films I would love to see! 1. Underworld This is a Von Sternberg Gangster film that I've heard good things about! 2. La Boheme 3. Merry Widow 4. Outside the Law I'd recommend the Penalty (1920) as a must see silent. This is one of the best Chaney movies and a film that turned me on to silents!
  15. 1924-1929: Visually some of the finest silent movies. I always thought it was sad that just as the art form was peaking, sound came along! GREED, SUNRISE, BIG PARADE, DOCKS OF NEW YORK, and THE NAVIGATOR are some of my favorites. 1930-1934: Pre-Code Clark Gables movies were part of what got me hooked on old movies. Daring content and a snappy pace is the norm with these movies. Plus you had the Warner gangster films and musical films. And Norma Shearer & Joan Crawford!! Great era!! THE BIG HOUSE, GRAND HOTEL, HELL DIVERS, TAXI, and pretty much any Cagney or Gable movie makes goo
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