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  1. I just wanted to thank TCM for the varied movies they gave us containing Martin Balsam. After thinking about it I realized I don't think I've ever seen an Actor's Tribute Day that pointed out how varied his performances had been during his lifetime. The choices were excellent. My favorite was The Anderson Tapes. Amazing and very humorous.
  2. {font:arial}In the TCM Newsletter that I received today through email, under the Selznick International Pictures section, it reads "Founded in 1935 by producer David O. Selznick and investor John Jay Whitney after Selznick left MGM". I believe that should read "investor John *Hay* Whitney", also known as Jock Whitney.{font} Edited by: PaulaJo on Feb 14, 2013 9:30 AM
  3. In L'amore I greatly enjoyed seeing postwar Italy, but there never seem to be enough movies to see with Anna Magnani. What a force of nature. Greatly appreciated.
  4. On the schedule it is playing tonight under "Casino Night", but the genre is categorized as "War". That must be a mistake.
  5. I'm afraid I have never watched him on SNL. I haven't watched SNL since the '70's! It was great then. As a matter of fact, I was probably watching SNL before Bill Hader was born. But I am glad for his success. He has a good aura about him.
  6. I just wanted to say I am glad Bill Hader is back with us this summer. I like seeing him and he seems to fit in well. P.S. Welcome to the world Harper Hader Born July 28, 2012 :x
  7. Meteor disappeared off the schedule two years ago, but has recently aired. Thank you, TCM! :x I realize it isn't the best movie that Natalie Wood and Sean Connery have taken part. But if you are die hard fans, you want to see even the questionable ones.
  8. That must be why this year I seemed to have "discovered" silent films. I see silents in a very different light lately. I love seeing how people lived and dressed and behaved way back when and I can't get over how the quality of the film seems so different, glowing I would say. The stars say so much without saying anything. I've come to see silents as being more of a film than what we have today.
  9. I'm glad this thread was started about the amazing Buster Keaton. I was just blown away by the sheer number of Buster Keaton films and shorts TCM offered. Two things I noticed while watching throughout the month....how extraordinary crisp and clear the pictures looked; and how I never seemed to get tired of watching Mr. Keaton. Not to denigrate Charlie Chaplin, but I could never have sat and watched that many films of his over a month. I couldn't get enough of Buster Keaton, though. That was a revelation. Paula Jo
  10. I do take charge of my own life. That is exactly why I watch TCM. And only TCM. I wouldn't even subscribe to Dishnetwork if TCM did not exist. But in the future I will be sure to check the MPAA rating and go to a watchdog site for discriptions of anything inappropriate. I found the film filthy and I thought there was a refuge from that at TCM. It also pays to stick with older films. Then I can save myself all that "research" before watching something. I mean, it's amazing the absolute trash that is on other channels. TCM is the exception. But all things must pass.
  11. I've never paid any attention as to when a film is aired on TCM. I've never found anything (except the killing of animals) to be inappropriate before this movie. I just use the DVR. I was unpleasantly surprised this time. Paula Jo
  12. I've always loved TCM. Feel very lucky to have it around, actually. But I never felt so grateful than after watching the movie "Election". Well, actually I could only watch half of it. It was very unlike what I am used to on TCM, and I hope and pray it won't become the norm. Whatever I've done wrong to be punished this way, I'm sorry ?:| P.S. I did enjoy the outdoor sequences, what there were of them. And, now that I think about it, I will have to thank my parents for sending me to private schools.
  13. My parents took me to see this movie when it came out. They loved me. TCM gave me the chance to see it again. I love TCM :x P.S. I never would have thought of watching this again if it hadn't been for you. What a joy.
  14. Mr. Osborne ~ Clear your mind, then think good thoughts. It just isn't the same on TCM without you.
  15. Bob, I thought your post was just beautiful. And I'm unanimous on that (couldn't resist). Paula Jo
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