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  1. Exactly right, Mr. 6's. One of my favorites. Great job and...back to you!
  2. The lovely lady heads a group in an exotic land. The handsome man is brusque with her but it?s clear they like each other (alas, it can never be).
  3. Here's one: The handsome agent of a local general shows up at a Christmas service very much under the influence. He disrupts the proceedings and antagonizes the lovely lady in charge.
  4. Thanks, Mr. 6's - I'll be back a little later with a scene (& thanks)
  5. Is it So Long at the Fair (1950) starring Jean Simmons?
  6. Thanks, mudskipper. I?m going to be out for the next day or so and am opening this thread for whoever would like to post?
  7. *The Big Fisherman* (1959)?the singer being Howard Keel, the actress Susan Kohner and the teen heartthrob, John Saxon ? who was in *The Appaloosa* with Brando and *Enter the Dragon* with Bruce Lee?
  8. Yes! James Wong Howe it is, celebrated Asian American cinematographer with Oscars for *Hud* and *The Rose Tattoo* - plus nominations for *Algiers*, *Kings Row*, *The North Star*, *Air Force*, *The Old Man and the Sea*, *Seconds* and *Funny Lady*?other credits include *Manhattan Melodrama*, *The Thin Man*, *The Prisoner of Zenda*, *Yankee Doodle Dandy*, *Picnic*, *Sweet Smell of Success* & *Bell Book and Candle*, among those who apprenticed with him, Robert Burks, Hitchcock?s longtime cinematographer? Your thread! (and sorry for the earlier delay in getting back)
  9. Good guess, but no?this great was known for visual rather than audio artistry?
  10. Good guess, but no?this man?s heritage was?eventually?a reason (along with his great talent) that he was one of the few in his field whose name was known outside his profession
  11. I had the Brown Derby in mind?Edna May Wonacott mentioned that the Hitchcocks took her there often during the filming of *Shadow of a Doubt*?I believe Lucy made a scene there involving William Holden on ?I Love Lucy??the original Brown Derby was shaped like a derby hat?your thread!
  12. Thanks, lavender?sometimes I think the skyline seen through the apartment windows in *Rope* is as interesting as anything in the film? Hitchcock was known to frequent this famed eatery that was featured in a very funny ?I Love Lucy? episode?what is the restaurant and how was in unique?
  13. As a youngster, this behind the camera two-time Oscar winner (many more nominations) was continually ridiculed because of his heritage. He would often take candy from his father's store to bribe the neighborhood children into playing with him.
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