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  1. His comedic talents were great! I saw Cagney in The Crowd Roars when it aired on TCM last month and he looked the same as he did in The Public Enemy.
  2. No offense, but I didn't really like Something to Sing About.
  3. I have not seen Johnny Come Lately but I really wanna see Boy Meets Girl!
  4. I think he looks handsome w/ a mustache. Message was edited by: cagneyfan2008
  5. I actually have intended 2 c A Midsummer Night's Dream & I have seen it recently. I thought Cagney was really silly and crazy in his role of Bottom.
  6. I think it's because of the subject matter. I'm intending to steer clear of White Heat but I have seen The Public Enemy and Angels with Dirty Faces. One of the things I like about Angels with Dirty Faces is that it has kids around my age and I find the physical sparring funny. Plus James Cagney looks cute in some scenes.
  7. That's true. He had the longest marriage Hollywood-wise ever, lasting 64 years, which is extraordinary for most Hollywood marriages. I have never seen Love Me or Leave Me and I never intend to.
  8. You got that right. I might have cracked a laugh here and there but it wasn't as funny as the Marx Brothers' movies (i.e. A Night at the Opera, Monkey Business). It was a famous pairing but it pretty much sucked compared to the famous pairing in Casablanca. I've always wanted to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, not because I like Shakespeare (I hate Shakespeare as a matter of fact) but only because it has James Cagney in it. His name draws me to the movie, just like it drew audiences to the box office during the olden days. Have y'all seen The Fighting 69th or Footlight Parade or The Roaring Tw
  9. I never saw The Crowd Roars and I heard that it wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic. What do u think of it?
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